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Newbie needs advice for longer hair messy hairstyle (pics included) 0 0
Newbie needs advice for longer hair messy hairstyle (pics included)
12-17-2018, 08:01 PM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2018 08:03 PM by MAbiLa.)
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Newbie needs advice for longer hair messy hairstyle (pics included)
I've been growing my hair for half a year now and this is the result. I am really unhappy with my hair as of now and I had "short" hair before this, but I wanted to try something with longer hair, but I don't know exactly what. As you can see my hairs are super fatty. I normally shower every second day and they just look like this after the first day. I just feel uncomfortable with this. Should I just trim them back again? What ideas do you guys have for my hair? How can I style it or what kind of cut at the hairdresser should I ask for. I was aiming for something casual/messy that doesn't take 1h in the morning to style.
I'll take any tips/ideas.
Thank you guys in advance
P.s. How can I visually insert pictures in a blog post? I tried for over half an hour and gave so I made a album.

[Image: ggk4Dvn.jpg]

Type https:// before the link so it works
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12-22-2018, 01:31 PM
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For cool casual messy hairstyles, you need medium hair length styled with hair wax.
Your hair looks good as it is. If I've understood you correctly, you're looking for a messy-hair tousled look as seen in this messy hairstyle guide of ours. The main thing to bear in mind is that messy hair styles don't work with such hair length as yours (i.e. your hair is too long). You also have thick hair strands which compound the issue as thicker hair strands weigh more and thus will hang down at long hair lengths. Also, it seems as though you're using a heavy-residue hair product in one of the photos too (again, more weight for the hair to bare).

You have the right hair type for a casual tousled hairstyle, but you will need to cut your hair down to 4-5 inches of hair length on the top. The sides need to be shorter (or buzzed). It's only normal that trying to recreate a casual hairstyle on your hair is taking you an hour since you have too much bulk going on hair-wise. Get a haircut leaving the hair on the top down to 4 or 5 inches in length and you will be able to immediately start tousling your hair for casual hairstyles. So make sure that you go through this other casual hairstyles guide of ours for more hair-styling ideas.

Two more things that we'd need to know:
  1. What hair-styling products are you using currently?
  2. Do you own a hair dryer?
For casual hairstyles, you will need this hair wax specifically (you can use others, but let's keep things simple for now). With regards to hair dryers, you will notice a boost in hair aesthetics when using one, especially for casual hairstyles. We've covered all about using a hair dryer in the aforementioned linked guides on casual/messy hairstyles, but feel free to ask any questions on how to use a hair dryer.

If your budget allows for it, this hair dryer here is very affordable and of good quality. It really is worth buying it as it will make your hair styling much more convenient (even for other men's hairstyles too!).

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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