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New haircut/ styles for job interviews/job
06-23-2015, 10:24 AM
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Video New haircut/ styles for job interviews/job
Hey guys, just finished college and its time to get a job. I have always had short hair, number 7 on top and a 2 on the sides. But i have been thinking of a new hairstyle might make me look older. I have been thinking about Patrick J. Adams haircut (Mike Ross from Suits)

Just a few questions about the haircut/style:
How easy is it to style/ maintain and what type of products would i need to use.

Thank you for your help Smile
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06-23-2015, 06:24 PM
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RE: New haircut/ styles for job interviews/job
Hey there. I've actually done that style in years past. Start with a good hair stylist. Show them a picture so they know what you want. As far as the style, you can do that with Crew Fibre (steel blue top) or Crew Cream (green top) depending on the coarseness of your hair. If you google "crew hair products" you'll see. I'm sure there are other ones, but these work really well. Towel dry your hair so it's just damp. Depending on how coarse your hair is, you'll have to use the thicker product. Dry your hands and put some product on them. Spread it across both hands while dry and then add just a few drops of water to moisten it. That will help you get even coverage over your hands and not end up with chunks in your hair. Work it through your hair then spread your fingers rather wide with a bit of space between each finger and zig-zag your fingers forward from the back of your head to the front. When you get to the front of your forehead, push your fingers reverse to force the hair to stand up a bit. You can take index and middle fingers and thumb to pull specific locks into place. Patrick Adams takes his from the left to the right at an angle rather than straight forward. You'll have to play to see what you like best. Once the crew dries, it's great stuff...pliable but good hold. Playing with it a bit: zigzag forward, at the front of your head push your fingers back a bit and then doing specific locks with your three fingers is easy and the crew products let you refresh your style with no water...especially the balmier one. Be careful with that style though because if your hair is thinning, you have to use a lighter hold product. When you're done, you can always hit it with a little freeze spray and it'll last all day if you're inside and don't touch it. If you think you'll be outside, don't use hair spray...only use one of the crew products because it is quite forgiving when you try to reset your hair after coming inside...not at all like spray.

One guy's experience, but I hope that helps.
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06-24-2015, 01:29 PM
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RE: New haircut/ styles for job interviews/job
Cheers bryanhur for the quick reply it was very helpful!
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