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New forum member in need of hairstyling help 0 0
New forum member in need of hairstyling help
03-08-2016, 04:19 PM
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New forum member in need of hairstyling help

I am a new member in these forums. Having read through some threads here, I figured this would be the right place to ask since there seems to be a good amount of experts/helpful people here.

Anyways, I have the normal curly (coils) black hair that many African-American males have. It is about 4 inches currently and I will still grow it for 2-3 more months. I don't use any hairstyling products or flat iron straightener. I just use a normal comb to try and make the sides and length equal after showering and rarely use a conditioner.

My goal is to try and make my hairstyle similar to soccer star Neymar. He has a lot of hairstyles but the one I want can be found by writing "Neymar Barcelona presentation 2013" in google images (I can't post photos). Neymar also has curly hair similar to mines (especially when he cuts his hair) but he somehow manages to do these hairstyles like the one that can be found in Google images. If I can recall correctly, he has admitted to using iron straightener and hair gel for these types of hairstyles.

I would also like to add blonde highlights to the end of the hair (which is the hair covering his forehead in the Google images hairstyle).

I am completely lost and I don't know where to start. Should I dye my hair first or after trimming it or when? And what products do I need to make my typical curly hair change from that to Neymar's? And is there any good tutorial to do that hairstyle? I searched for some tutorials and couldn't find one.

Thanks in advance for helping out a new member here.
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