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New Snoop Dogg dreadlocks hairstyle pictures aka Snoop Lion 0 0
New Snoop Dogg dreadlocks hairstyle pictures aka Snoop Lion
07-02-2015, 12:45 PM
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New Snoop Dogg dreadlocks hairstyle pictures aka Snoop Lion
Has anybody seen the new dreadlocks hairstyle of Snoop Dogg? I don't follow him much but I just noticed he got some dreadlocks, so I'll post some pictures below.

One thing that I read in this forum is that Snoop Dogg is balding and has damaged his hairline from braiding his hair for so many years. Do dreadlocks do the same damage as braids for men?? I noticed that in most of his pictures with dreadlocks Snoop Dogg is wearing a bandana to cover his hairline and when you get to see his hairline it's quite receded.

By the way I am posting this thread in the natural hair section of the forum as I have seen that all discussions about dreadlocks are posted here. But since Snoop Dogg is a celebrity I didn't know whether to post these pictures instead in the celebrity forum section or not. So mods please move this thread if it fits the other forum section.

[Image: 0obe2RQ.jpg]

[Image: x4b8Fkf.jpg]

[Image: oAR550a.jpg]

[Image: 27HJ2C6.jpg]

[Image: OmYDZXQ.jpg]

[Image: YSkRKwl.jpg]
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07-02-2015, 01:37 PM
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RE: New Snoop Dogg dreadlocks hairstyle pictures aka Snoop Lion
Good post although the last picture that you posted of Snoop Dogg isn't a dreadlocks hairstyle. It's called a Marley twist hairstyle. Marley twists are thick twisted locks so they aren't the same as dreadlocks.

It's easy to confuse locked and twisted hairstyles for anyone who hasn't dealt with them so don't worry about it. I'm just pointing it out as we had the other day any forum member asking about Marley twists since it's not a very common hairstyle for men.

What you refer to as hairline damage is what we call "traction alopecia" in barber terms. Traction alopecia occurs from pulling the hair too tight and you can learn more about this type of hair los by reading this traction alopecia discussion. With braids you're getting your hair pulled tight during the braided process and then the hair strands remain tightened up for as long as you wear the braids which can be weeks or months. Free flowing braids aren't that bad, the nasty ones are cornrows. We call those hairline killers and it amazes me how many guy are willing to jump on this hairstyle even though they'e got a receded hairline.

Another reason for traction alopecia is tying your hair too tight. This happens a lot with braided hairstyles and is another reason for Snoop Dogg destroying his hairline for over a decade. See this picture of Snoop Dogg balding from traction alopecia, you can see his hairline is pretty much gone and way back than it should be. Snoop Dogg seems to be free from male pattern baldness so all the hair damage he has is from braiding his hair for so many years and so hardcore.

About your question if dreadlocks are bad for traction alopecia. They're usually fine as the tension on the follicles isn't that much. The only problem is if the dreadlocks get long enough and well over forty inches, then you will get some extra tension from the weight of the dreadlocks as dreadlocks contain extra weight from dead hair strands. Well it isn't so much as dead hair strands but just strands that are shed naturally and that would fall to the floor. So instead of these hair strands falling to the floor naturally, they remain stuck to the dreadlocks, which adds more and more weight progressively. A human's hair follicles just aren't prepared for that kind of tension if it's constant.

Any long men's hairstyle that is tied hard and every day for a long time is a candidate for traction alopecia. It isn't just cornrows or dreadlocks. Man buns, ponytails and especially topknots are hairline killers too if you wear them all day long for months and months.
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08-03-2015, 05:54 AM
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RE: New Snoop Dogg dreadlocks hairstyle pictures aka Snoop Lion
Snoop Dog has some great dreadlocks.
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