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Need some help with my hair :) 0 0
Need some help with my hair :)
11-09-2016, 03:48 PM
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Need some help with my hair :)
Hey guys, I could need some help with my hairstyle!
So, basically I wanna have it like a guy called Dan Smith (i'm gonna add some links to pictures below). And the things I could need you help with are:

- which hairspray should i use, because he clearly doesnt use a common hairspray, coz his hair's still fluffy, he can run his fingers through without it being sticky etc.
- how can i get it that stringy/greasy (and messy at the same time)? (mine always looks like some kind of bush or so) x)
- everytime i try growing my hair that long and blowdrying it up, the tops like curl a bit, so it doesnt stay straight
- and finally: general tips you could give me Smile

(sorry i had to replace the dots)

I'm thankful very for every reply!
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02-08-2017, 09:12 PM
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RE: Need some help with my hair :)
He has a lot of length all over and I mean alot so keep growing and growing it and do not get it thinned out let it grow thick and strong.

The only hairspray you wanna be using is Fudge Skyscraper.

The key to this style is the hairdryer and product, you need a matte style fiber and you need to create the volume and definition through blow drying in an upward direction and really messing it up.

It's a style that isn't a style but that's the style (if that makes any sense lol)
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