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Need help with my hair
12-07-2015, 06:06 AM
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Need help with my hair
Hello my name is miguel. I'm an 18 yr puertorican. I live in okinawa japan with my family and i'm a senior in highschool. I always go on the internet to hair tutorials on guys with beautiful long straight hair with so much volume that looks really good when they pull off a pompadore or some sort of hairstyle like that. I'm not too sure about my hair type but i think i have wavy/curly thin light brown hair. I've been growing it out lately, it's currently around 5 inches and i got it dyed on one side of my hair a blondish color. I use to shave the my natural hairline because i have a an opening in the middle of my hairline that makes it look seperated, i think its a scar since my hair always looks seperated there. But i started to notice i looked odd with my hair line shaved off and many people disliked it as well. And so i decided to let the hairline grow back to normal. Now my hair looks a lot better but the front part that i use to shave is not as long as the rest of my hair. I feel like alot of parts of my hair isn't the same length all around. But the top is definitly 5 inches. I usually get a disconnected undercut where i shave the side with the 1 setting on the clippers and leave the top untouched. Im trying to go for that messy modern pompadore look with alot of volume. I usually wash my hair every other day with just shampoo and water. Usually i will dry my hair with a towel. But every other day, ill towel dry as well and put a spray that makes it less tangly since my hair gets very tangled when its wet, ill sometimes put heat protectent, and ill blow dry it completely. Sometimes my hair looks perfect once i blow dry it, but alot of times it will be too curly. my hair in the middle will curl on the front and not curl to the back how i would prefer it. The left side of my hair curls alot and i feel like the right side has damaged a little because it feels rougher than the rest of my hair. Theres soo much curly all over and my hair ends up loosing its volume after a while and starts pointing out on the sides and staying flatter in the middle which is not what i want at all and it doesnt look good to me. My hair usually ends up extremely messy at the end of the day and i try to fix it as much as i can. I dont usually put hair product. I used bed head wax but that obviously doesnt ever work. Im not sure what to use so i dont use hair products at all. I want my hair to be straighter to achieve that straight pompadore, and so i would every other day not trying to do it everyday, straighten it with a straightener. My hair looks awesome sometimes and alot of ppl seem to like it. But it doesnt have enough volume and it becomes very pointy from the hair straightening which makes it look a little messy. sometimes it gets volume as the day passes, but it usually doesnt. It wont look the way i want it and its probrably because i dont use hair products but im not sure how. I was hoping anyone here could recommened any sorts of hair products ill post pics of my hair if that helps. And i dont like always having to blow dry and use straightener because it takes time to do. I dont like how my natural hair gets too messy and not able to achieve what i want, and i dont like how pointy it gets and lack of volume it has when i straigten it. Any sort of advice/help or recommendations would be greatly. appreciated!
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