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Need hair style advice!
11-24-2015, 10:31 PM
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Need hair style advice!
So I have to say that I've been through many hair styles throughout my life. When I look back on them, I facepalm myself. I am of asian decent but my hair is not thin and straight like most other asians. I have struggled styling my hair because it is kind of wavy while at the same time being dry/prickly (on the sides). Here are the hair styles I've done over the past 9 years. I've almost use all hair products such as gel, mousse, hair spray, and wax. The bottom right 2 pictures are what my current hair style looks like:

http: //imgur . com/ QsuX0qY

When I get my hair cut, I usually just tell the lady, "Can I get a number 2 on the sides and a trim off the top". The length of the trim is equal to the length of how long the number 2 cut on the sides is. So if she uses a number 2 on the sides and 1/2" of hair comes off, she'll trim 1/2" off the top. I have a half-inch ceramic chi straightener (I use chi thermal guard spray) that I use on my hair to straighten the top portion. Then I style my hair with hair spray. I always have to shower in the morning because when I wake up, my hair is creased from sleeping on it.

I have many questions like, is there a hair style that would suit me better and be low maintenance? I wouldn't mind trying a new hair style where I would have short hair on the sides. I would like it if I wouldn't need to use a hair straightener anymore. I always have to wake up an hour earlier than I would need to shower, let hair air dry, straighten, and style it. After styling my hair, if it's humid or I sweat, my hair style starts to unravel and curl.

Is there a way to get rid of dry/prickly hair? The top of my head isn't like the sides, and I feel like it might be because of the length but I'm not too sure. My hair is the type where if it's completely dry with no style products, if I itch the side of my head with my fingers my hair will change position and stay like that unless if I brush it back if that makes sense. The side hair doesn't feel dry or prickly when it is first cut.

Here's another image:

http: //imgur . com / EruDZsV

1 is my hair right out of the shower
2 is my hair still wet but combed
3 is my hair when it is dry after being combed
4 is a front view when my hair is wet and combed. My hair is starting to thin out on top. Sad

Some other end questions would be should I try a texturizer or is my hair too short for that? I heard of things such as straightening balms, would that be viable? Sorry if my post seems unorganized, I feel like it's all over the place. Thank you so much for your time!
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