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Natural hairstyle name of this type of braids for men? 0 0
Natural hairstyle name of this type of braids for men?
06-28-2015, 12:54 PM
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Natural hairstyle name of this type of braids for men?
I saw the other day this awesome braids hairstyle for natural hair guys. But I don't know the name of these types of natural braids styles for men. Anyone?

I saw this hairstyle on a guy at the mall and I thought they were Senegalese locks but the braids were too thick to be Senegalese styled locks. The braided locks looked like ropes and the guy must have had his hair reaching his lower back which probably took him a good number of years to get. I can only post this picture of the exact hairstyle with the braids as it would have been a bit creepy if I took out my phone and snapped a pic of him. I've talked with other random natural hair guys where I live so maybe I should have approached him and asked him what types of natural braids he had.

Anyway since I can only do with this picture, would anyone know what's the hairstyle name of this natural braids hairstyle for men? I ask for men since it's what I'm interested in even though it's a chick with braids in the picture but maybe it has a different name if it's for men or not.

[Image: PPrrI8o.jpg]
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06-28-2015, 04:08 PM
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RE: Natural hairstyle name of this type of braids for men?
Those are not Senegalese twists. That hairstyle in the picture goes by the name of "Marley twists". It can sometimes be also called "Marley braids" or "rope twists".

Marley twists aren't an easy hairstyle and much less if you're gonna twist and braid your hair by yourself. I'm guessing you're like the rest of guys here who are into hairstyles and taking their natural hair up a notch but you also have to look into how convenient and time consuming the whole twisting and braiding of your hair can be if you do it yourself.

Listen up bro, my feedback and advice on Marley twists for men: only get them done if your hair is long enough to at least your shoulders from the top of the head and if you have someone who has a lot of experience with natural hairstyles. All types of twists, braids, finger twists and coils, locks and all the rest of unisex natural hairstyles. It's not easy finding someone who knows how his or her way around these difficult natural hairstyles.

You surely ain't going to find at my barbershop someone who can get your curls into Marley twists, at least you won't be able to pay any of my staff enough because Marley twists take a long time and I cold have six clients out of the door in the time that one my staff twists and braids your shoulder length hair.

Don't get me wrong, Marley twists look great although I've only seen them in ladies. They probably look great on guys too if you have enough hair length. At last get your hair to shoulder length which if you have kinky curly hair is going to take you a good three to four years. That's if the hair length in your profile picture is your current length. That's enough of a time period for you to consider if you want to go ahead and actually find someone who is half decent at twisting and braiding kinky curly hair into Marley twists.

The best place to find someone who can get your hair into Marley twists is at an ethnic hair salon or black hair salon. If there ain't any around town, then go to a black barbershop and someone will know someone who knows how to braid and twist. If you came to my shop we would probably recommend a family member of one of my staff as she does all these braided hairstyles in her own time and she's pretty good at it and fast too. She has a Youtube channel but I have no idea which one it is. That woman can braid hair and she just does it because she enjoys it.

Where on the East Coast are you bro? I have a few good barber associates that I could put you in touch with if you're in the Washington DC area or south Florida to Miami area. They can refer you to a good hairstylist or hairdresser who can do Marley twists.
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07-01-2015, 09:40 AM
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RE: Natural hairstyle name of this type of braids for men?
Yes those are Marley twist although down in my neck of the wood we usually call them rope twists as mentioned above.

I'm surprised that you saw a guy with such long hair and with Marley twists. Like it has been said already these Marley twists take dedication so this hairstyle should not be taken lightly and the same goes for Senegalese twists. If you're the kind of dude who cannot invest time on his hair care then I would skip this hairstyle. However and from what I've seen in my experience the day to day hair care isn't as extensive as other natural hairstyles for men. It's just that the longer the twisted hair gets, the more time it will eat from your morning time.

It's a really cool hairstyle. We get them with shorter hair over her but if you're intending to grow your hair as I read from you in another thread (to waist length?) then you're going to be turning heads. Expect to spend the next 5 years growing your hair long though. I just posted some natural hair care tips for men that will be worth the read for guys like you who need to make sure that their hair care and grooming is up to par.
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