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My Haircut Journey 0 0
My Haircut Journey
10-31-2014, 01:56 PM
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My Haircut Journey
I’ve been reading through all the introductions, read some of the blogs, so I thought it time I started to do one of my own here. I’m in a very similar situation to Der Raphinator here. My hair is very fine, and goes “fluffy” when I wash it, but within a very short space of time, the volume has gone again and it tends to go flat and “lifeless” quite quickly.
I have tried so many different styles in my time, and strangely enough, I’ve done “before and after” selfies for quite a few years now. Maybe, if I just start my hair journey blog here from the earliest I remember, and bring it up to the present day – editing it to update it from time to time, and if I get to the position, I can add some of my photos, perhaps do this ( haven’t a clue how to do this. Only been on this forum a very short time as yet)
My haircut journey.
It starts in my teenage years, which I spent most of it at a boarding school. There, they had a basic standard haircut code. You weren’t allowed to have long hair, but you weren’t allowed very short either. Crewcuts, buzzcuts, high and tights, undercuts were totally out of the question. It had to be, what I suppose you’d call a standard schoolboy haircut. About an inch all over, tapered or blocked neck – tidy and off the collar, and off and around the ears – Short back and sides? The barbers used to come to the school every 6 weeks or so, and a few days before, usually at mealtimes, the teachers used to go round, checking everyone and listing anyone who needed a haircut. When the barbers came, yours was done at the instructions of the teachers – they didn’t even produce a mirror so you could see the back afterwards.
I left school at 17, and then, like, I suspect many boys who’d been in that situation, I rebelled and let my hair got longer and longer. It wasn’t long before it had grown well over my ears and below my collar. I think it was around this time, it dawned on me about it getting flat and “lifeless”, not to mention, greasy quite quickly. And I went into my “mad stage” – trying something different every time, the crewcut, letting it grow out a bit again so I could then try a high and tight, then growing it a bit again, then trying the Pompadour. I even had it buzzed down completely to a #1 at one point. I used to look at photos of people – people on TV, sports stars etc, but I never really knew exactly what I wanted, going from one thing to another.
With the exception of course, of the latter, the common theme though was it quickly getting lifeless, dull and flat. I used to spend ages on my hair – washing with it, fiddling with it, trying different barbers and hairdressers, but generally, to no avail. I tried different products – hair thickeners, sprays, mousses, conditioners, and different shampoos – to create volume and/or make it less greasy. Some had a little better effect than others, but at the end of the day, none really achieved for me what I’d hoped they’d do.
As time went by, despite having an increased interest in different hairstyles (maybe in the hope I could eventually find something, and a style that would work on me), and continuing my “before and after” selfies every time I went to the barber, I lost enthusiasm in spending all this time on my hair, and found myself going back to just a fairly standard haircut from time to time, just to keep it relatively tidy – probably if the truth be told, not a lot different from when I was at school. It must have been fairly standard, because it wasn’t long before the barber I was going to, greeted me and asked “the usual?”
Quite recently however, 18 months or so ago, I discovered the technical college near where I am. There is a barbering trainee section there, and they’re very good and really do look after you. There’s a nice atmosphere and ambience in the salon and it’s always a bit of an occasion in there. They do take a little bit longer that a regular salon or barber, but it’s well worth it because they discuss with you, and a tutor, exactly what you want, and once you’re caped up, it‘s very relaxing and they do a excellent job – paying great attention to detail and to what you want.
Anyway, my first few times in there, I just continued with those standard haircuts. Four months ago, with it continuing to get limp and flat all the time, went down to a 4 back and sides, blending it up to about an inch or so on top. . I really liked it, but it grew out so quickly. The next time, I thought about perhaps going down to a 3 back and sides. I discussed it with the barber, the same one who done me the last couple of times, and she said it would suit me. I went for it, and I’ve had many really positive comments. People have told me I look a lot younger with shorter hair. One person said “it’s knocked years off you”.
So, Tuesday evening this week, I was back at the college. I was going to have that 3 back and sides again like I did before. I really did like it, but again, it seemed to grow out so quickly. When chatting with the barber about this, grades and my hair being so fine, she suggested perhaps trying a 2.5 if I wanted. I didn't even know they could do .5s (I thought it was just 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 etc), so I learnt something new. After a little thought, I said "yh, go for it". I could see it looked slightly shorter than the 3, but again. have been really pleased with it. I notice today, a week on from that 2.5, it’s again, grown a bit, but is still quite short. I’m glad I didn’t choose the 2 though, which the way I like having it now, on reflection, would have been too short.
Coming next:
I think that for now, I have found how I like it. I would like it longer, but with it being so fine, and going all limp so quickly, this is my best option . Depending on my mood, I will go for a 2.5 or 3 – it I think, being just right. I’m back in three weeks time – with it being quite soon after my last one there, it’ll just be for a “tidy up” around the edges and a hair wash – then, when I go back again, on 16th December, it’ll be that 3 or 2.5 back and sides, again, , blended up to about an inch or so on top.
(Of course, I’m always open to any ideas and suggestions here to what else I could have, and if I did have it longer, how I could give it some more volume amd stop it being so flat.
Now this is a completely different story. I have always had problems with shaving, ever since I was a teenager. My whiskers grow so quickly, and are so thick and tough. If I manage to have a reasonable shave (in comparison to my normal shaves), within 12 hours, I just look unshaven again, and with 24 hours, not just unshaven, but really dark, thick whiskers. I even tried a beard once, but looked a complete idiot, and it came off!
Over time, I’ve tried every type of razor and every type of shaving cream, foam, mousse (you name it), I can find, and I’ve tried every possible combination of them. Nothing’s ever really worked properly., and I usually end up with a not-very-good shave and my face covered with cuts and nicks. Even when this doesn’t happen, my face ends up with quite sore razor-burn, and looks very red. I’ve tried a proper wet shave at a barber a couple of times. Generally, these have been slightly better, although again, despite their best efforts, my face still felt very sore. and the whiskers returned very quickly. The last time, the barber had a real struggle with it, and I could hear, all to clearly, the scrape, scrape of the straight razor as she tried to shave me.
Any ideas and/or suggestions would be gratefully received. This really is an ongoing problem I have.
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12-13-2014, 07:36 PM
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RE: My Haircut Journey
Maybe you should post some pictures. I'm interested to see what your hair looks like at the moment
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