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Minoxidil Questions
05-23-2015, 02:01 PM
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Minoxidil Questions

I am 21 and I have noticed my temples have been receding for the past year now as well as my hairline. My vertex shows no sign of thinning, however I cannot differentiate whether it is a mature hairline or beginning of male pattern baldness.

Regarding genetics, my father has just began to bald at age 48 as well as his younger brother. My moms side there are not too many men, but the few that there are their hairlines are fine. However, with genetics there is always the possibility of a recessive gene being activated with me.

Clearly I am very afraid to go bald at such a young age, however I am beginning to learn to accept it if I happen to go bald. However, at this moment to the untrained eye I have a full head of hair, and my question is about applying minoxidil (Rogaine). I will be very content with maintaining the hair I have now, and I was wondering whether or not I should begin applying minoxidil or wait a little longer? I also have some questions regarding minoxidil that I would greatly appreciate to know the answer:

1) Minoxidil is FDA approved for the vertex only because that's what they tested and cannot claim temple regrowth because they have not tested it. However, is it effective on the temples as well?

2) Will minoxidil maintain the hair I have, in addition to growing more hair?

3) Should I use the liquid or foam version and why?

4) I know that if one stops using minoxidil, their hair will quickly catch up to the point it should have been, however, if I happen to not be going bald, and stop using minoxidil, will my hair fall off regardless because of me being dependent on it?

5) I am not considering taking Fintasteride (Propecia) because I value my testosterone and DHT levels to regulate my prostate and other bodily functions too much to put them in jeopardy, however besides biotin, are there any other natural remedies or supplements that can help?

6) Regarding Ketoconazole shampoo, if I do not have dandruff, is it still helpful in maintaining my hair?

Thank you for reading my post. Much appreciated.
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