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Mike Ross Hairstyle and Haircut Pictures in Season 5 of Suits
09-13-2015, 07:27 AM
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Mike Ross Hairstyle and Haircut Pictures in Season 5 of Suits
A recent thread was asking about the hairstyle and haircut of Mike Ross in Season 5 of "Suits". The name of Mike Ross' haircut is the businessmen haircut while the name of his hairstyle is a classic side part.

I'd like to create this thread to provide you with plenty of forum pictures of Mike Ross' hair in Season 5 of Suits. This way those of you interested in the classic men's hairstyles can have yet another reference in terms of haircuts and hairstyles. But first the definitions of each style (by the way the name of the actor playing Mike Ross in Suits is Patrick J. Adams).

Businessmen haircut:

This is a medium men's haircut with the hair on the top of the head ranging from two to four inches. The hair on the sides and back of the head is tapered with scissors and a hair clipper.

Side part hairstyle:

The side part hairstyle is the true definition of the classic gentleman's hairstyle. Use either a good pomade or a good hair styling wax to part your hair to the right or to the left. The parted line is set either on the left temple or the right temple and you then part the hair with a comb so that the hair is perpendicular to the parted line.

In the case of the hair of Mike Ross in Suits, he does sometimes add a small quiff style to the hair on the front of his side parted hairstyle. You can create a quiff by either using your fingers or a comb and styling the hair up and at an angle so that the direction of the hair making the quiff is different to the direction of the rest of the side-parted hair.

Picture of Mike Ross hairstyle in Season 5 of Suits:

Here is the set of pictures. I hope that they are of use to those of you thinking about this hairstyle and considering the different classic styles for a corporate environment.

Some of the pictures of Mike Ross' hair below do also include the hairstyles of Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht in Suits). In Suits, Harvey Specter's hair is also styled in classic styles. You will probably draw similarities between the hairstyles of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter and the hairstyle of Don Draper in Mad Men.

[Image: a9e899a2d63ecd6b687c2b2dae57a8e0.jpg]

[Image: e8f1ea8bd5851b147d01bc931be5ecd2.jpg]

[Image: edd01186e9847e84f0344a51d8e5d7ab.jpg]

[Image: 0e0bf8aab38df01e9c0f4a76b6e2992b.jpg]

[Image: e1027dc6025eb51da5c72a050f65f206.jpg]

[Image: 1f5bbd063cd1e82792d41ebef4a24128.jpg]

[Image: 737d011c62cb89f77e4ee2dd7f2aa960.jpg]

[Image: 26c58abb08857845f5de1a051d089512.jpg]

[Image: 92c4e8aafec4151421dcdbcdef01a4f7.jpg]

[Image: d0ea68d5629071daea7cca784561242d.jpg]

[Image: e1d61adbfa26ac25ffda358c6162b37d.jpg]

[Image: 99308294820347c4aec4b5536f354ecd.jpg]

[Image: 4e1139b66b60fe67dd90067f9d1029d1.jpg]

[Image: ae06dfe8081b9938ff12dbafff7d2939.jpg]

[Image: f5ba1c7a6b11f585b6a0807e24ab0171.jpg]

[Image: ed6e2d8fd1cb143764ab4a5963ca3001.jpg]
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09-13-2015, 07:38 AM
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More pictures of Mike Ross' hair and of Harvey Specter's classic hairstyles in Suits.
Some more pictures of Mike Ross' hair for those of you who follow the TV series "Suits" and like his businessmen hairstyle. Bear in mind that Mike Ross' hair is sometimes styled tousled and shaggy, for which a hair wax is the best men's hair product.

Pictures from other seasons of "Suits" are also included below.

[Image: bc44bba11d17bc43fa3a909d08e89b10.jpg]

[Image: 087bdf652c670f2cce77de5f7aa72303.jpg]

[Image: e76f6441d4fd22ee5379b1209db7d293.jpg]

[Image: f0e986fd2db0acd51a8e6e2ddaf478dc.jpg]

[Image: 99b7fda71f3370842ebc7a75305c0401.jpg]

[Image: 334163a1d807b46f935e3bd5888a880a.jpg]

[Image: 579e5280648fd8094a60781be6a99406.jpg]

[Image: 3197e2693cc12986c2f000654586193c.jpg]

[Image: 24e64f407a2477f184692df600d6bc3c.jpg]

[Image: dc4e71527ade5271fea2547e3eb046f3.jpg]

[Image: 29df740946d50e8f3b996614a16ec9c3.jpg]

[Image: 9504fcac576325c93c9ab15a446dbcd7.jpg]

[Image: feb4f77c21a836f3e90ca0b7d1b1aa18.jpg]

[Image: 4dcf4e0a7c9c4bcbc1057692a35ca034.jpg]
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