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Mid-lifers - Don't dye your hair.....everyone knows! 0 0
Mid-lifers - Don't dye your hair.....everyone knows!
11-06-2017, 03:48 PM
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Mid-lifers - Don't dye your hair.....everyone knows!
US President Barrack Obama, Italian Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi, French President Francoise Hollande, and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, who is the odd one out.

Most of you will have no doubt answered ‘Francoise Hollande’, correctly highlighting that he is the only one whose fiscal policy hasn’t centred on liberalisation of interest rates. Sorry, but it’s actually Barrack Obama! Why? Well he’s the only one of these global power brokers whose never dyed his hair.

Dyeing your hair as a mid-lifer smacks of desperation and – I hate to break this to you – everyone knows. Nicholas Sarkozy was straight onto Hollande, describing him as ‘a ridiculous little fat man who dyes his hair’ . Outside of politics who can forget – no matter how hard we try – Paul McCartney’s chocolate orange tinged bouffant or Tom Jones’ jet black brillo pad perm? Though with respect to the Welsh crooner he did finally see the light and do a Clooney.

There’s also the massive hassle of the dyeing process, one friend was actually made to apply a well known hair dye – we’ll call it ‘Only for Males’ – in the back garden, such was its toxic impact on their white shower cubicle. He’s now also seen the light and done a Clooney.
For mid-lifers in a relationship continuing to dye your hair also screams out ‘I still fancy myself as a player’ where ‘player’ in this context = a fundamentally shallow human being who sees no issue walking into nightclubs where 99% of those present are young enough to be their kids – 98% of whom will immediately spot your for a desperate sad sack.
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