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Method to turn Curly hair into Wavy hair for Men - Hair Product Trick
05-11-2015, 03:17 PM
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Method to turn Curly hair into Wavy hair for Men - Hair Product Trick
I was posting on another thread this method on how to make curly hair turn wavy. I'll post the method here too as it involves a trick with a hair styling cream.

First of all when I say curly hair I'm talking of coiled curly hair. So this is hair that is in the form of spirals or ringlets. Then you have wavy hair which is also a curly hair type, but wavy hair forms as waves instead of ringlets. So what we want to achieve is get the spiral form of coiled hair become smoother and wavy. If this sounds like I'm talking in another language to any of you then your best best is to quickly go thru the male hair type guide to see the differences among the curly hair types of coiled hair and wavy hair.

Think of curly coiled hair as one of those spiral cords that you see in telephones or some rechargeable batteries. If you pull the cord, the spiral pattern becomes wavier and it loses the tight spiral shape. So what we want is to emulate the pulling of that cord to make it wavier. How do we do this with actual curly hair? by weighing the hair down with a hair product. And that product is namely a styling cream, although a hair conditioner and a leave in conditioner is also needed for this wavy hair trick.

Here are the steps to this method of turning coiled curly hair into wavy hair. All in all the trick is in using the styling cream when the hair is wet. This is a trick that we recommend to our barbershop customers who would rather not get their hair permed. As a barber I believe that the less harsh chemicals you use on your hair the better, and that includes harsh stuff like relaxers and texturisers to perm your hair.

One last thing before I outline the steps to the method. You will need at least six inches of hair length for this method to work. If your curly hair is shorter then the method will not work as good and it will definitively not work on curly hair that is shorter than four inches in hair length. The longer your curly hair the better that this method will work. For those of us who like me use the metric system: six inches is fifteen centimetres while four inches is ten centimetres.

Step 1:
Wet your hair in the shower and apply a good hair conditioner on your hair once it's wet. Rinse out the conditioner. If you don't know what hair conditioners are then see this linked thread about shampoos and conditioners for men.

Step 2:
After rinsing out the conditioner dry your hair only a little bit but leave it quite damp. You want to have plenty of water in your hair. Your hair should not be dripping water but close to it. Your curls should look like waves from all the water weight in them.

Step 3:
Now apply a leave-in conditioner to your curls. You want to leave your hair lightly coated in leave in conditioner. Some leave in conditioners come as sprays while others come in bottles that you squirt to get the leave in conditioner out. It doesn't matter, just get your curls coated in the leave-in conditioner by spraying it or with your fingers. Again remember to just get your curls lightly coated in leave-in conditioner, so nothing crazy.

If you don't know what a leave-in conditioner, then see my explanation on conditioners vs leave in conditioners and then head off to this recommended leave-in conditioners list for some of the best leave in conditioners for men. The listed products range in price so there's a leave-in conditioner for all wallets! Smile

Unlike hair conditioners that you rinse out in the shower, you do not rinse out the leave-in conditioner, so once you've coated your hair with the leave in conditioner that is it.

Step 4:
Once you have applied the leave in conditioner, you then apply the styling cream. Use a generous amount of the styling cream as you want your curls to be almost soaked in styling cream. Use a bigger amount of styling cream than you used for the leave in conditioner.

See the forum's list of best hair products for men to learn of the recommended styling cream as well as learn of more recommended hair conditioners and leave-in conditioners. Any hair product in that list is golden and worth buying and that includes any of the other products that you will see listed although you will need a styling cream, hair conditioner and leave-in conditioner for this trick to turn curly hair into wavy hair!

Step 5:
This next step is optional. You can either call it a day and leave your hair to dry on its own with the air in your ambient or you can use a hair dryer to speed up the absorption of the styling cream. However if you're going to use a hair dryer do make sure that you use a diffuser with it.

A diffuser spreads the blown air from the hair dryer over a larger area which is great for curly hair and for this method. It allows you to dry your hair faster without damaging your new wavy hair. If you want to learn more about hair dryers and which to buy then head over to the official hair dryers for men thread for more advice, info and a list of recommended hair dryers.

You will notice with this method that your spirals and coils loosen up and that you're left with smooth wavy hair with a lot of fullness, which in men's talk means 'awesome hair'! Big Grin

Alright guys if you've got any questions about this method then I'll try to answer them. Cheers!
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08-06-2015, 07:29 PM
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RE: Method to turn Curly hair into Wavy hair for Men - Hair Product Trick
Oh my God, if it works I would be really happy!!
I've been trying to do that for 6 months and I'm not able to do that yet. I don't have a styling cream, but I'm gonna buy it. I hope that it will work!

My hair is really weird. It has a lot of volume and when I style my hair with my hand, it stays up and doesn't hang down... It's like my hair doesn't have enough weight and when it's windy outside my hair is horrible.

I hope that this trick to turn curly hair into wavy hair will work to eliminate my hair frizz and give my curls some weight.

PS: Have you got any suggestions for me? Thank you!
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09-28-2016, 01:13 AM
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RE: Method to turn Curly hair into Wavy hair for Men - Hair Product Trick
I know this is late but, is this permanent?
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