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Messy Curly Hairstyles for Men - How to Style + Pictures for Inspiration 5 1
Messy Curly Hairstyles for Men - How to Style + Pictures for Inspiration
04-09-2014, 04:59 PM
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Thumbs Up Messy Curly Hairstyles for Men - How to Style + Pictures for Inspiration
This is a guide on messy curly hairstyles for men. Curly hair men are lucky in that their curls are naturally messy so all is needed is to style the messiness. A natural look with the curls expressing themselves is a style that can look really good on a guy with curly hair & that will make the curls stand out. Many curly men hate the way their curls are naturally messy but if they knew how to take advantage of this natural state then they would love their curls instead of hate them!

Two mens hair products that really benefit messy curls are hairstyling creams & hair mousse. These 2 mens hair products work to create definition on the curls, give more gloss, reduce frizzy hair & control the volume of your curls - either make your curls have more volume or less volume. We will go thru these 2 products later in this guide.

Why is curly hair messy?
According to hair expert Rogelio of The Curly Hair Book - a great book btw - curly hair starts its messy pattern from the follicle. Curly hair twists around itself as it grows to form the curls & hair strands for groups as locks to grow in the same twisted & curving direction which then gives curly hair its unpredictable styling nature.

Because this is your DNA saying how your hair should grow, it is better to go with it than to battle it Smile

Pictures of messy hairstyles for curly hair men
Rogelio - who also has big curly hair - says that 'inspiration is key to own an awesome mane' & this is very true. You need to look at pictures of the different hair styles & ask around. One of the goals of our community Men's Hair Forum is to give you that inspiration & provide you with the right place to 'own your awesome mane'.
Remember that 'curly hair' as a texture covers 3 hair types - wavy hair, coiled curly hair & kinky curly hair - so if you are unsure about these hair types then check out our guide on mens hair types.

So lets give you below some epic curly hair inspiration with all these pictures of messy curly hairstyles for men. After the pictures we will go thru how to style messy curly hair.

[Image: 405px-Adrian_Grenier_by_David_Shankbone_cropped.jpg]

[Image: uBZfhJe.jpg]

[Image: xnbBv2e.jpg]

[Image: 1515c2f149873d19475be0ec52b41388.jpg]

[Image: sendhil-ramamurthy.jpg]

[Image: BIN0Vt0.jpg]

[Image: H8wc3Zm.jpg]

[Image: n6RjJxw.jpg]

[Image: FbDgdbE.jpg]

[Image: Louis-Garrel-sombre-heros.jpg]

[Image: xJMz7SD.jpg]


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04-09-2014, 05:00 PM
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RE: Messy Curly Hairstyles for Men - How to Style + Pictures for Inspiration
[Image: xM3UWwA.jpg]

[Image: ZGUxVKF.jpg]

[Image: dsPQCb3.jpg]

[Image: 6XzPjLV.jpg]

[Image: 3b47593ef7d193c5238aaeed1cfff5d7.jpg]

[Image: elYooSM.jpg]

[Image: VAnrHg8.jpg]

[Image: 35c3e2cb327fe427d8f85852ec352b89.jpg]

[Image: ON2pU24.jpg]

How to style messy curly hair
To style messy curly hair all you have to do is wet your hair - for example after a shower - then lightly dry the hair so it is damp & then shake your head. After shaking your head use either a styling cream or hair mousse to tousle your hair with your fingers making sure that the product you are using to style your mane is only covering the curls & does not get on the scalp. Shake your head again & continue tousling your head with your fingers until you have the right 'tousled' & 'out of bed' look.

Recommended products
For messy curly hair, styling creams & hair mousse are the best mens hair products. You can also use a hair dryer when tousling

- If your hair is naturally very frizzy & puffs out too much - you want to tame the excess volume - then use this hydrating styling cream which will control all your frizz & weight the hair down to tame the puffing of the hair.

- If your hair lacks definition & volume, the get this hair mousse which is an excellent product to define your curls & add more volume to your hair - so the mousse does the opposite of the styling cream. The mousse in the link works really well with a hair dryer to create perfect curls that have a lot of volume!

- If you want to add more volume to your curly mane, then this premium hair dryer is the absolute hair product to use. This hair dryer is different to the rest of hair dryers because the rest of hair dryers damage your hair with frequent use & create more frizz while the recommended hair dryer in the link minimizes the damage from very frequent use & actually helps in controlling & minimizing frizzy hair! To use the recommended hair dryer simply point it to your curls as you tousle the curls with your fingers & your chosen product - styling cream or mousse.

I hope this guide gives you some more inspiration to increase your range of hairstyles & to try or have in mind new styles. The recommended products are also very useful for other curly hairstyles so get them even tho you may not be interested right now in messy styles for your curls. But like you can see... the right inspiring pictures + the right hair product/s will give you the successful combination to have an awesome mane! Cool
Please any questions or discussions, post them below.
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04-10-2014, 11:52 AM
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RE: Messy Curly Hairstyles for Men - How to Style + Pictures for Inspiration
Excellent guide, J-man!

I agree with the messy nature of curly hair. It's just the way it is and many curly men would do way better if they concentrating in working with their rebellious waves and coils instead of trying to tame them (or worse, chop them!).

Good product selection for messy curls. Styling creams and mousse both work to accentuate the definition of the curly shape whatever the type (wavy, coiled or kinky) and these two products should be the first considerations to go for when styling messy curly hair.

Hair wax may also be used for wavy hair, but avoid it for kinky curly hair. Most waxes in the market will simply make a bad mess in the curls, so instead use a styling cream to get the styling effect that someone with straight hair would get with pomade.

By the way, for any curly men who still doesn't own a copy of it, do get The Curly Hair Book as it will completely change not only your hair but also yourself as a male with curly hair.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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