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Mens hair tips for college guy? 0 0
Mens hair tips for college guy?
10-17-2014, 12:02 PM
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Tongue Mens hair tips for college guy?
So i guess the mens hair tips for a college guy would be the same as for any other dude. But are there any extra hair tips for college guys? consider in your replies a low budget and bad nutrition Big Grin
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10-17-2014, 01:21 PM
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RE: Mens hair tips for college guy?
Hair tips for college students need only be a bit different from any other hair tips. There are things that you can do to ensure your hair does not suffer because of the lack of time you have to put some into your hair care.

Hair tips for college students #1: Watch your Diet

Watching your diet will not only help you keep your weight from creeping up on you. Watching your diet can go a long way in keeping your hair healthy and strong. Your hair uses vitamins and minerals, and ensuring you eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water will go a long way in keeping your mane of locks. There have been some posts in the forum of hair nutrition like in the thread below. You can still ask any questions on hair nutrition, here or there.

Hair tips for college students #2: Careful with your Hair while Drying

Many college male students are using hair dryers and hair straighteners. While there are benefits to air drying you hair, there are also benefits to blow drying your hair. If you are sitting around in your dorm room, you may want to just let your hair air dry instead of taking the time to blow dry it. Your hair is very weak when wet. Blot the water out of your hair instead of rubbing it with a towel. You also need to blot the moisture out of your hair before blow drying it as well. Trying to dry soaking wet hair with a blow dryer can be damaging.

Hair tips for college students #3: Rinse Hair Well After Swimming

Lots of colleges and universities have swimming pools and it is not rare to go to the swimming pool a few times every week since it's cheap and convenient. Chemicals such as chlorine wreak havoc on your hair. When you go swimming, be sure to rinse your hair completely. Do not let chlorinated water dry in your hair. Even if you don't like showering in the locker room, rinse your hair. You don't even have to take your swimming trunks off.

You should use a clarifying shampoo or chelated shampoo after swimming to remove the chemicals from the swimming pool. Have a look at this thread about shampoos for swimming pools as the moderators give some great advice and product recommendations for clarifying shampoos.

Hair tips for college students #4: Don't Wash your Hair too Much

You can wash your hair too much. Shampoo and water can dry your scalp and affect your hair for badly. If your hair is not oily, do not wash it every day. If your hair is a little greasy, you can sprinkle a little baby powder on the roots and brush it through your hair. It actually acts similar to dry shampoo as it soaks up extra oil and make your hair stay soft. Work out a convenient shampoo frequency that keeps your hair in shape. There have been lots of discussions on shampoo frequency in this forum and it's one of the big topics in the Men's Hair book which was where the original method comes from.

Hair tips for college students #5: Use 'Rubber Free' and 'Metal Free' Hair Bands

I mention this tip because hairstyles like the man bun and top knot are becoming trendy hairstyles with young guys and especially those in college years. Where possible avoid the use of rubber bands. The rubber in rubber bands pulls hair and causes hair to become brittle or even break. Keep at hand an assortment of scrunchies or rubber and 'metal free' hair bands that allows you to quickly tie your hair in a man bun or top knot without damaging your hair.

I cringe every time I see a guy (or even a woman!) using a rubber band to tie his hair, that's a great way to damage and break the section of the hair where it is tied from!

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