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Mens hair products to style hair up but without stiff hair?
06-30-2015, 04:01 AM
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Mens hair products to style hair up but without stiff hair?
I've been living in Asia for years and am now coming back the US. In Asia it took me a year to find the right products for me and that took a bunch of money and a lot of experimenting. In the US however everything is so expensive and I can't really afford to try anything out. What (reasonably cheap) hair product would you recommend for me?

I have straight hair that flops onto my forehead without a strong product. I need something that will hold it up strongly but that won't cause my hair to go all stiff like it does with gels. The type of look I do my hair in is similar to the hairstyle of the YouTuber Jim Chapman. Any American Crew products that you can suggest? Thanks so much!
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06-30-2015, 11:05 AM
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RE: Mens hair products to style hair up but without stiff hair?
Mate what you want is a natural texturising hair wax. It gives you the good hold but keeps your hair flexible and with none of that stiffness that hair gels give. Also beware of buying cheap hair products and especially those cheap hair gels. No wonder you're encountering your hair getting all stiffed up if you're buying cheap hair gels.

Hair products in the United States aren't expensive or at least if you buy them from Amazon. You want to talk about expensive hair products for men? Try the UK, even Amazon prices in the USA usually beat th prices of Amazon in the UK. Go to any shop to buy a pomade or hair gel and you're going to get robbed. I'm just saying this as I live in the UK where everything is expensive! Big Grin tho Amazon here in the UK does have some good prices but if you want the cheapest hair products for men, then Amazon USA is your choice as most vendors there deliver internationally.

By far the best hair product for styling your hair up with a natural texture is this reviewed Tigi hair styling wax which you will find in the linked review. It has a decent amount of hold so that you can shape up quiff hairstyles and brush up hairstyles. I've no idea who Jim Chapman is, but if he is the geezer in the pictures below then he's using that Tigi wax in the link I've just posted.

[Image: 97907f225829d9e044e31b5b6dbc5352.jpg]

[Image: 4f4a82d50293376e181545055b450884.jpg]

About hair styling gels:
One more thing is that you want to buy a 'light hold' styling gel or a 'medium hold' styling gel. Most cheap hair gels have a strong to very strong hold because they're the cheapest to make. So if you're just heading off to your nearest supermarket to buy a cheap hair gel, then you're going to end up buying a hair gel that leaves your hair like cardboard.

Go thru this useful hair styling gel guide in the forum link and get either the low hold styling gel or the medium hold styling gel for a more natural and shaped style, all without the stiff look that you dislike so much. That's if you want to keep on using a hair gel instead of hair wax. In fact both the Tigi hair wax in the link above plus any of the hair gels in that linked hair gel guide will come down to a very affordable price for those two products which are high quality hair products. So forget about cheap hair gels and cheap styling products for men and instead get good ones but without breaking your wallet.

You can find one of the hair gels in that linked hair gel guide as an American Crew hair gel. It has a medium hold and it's a fairly decent hair gel too. I'm not much of a fan of their other hairstyling products but the American Crew hair gel recommended in that linked hair gel guide is one that will give you a much better texture than the bad hair gels that you've been using that gave you stiff hair. So if you like the American Crew brand or if you just want a good hair gel to keep your hair styled up without the extreme stiffness of the cheaper hair gels, then get the American Crew styling gel in that hair gel guide.

One last thing is that there are some men's hair styling products that are way overpriced. You will find hair wax products priced at twenty bucks and more which do nothing more than what the Tigi wax above do. Don't get too carried away with high price tags and stick to the proven hair products for men.

There's a very valuable thread in this forum which lists the best hair products for men by category. I suggest that you bookmark that thread or at least visit it every time that you want to buy new hair products as the listed male hair products in that thread are some of the best product around, they're quite affordable and they're quite reliable, so you won't be wasting your money unlike with other more expensive 'all talk and no go' hair products for men.

This is the thread that lists all the best hair products for men:

Keep that hair products thread in the link above as your buying reference so as to know which men's hair products to buy for each of the hair product categories.

Cheers mate!!
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