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Matthew McConaughey no shampoo was good for his hair loss?
04-16-2014, 03:58 PM
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Matthew McConaughey no shampoo was good for his hair loss?
Hello everyone! I read today in a Spanish newspaper that Matthew McConaughey hates shampoo and he does not shampoo his hair. This is real and not a rumour but the newspaper wrote that Matthew McConaughey is like a hippie that he hates deodorants and artificial beauty products like skin care and hair care. I also see in this forum the discussion about Matthew McConaughey hair loss and his hair improved a lot after some years so I am asking myself if it is possible that a positive link exists between no shampoo and hair loss?

Oh yes I do know about the no shampoo method of the Mens Hair book and how to use the method. It is a very good method of the book and for me is working very nice. But a hollywood actor why not shampoo your hair or use deodorant or beauty products?? it is like you are risking your job as an actor! I read in the newspaper that actresses that work with Matthew McConaughey complain of his bad smell of sweat because he does not use deodorant xDDD but he is not the only famous hollywood actor that follows same natural ideology. Other actors like Leo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp also hate cosmetics and artifical beauty products jajaja this is crazy because your image is your selling point for working in a film and earning millions every year!
Ok so sorry for writing too much, so my question is no use of shampoo is good for mens hair loss? thank you!! Smile
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04-17-2014, 02:26 PM
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RE: Matthew McConaughey no shampoo was good for his hair loss?
Actually, Jaime, a lack of hygiene by celebrities is not rare at all. Many of them (mostly females though) go on extreme habits against anything to do with modern means of grooming and hygiene. While avoiding shampoo, for the most part, is a great way to have great hair, one must do it properly and follow a method like the No Shampoo method in The Men's Hair Book as, otherwise, using no shampoo can rapidly become a catastrophe Big Grin

There are other Hollywood male celebrities other than Matthew McConaughey and Jonny Depp who prefer a more natural grooming and cleaning of their bodies: Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron and even Viggo Mortensen are all known for their minimalist approach when it comes to body hygiene. Not that there is nothing wrong with that since, stuff like avoiding shampoo can work really well, but it is widely known that actresses working with Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey have complained of their body odor!

About your question on the lack of shampoo use and Matthew McConaughey's hair loss and hair regain, I very much doubt it that there is a direct correlation. In fact, we have posted plenty of evidence in Matthew McConaughey hair loss thread that he looks like he got a series of gradual hair plus and work done on the scalp to revert his hair loss. You can still notice that he is going bald, but the work he got done as shown in the pictures we posted in the aforementioned thread is very impressive.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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04-19-2014, 07:23 AM
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RE: Matthew McConaughey no shampoo was good for his hair loss?
I have heard about the no shampoo for many people but I think that my hair would just look too gross to do this.
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