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Mario Balotelli hairstyles - The Shaved Ducktail Style 0 0
Mario Balotelli hairstyles - The Shaved Ducktail Style
03-21-2014, 12:02 PM
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Mario Balotelli hairstyles - The Shaved Ducktail Style
The shaved ducktail hair style is a new mens hairstyle popularized by football players. It is one of Mario Balotelli's new hairstyles, and it is one of his favourite current styles at A.C. Milan.
The shaved ducktail haircut is similar to a mohawk but the hair is clipped short for the landing strip and simulating a V shape. The hair on the sides of the head & rest of the back of the head is shaved or clipped very short - in the clipped version the hairstyle is what we call the clipped ducktail style.

Picture of Mario Balotelli ducktail haircut
This is how it looks from the back & where it gets the ducktail name from.

[Image: hi-res-bad0c54b73ff4d03adbaf8e5639889fa_...p;amp;q=75]

This is how it looks on the front for Balotelli, but it can look different on the front anyway.

[Image: hi-res-1dd219ffbc2ca2e51761ca13449586a3_...p;amp;q=85]

The ducktail name comes from the old school mens hairstyle "ducktail" where the hair is combed back finishing in a V shape. What the shaved ducktail style does is recreate the V shape but with a razor & hair clipper. This is how a regular mens ducktail style looks.

[Image: ducktail.gif]

[Image: Ducktail.jpg]

Another player who got the clipped ducktail was Cristiano Ronaldo recently. We had rumours about Ronaldo growing a mohawk from the ducktail but in the end Ronaldo got an undercut.

[Image: 1383412147_283353_1383420303_album_grande.jpg]

For the clipped or shaved ducktail all you need is a good safety razor like this one - plus these 50 blades - and/or a high quality hair clipper that will buzz the thick hair usually found at the back of the head - this cordless hair clipper is perfect for giving yourself haircuts & the best option for a cordless clipper.

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03-22-2014, 12:16 PM
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RE: Mario Balotelli hairstyles - The Shaved Ducktail Style
Very well spotted, Jurgen!

It seems as though this is in fact a new haircut stemming from Europe. I have seen some loose instances of this haircut in southern European men (Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks), especially at fashion shows, which leads me to think that this haircut has some potential to take off in the same manner as the Metro Mullet or Undercut took off.

In the United States, the ducktail hairstyle is called "duck's derriere", so I guess we can call it the shaved duck's derriere style too Big Grin

Incidentally, it bears quite a resemblance with the Side Square haircut as the clipped area of the "squares" can run further into the nape's hairline, as we saw with Sergio Ramos new haircut and which follows a style pattern somewhat similar to the shaved ducktail. And again, Sergio Ramos is another European dude so it looks like these quasi hillbilly haircuts are really taking off with the younger generation of fellow Europeans LOL

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03-24-2014, 10:15 AM
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RE: Mario Balotelli hairstyles - The Shaved Ducktail Style
Yeah I have seen some of these in the Uk especially the London area and couple other major cities like Brum-land. Whats up with it? apparently it's a plague in southern Europe lol ugly haircut together with that chav haircut of Sergio Ramos with those side squares.
I was cool with the metro mullet and thought Ronaldo wore it decently but these edgy haircuts are as ugly as I've seen.

Sorry lads... it's back to the barbershop.
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