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Man bun hairstyle with hipster beard pictures? Style request
05-26-2015, 01:08 PM
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Question Man bun hairstyle with hipster beard pictures? Style request
I'm not good at searching so I'd thought I'd ask this, can anyone please post pictures of the man bun hairstyle with a hipster beard? I'm talking full beards.

I seem to be only finding pictures of man buns with half beards, goatees or stubble. Or if I find pictures of a bun with a hipster beard it would be a topknot hairstyle. I'm looking for the full beard aka hipster beard with man bun style. So no topknots or half beards. It isn't for me but for one of my brothers as he's going to college after summer so he wants to grow his hair and beard. His hair length is a medium length from the hair length guide in the forum, about five inches in length. He wants a radical hairstyle change.

I read in the forum that the minimum recommended hair length for the man bun is eight inches. A bit less for the top knot hairstyle. But my brother doesn't want an undercut, he wants the full hairy look LOL You think he'd be in time to grow his hair long enough for a man bun? He's about 4 months out before starting college I think.

How about beard growth? How fast does a beard grow? Same hair growth as head hair?

It would be great if you could post some inspirational man bun beard pictures. I know some of the barbers here are constantly posting pictures from their works and whatnot so I know I'm in the right place to ask for some pictures for inspiration.

Thank you all! Smile
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05-28-2015, 02:35 PM
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RE: Man bun hairstyle with hipster beard pictures? Style request
Ok mate I posted in your other thread where you wanted to know about a beard style. I mentioned in that thread that I would post some pictures of man buns with hipster beards. So here it goes. Since this is more for inspiration for your little brother now that he's going to college I've posted man bun pictures from different angles. Same goes for the hipster beard.

Reason for this is that he may want to make sure that he wants this look. One thing is a scruffy beard with messy hair on a male model and another thing is the same hair and beard on a regular lad. If his beard gets too long and starts to get unmanageable it will turn hideous in no time. Maybe the guys like Ricki Hall can still pull that looks but mate... we get a lot of lads coming to our barbershop literally begging us to cut their rat's nests and bird's nests. That cause of wanting to have the same manbun with hipster beard look like the same professional lads who make a living out of modelling and who have got a whole team of stylists to keep their messy beards and long hair in check.

Not to mention all the air brushing that they do to the photographs once they finish the photo shoot. I know a few guys deep in the fashion industry and they have already said that there's a lot of airbrushing going on and a lot of wigs and fake beards used in male models. Tho Ricki Hall's hipster beard is real you can check it out in this thread if you want to show your brother more long hipster beard pictures.

Just saying mate. I get to deal with normal guys who regret growing their hair and beards long just for the look. Alright on with the pictures. I also included a couple of ponybuns, loose buns and half buns.

If you need more pictures I can post more as I've got plenty for customer references. Cheers!

[Image: c3db4f911db936b00360e58ce93a3e78.jpg]

[Image: c41c78efdcff97f3e3f28a0d768565e3.jpg]

[Image: 8c9278af88527713d5b7cb32630c3091.jpg]

[Image: f1c55f853c1b43cd9580d87fb0b86da9.jpg]

[Image: 95b3127c9de774e6a11753549fdaa6d1.jpg]

[Image: 66f205d8b5392c30689aca6ca8c03d9d.jpg]

[Image: 977b9dd479278dc00f8870159b2eb2e3.jpg]

[Image: 7ab266549dfeba64a29caf5a7cb33304.jpg]

[Image: 5fa040bbe7d193d3a54a19691bf16852.jpg]

[Image: 030699c62736210f4492b285654d59c1.jpg]

[Image: 3cafac5405ff33cf5d0b024ad792465e.jpg]

[Image: 362eeac71fe4a6bba9629731eb52fc85.jpg]

[Image: 984276f3eecf2299db1a12376f63d510.jpg]

[Image: d134fc280523680383c4f738b3c8b33e.jpg]

[Image: 73f879f0746576f32b2d1d8c447ec33c.jpg]

[Image: ddcd376ff158f7e6026b7d6b165f188f.jpg]

[Image: 26b92bdc5137e832755c232f84f74340.jpg]

[Image: a50cc6f931e7fa8c76cd08f21eadff69.jpg]

[Image: 7bd1863ce15213cba3010c8c0aab15d1.jpg]

[Image: b11686148c9375b02cc680f23762e4f5.jpg]

[Image: 20d0993c0d63887debbe9e1aa00ef884.jpg]

[Image: 5fcd724a74a76183fdf82161e2a0525d.jpg]

[Image: c7006034443573b4eae057cc73ea7bd2.jpg]

[Image: 6bd55a85990c4b212dbfc748bd95cb4f.jpg]

[Image: c61031d5b733295c9cbbd616f5a59e7a.jpg]

[Image: f60558d968bb1ebfc61221ef85329b26.jpg]

[Image: 7ff3acc9fb0248089b89d91cdcc194c1.jpg]

[Image: 1d6f4b7bd1ff007aed931628bf40155d.jpg]

[Image: 7ef14a235c017c8b45e203c47793b49e.jpg]

[Image: f57d0c58b9d505855bbf64de0e25b292.jpg]
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05-28-2015, 02:42 PM
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RE: Man bun hairstyle with hipster beard pictures? Style request
Here's a picture of Harry Styles man bun with hipster beard. Oh wait, he can't grow a beard... still that's a nice braided man bun Harry, but not the best hairstyle if you're already losing your hair at age 21.

[Image: 6c6db80060934a85c72f7b5ee1ec0593.jpg]
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