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Male Hairstyles Inspiration Guide with Epic Pictures 5 3
Male Hairstyles Inspiration Guide with Epic Pictures
08-18-2018, 11:52 AM
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Thumbs Up Male Hairstyles Inspiration Guide with Epic Pictures

Best Men's Hairstyles for Inspiration Guide and Gallery (2018, 2019 and more)

Here's a full compilation of top male hairstyles for inspiration, which is an on-going compilation by those of us professional barbers and hairdressers from the forum and any regular members alike. Basically it's all about cool hairstyles and styling inspiration for anyone wanting to change his look or polish his locks.

Lots of photos and descriptions in this guide, so feel free to ask anything that you may have in your mind, lads. Remember that we also have a huge Curly Hairstyles guide with specific advice and pics for curly men as well as many more guides on all sorts of men's hair types.

We'll also be recommending men's hair products to use for each hairstyle, so go and also browse our best hair products guide as you go through this hairstyle inspiration guide. Lastly, this hairstyle inspiration guide continues down after this post so do continue browsing down.

Side parted shaggy hairstyle

Yeah, this is Jake Gyllenhaal. The same guy who gave us the archi-famous Prisoners haircut aka a slicked back undercut. In this case, Jake Gyllenhaal sports a shaggy haircut with scissor tapered sides. Two inches on the top and scissor trimmed on the sides and back.

For guys with straight hair and wavy hair. Style with light hold hair gel.

[Image: uDyXA.jpg]

Quiff hairstyle with taper haircut

Top of the head is tapered down from 2 to 3 inches (as you desire) at the forehead's hairline to one inch at the crown. Sides and back of the head are tapered down with a hair clipper and may have the hairline faded if so desired as well. The key here is the length at the front.

Style with pomade, hair gel or mousse. For guys with straight hair, wavy hair and coiled hair. Kinky curly males can also do this but they better have a good barber cutting their curls or else disaster will ensue -- seen it too many times.

[Image: yUaUJ.jpg]

Textured quiff hairstyle

Instead of tapering the top as per the previous hairstyle, the hair on the top is left at the same length, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches (you choose). The sides and back are tapered with shears (scissors) only, except for any shaping up of the neck's hairline -- standard barber stuff.

Style with hair gel, pomade or mousse. You must use a good hair dryer for this so the quiff holds up. This hairstyle is suited for men with straight hair since curlier hair tends to want to flop down -- for the most part.

[Image: idJz9.jpg]

Ivy League haircut

Jensen Ackles checking in. Not the first that we do a guide on Jensen Ackles hairstyles either since his usual short haircut tends to cause confusion. Here it goes -- Jensen Ackles wears his short hair in an Ivy League haircut. Especially when he isn't funking around with his hair as in the right picture. An Ivy League haircut is simple: clipper tapered on the sides and back (not faded!), scissor tapered on the top so that the front is slightly longer than the hair on the crown. Easy peasy haircut for any hairdresser or barber.

Style with gel or pomade. Suits straight hair and wavy hair.

[Image: 5HRdp.jpg]

Messy side swept hairstyle with fade haircut

You need medium length hair on the top (at least 4 inches), while the sides and back are tapered with a hair clipper.

Use your hands to sweep and tousle the hair. Avoid a comb. Light hold hair gel, hair mousse or water based pomade will work great here. The male in the photo has wavy hair but this hairstyle suits men with straight, wavy and coiled hair. You may use a hair dryer ever so slightly.

[Image: WCSzx.jpg]

Shake and go curls

You need at least 6 inches of curly hair length for this to work as the curls will shrink fast once they dry. Wet the hair, use a conditioner and when you're done, shake your curls. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a dab of coconut butter to the curls. Shake again and do not touch the curls anymore -- this is the biggest mistake that people make. Use a hair dryer very, very lightly if your hair has a tendency to flop down when dry.

This hairstyle as shown in the pic is specific to males with kinky curly hair. Men with coiled curly hair can also attempt it. It goes without saying that for the curly locks to be so shapely, one needs to follow a good hair care routine. See The Men's Hair Book or The Curly Hair Book for such.
[Image: KFKyQF4.jpg]

Surfer long hairstyle

Brad Pitt representing our forum's long hair males. The surfer hairstyle (long version) requires at least 6 inches of hair length up to 9 inches. Length is kept the same all across the scalp or minimally layered.

Use low residue products to style your surfer hair: light hold hair gel, water pomade or a leave in conditioner. You can even avoid any styling products if you so want. Hair is typically parted on the top or tied.

[Image: doORtfz.jpg]

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08-18-2018, 02:40 PM
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Advice on businessman haircut, temple fade, high top fade, side part & classic cuts.

Businessman haircut

Classic hairstyle. No messing about. Tapered with shears and side parted. It's a short or medium length through and through for a businessman look.

You can just about use any hair product to style your businessman haircut although gel and pomade work best.

[Image: Jyln9.jpg]

Temple fade haircut

Hair faded on the forehead and not just on the sides and back. This allows for the styling of the hair mid top. Temple fade haircuts are easy to butcher up so be careful with whom you choose for your temp fade.

Any hair type -- curly or straight -- will work with a temple fade. Common among black males and guys like Pauly D who turn their temple fade haircut into a questionable blowout hairstyle.

[Image: aWIKf.jpg]

High top fade haircut

As the name implies, the hair on the top is left relatively long: 3 to 6 inches. The hair on the sides and back is faded although many choose a hair clipper taper cut and not a full fade with whitewalls.

Use hair mousse or a strong hold gel to allow for the hair to stand up if it cannot do so naturally. The high top fade hairstyle is easily implemented with either coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair. See our hairstyle thread on Iman Shupert's high top fade for further details.

[Image: V9tD0lg.jpg]

Side part hairstyle with volume

An easy side part but the trick is getting the volume to hold up. How you do this? Side part the hair with hair mousse and then use a good hair dryer. Only use your fingers while blow drying the side parted hair.

The longer the hair, the better -- as it yields more accumulated volume. Straight hair and wavy hair are great candidates for a hairstyle look like the one in this picture.

[Image: DT7KW.jpg]

Classic haircut with curly hair

Nothing fancy. One to two inches on the top with scissor tapered sides and back. There's no tapering on the top unlike in an Ivy League haircut.

A classic haircut suits all men's hair types. A safe option. Always.

[Image: UyxWn.jpg]

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08-18-2018, 03:27 PM
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Classic fade, side swept, mohawk, brush up undercut, long curls and crew cuts

Classic haircut with fade

Same as the previous classic haircut only that the bottom end of the sides and back is tapered with a hair clipper. No fading though.

[Image: SDkZl.jpg]

Side swept hairstyle

You need at least 2 inches of hair length on the top for the classic side swept hairstyle to work. Sidewalls are scissor tapered. Avoid any fading if you want an oldschool gentleman's look.

The go-to hair product for the side swept hairstyle is a pomade. Water based or oil based, it doesn't matter. Use a comb to sweep the hair. First coat the hair in pomade and then sweep. Not the other way round!

[Image: qg6C8.jpg]

Mohawk hairstyle

The name says it all. The hair on the top is styled up into a crest. The sides and back are kept short, faded or shaved. What matters is the hair on the top. You need at least 4 inches of hair length for a mohawk hairstyle.

Mohawk hairstyles suit all hair types. To keep the hair up, it's imperative that you use a strong hold hair gel to style the hair up and then you spray the crest with a strong hold hair spray. See these recommended hair sprays in the link.

[Image: 4Bpjm.jpg]

Brush up hairstyle with undercut

The brush up hairstyle trend started in this very forum that you're reading some years ago. It's an easy hairstyle for anyone with anything but very curly hair (kinky curly). You need at least 3 inches of hair length all the way up to 7 inches. Not more.

Use any hair product of your choice and then blow dry the hair up with your fingers. Voila! The brush up hairstyle goes really well with the undercut haircut as show in this pic.

[Image: ka5qZ.jpg]

Long curly hair

If you take good care of your curly hair, you can grow an spectacular mane of curls. Plenty of forum members have done this and it's all about being patient as your curly hair grows and goes through the awkward phase of getting to hang down on its own.

A good hair conditioner is a must for curly men growing their hair long. Avoid combing your hair unless using a wide tooth comb.

[Image: fudQKu1.jpg]

Crew cut

A crew cut is a shorter version of an Ivy League haircut. In a crew cut, the sides and back are clipped, and the hair on the top is tapered down from the forelock, allowing just enough length on the front for a small quiff or similar.

A crew cut haircut is an excellent choice for men with all hair types. Style the front with your favorite hair product.

[Image: oD9vFJF.jpg]

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08-18-2018, 04:18 PM
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Caesar haircut, 360 waves, quiff undercut, faux hawk with metro mullet and more!

Caesar haircut

It wasn't just George Clooney who got to wear the epic Caesar haircut back in the 1990s. One inch on the top with tapered sides. Style the hair forward in a horizontal fringe. The hairline on the temples can also be styled forward if there's enough length.

Great hairstyle for straight hair, wavy hair and coiled hair.

[Image: 93tyGGr.jpg]

360 waves hairstyle

The 360 waves hairstyle is similar in nature to the Caesar hairstyle. However, 360 waves require the frequent brushing and wolfing of the hair so that it stays down and emanating from the crown. Hair length is an inch of extended length for the most part.

360 waves are particularly popular with males with kinky curly hair since this hair type has a tendency to stand up at short lengths.

[Image: tLXZA1L.jpg]

Quiff undercut hairstyle

Medium length on the front that tapers back towards the crown. Sides and back buzzed as an undercut.

A quiff hairstyle in itself is suitable for all hair types and responds very well to most men's hair products. Make sure that your undercut is on point.

[Image: YTpn7.jpg]

Faux hawk hairstyle with metro mullet

You need 2 to 5 inches -- at most -- for a faux hawk. The metro mullet is a hairstyle coined by Rogelio Samson and worn in the early 2000s by Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and many other sport celebrities. The metro mullet became a hit in the United Kingdom in the 2000s too.

Style the faux hawk and metro mullet with a light hold gel or pomade. It needs to look natural, unlike a shaggy textured haircut -- for example.

[Image: gBwsl.jpg]

Classic side fringe hairstyle

It's a side part, but you leave the forelock as a fringe. For it to be a classic look, it must never reach any further than eyebrow level.

The classic side fringe hairstyle works very well with high shine pomade and hair gel. Straight hair and wavy hair are most suited for the classic side fringe style.

[Image: oxxj4.jpg]

Textbook crew cut hairstyle

Buzzed sidewalls with very short hair on the top. The forelock is barely style-able. That's exactly how the crew cut haircut and hairstyle came about in its initial origin as a clean cut for sportsmen. I'm talking of the guy in the right. The guy on the left has a fringed mop top hairstyle.

[Image: XpoRZ.jpg]

Dreadlocks hairstyle

Dreadlocks need to be cared for so that they actually get to lock. This means constant care and cleanliness, which is the opposite of what the public tends to associate with dreadlocks. When you see good looking dreadlocks on a lad, you know that he has been taking good care of them.

Dreadlocks can start as soon as the hair gets some length from a short start. All hair types can get dreadlocks, but it is, of course, a popular hairstyle with black males as kinky curly hair has an easier time locking compared to other hair types.

[Image: ZGPoBfG.jpg]

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08-18-2018, 06:15 PM
Post: #5
More hairstyle inspiration for men with curly hair and straight hair.
Here's an assorted compilation of great men's hairstyles to add to this guide. All these male hairstyles are continuing on to 2019 and beyond as we see at our barbershop. We'll be adding even more so please let us know if you have any questions and the likes.
[Image: bK83e.jpg]

[Image: 9pyt9dX.jpg]

[Image: qrhMHMI.jpg]

[Image: 4afb9fab520c98a5d25e5ad0badd886a.jpg]

[Image: HOKzK.jpg]

[Image: Co6DzuR.jpg]

[Image: z7EgKtU.jpg]

[Image: pkUvp.jpg]

[Image: KFRVx.jpg]

[Image: 004ae90f89a7599580aaebe0688035ea.jpg]

[Image: xgn5u.jpg]

[Image: jLKp8.jpg]

[Image: DvEmp.jpg]

[Image: PiumC.jpg]

[Image: vAl0I.jpg]

[Image: kYNkL.jpg]

[Image: TWKNx.jpg]

[Image: aAiumwU.jpg]

[Image: mB361xB.jpg]

[Image: dlZps.jpg]

[Image: v1lCa.jpg]

[Image: X9Sk2.jpg]

[Image: SR0iCNE.jpg]

[Image: HkfnC.jpg]

[Image: 7lEpR.jpg]

[Image: 82fe7dea32e1457276691b282144a759.jpg]

[Image: wwZMh.jpg]

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