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Making Frizzy Curls straighter with hair texturizer??
08-24-2015, 08:31 PM
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Making Frizzy Curls straighter with hair texturizer??
Hey guys, I am a Caucasian male with pretty curly hair and I was wondering if using a hair texturizer would help to reduce my curls but not take them away completely.

My hair tends to frizz up and get curly almost everywhere. I don't have a tight curl but it is still very prevalent and hard to control. I have relaxed my hair in the past but didn't really like it when it was completely straight and now I'm just wondering if a hair texturizer will find the middle line between being too curly and too straight.

One question I had regarding the hair texturizer was whether or not it would make my hair very wavy like it does when most African American women use it or will it just make my hair a little bit straighter? Thanks so much for the help.
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08-29-2015, 12:33 PM
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RE: Making Frizzy Curls straighter with hair texturizer??
A hair texturizer is the lighter version of a hair relaxer. The goal of a hair texturizer is to make really curly hair more manageable and to make the hair less curly while maintaining the curved shape of the hair. It's like a watered-down version of a hair relaxer since a hair relaxer will fully straighten your hair as you found out. I can't recommend hair relaxers for men as hair relaxers are too damaging for black men's hair. I also have kinky curly hair and I have applied hair relaxers and hair texturizers to our barbershop customers, and the relaxer just made the hair too weak and brittle to benefit from anything other than some very slight hairstyling.

If you want to keep your curls then go with a hair texturizer. Just follow the instructions on the label but you can always leave the texturizer on your hair for a little longer (for a wavier effect) or a little shorter (for a less wavier effect).

Hair relaxers and hair texturizers have been discussed in forum a lot of times, but a good thread to start your reading with would be this thread where a forum member was also looking for the same as you do, although he ended up relaxing his hair instead of using a hair texturizer. You will find lots of advice on hair texturizers in that thread as well as what types of hair texturizers are recommended (which I also agree with).

Just make sure that you are upping your use of a conditioner. Many curly guys make the mistake of not using a conditioner when growing their curls longer. A conditioner will save you life when it comes to managing your hair and it goes without saying that you should be using a good conditioner (see this thread for some recommended conditioners) if you are to texturize your hair. Even though hair texturizers aren't as damaging as hair relaxers for men's hair, they do still weaken the hair slightly, so keeping your hair conditioned and moisturized with a hair conditioner is the way to go.

You can also use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized instead of having to use a regular conditioner. This tip works really well for black guys with very curly hair. What you do with a leave-in conditioner is that you style your hair with the leave-in conditioner. You do not rinse out the leave-in conditioner, so you style your curls from the get-go, making sure that you style your hair with the leave-in conditioner when your hair is damp or wet and not dry.

See this leave-in conditioners post that lists the best leave-in conditioners for men. They all have different prices so you will be able to find one from the list that fits your budget if you're interested in buying a men's leave-in conditioner.
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