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Macklemore haircut and hairstyle pictures with style advice
07-06-2015, 01:41 PM
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Macklemore haircut and hairstyle pictures with style advice
Here is a set of pictures of the hairstyles and haircuts of Macklemore. Pics include the famous haircut of Macklemore: the undercut with a short quiff style on top.

For those of you who don't know him, Macklemore is an american rapper whose real name is Ben Haggerty and he was born on the 19th June 1983. As a white rapper we could think of Macklemore as the alter ego of Eminem. Macklemore supports LGBT rights and has even included anti-homophobic lyrics in his songs which is unheard of in today's rap music.

So one of the more noticeable traits of Macklemore is his haircut. Macklemore's hair is cut as an undercut haircut. The undercut is on the sides quite the hair on the top is at a short length that allows for enough length to comb it to the side as a combover or side part. He also likes to style the hair on the top as a quiff which gives him a cool modern Rockabilly look with what looks like a neo-pompadour hairstyle. Thank the stars that Macklemore hasn't gotten his quiff like Nekroman with his pompadour!

How to get the hairstyle and haircut of Macklemore:

In the pictures that you will see below it's very easy to spot his distinctive undercut haircut as at times, Macklemore has shaved his undercut in what we call as a barber term here in the forum as the undershave. Instead of using a hair clipper to buzz the sides and back of your head you just shave them with a safety razor. Do not attempt to shave an undershave with a straight razor as you will slash your scalp in no time!

So for the popular undercut haircut of Macklemore you would just use a good high-quality hair clipper as discussed by the barbers and other members of the forum in the link. If you want to know what kind of kit to use to shave your head in an undershave then see this thread about how to shave your head.

For styling the top like Macklemore does all you will need is a good hair wax. His hair styling is very easy as the hair is finger styled. For a good hair wax see this list of men's hair wax products and choose the hair wax from that list that you suits the texture and finish that you want for your hair.

To get your hair combed to the side like in some of his pictures, just use your fingers instead of a comb, or use a comb first and then comb again with your fingers to create a tousled texture. For the quiff, simply flatten all the hair on the top of your head except for the hair at the front, which you lift up with your fingers and shape as you like. A good tip to create a super shaped quiff hairstyle is to use a hair dryer. For some great hair dryers for men see this big thread on men's hair dryers.

Macklemore haircut and hairstyle pictures:

Ok here are the pictures. Enjoy and ask questions if unsure! Smile

[Image: 9f5b02a58a7fb01966dd8f290bd65872.jpg]

[Image: 36c5f6b80af4e83581d2f5a76aff05d0.jpg]

[Image: 0e3e486ab9d4827967e6a429a07ec909.jpg]

[Image: bd13c59e77862ada6407854508309ee7.jpg]

[Image: 530px-Macklemore_The_Heist_Tour_1_cropped.jpg]

[Image: fb705cef5b28c1b89814150851347ed4.jpg]

[Image: 327e1cf0db33b75087140855778a7bee.jpg]

[Image: 0c9bf3e25a94b25213f80098a66fb339.jpg]

[Image: 800px-Macklemore_at_the_Super_Bowl_XLVIII.jpg]

[Image: e8addfb7eaaf83786c08a9a939b409dd.jpg]

[Image: 972816855f43772e46c5d2d491bea949.jpg]

[Image: 84e418155cdfc69b7d8c3b743c3e2447.jpg]

[Image: NcidvkV.jpg]

[Image: 6609e7e7146b20c58e2a2255c55e5a86.jpg]

[Image: 519f9fc2e6d4cd179df33b4bc8e46157.jpg]

[Image: 05e9b8684760eb5f0e9a911f21f2cb7c.jpg]

[Image: a8f254b5e8509a5d3d687600fd7d1664.jpg]

[Image: 9b6d28088b69e9f50804766e196faf24.jpg]
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07-06-2015, 01:55 PM
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RE: Macklemore haircut and hairstyle pictures with style advice
The undercut haircut of Macklemore is what we call a textbook undercut. There is no softening or tapering of the disconnected haircut line. He basically gets his hair buzzed on the sides and back of the head without a care in this world for how mushroom-like his haircut may look.

Other times, Macklemore has softened his haircut and either got some tapering on the disconnected undercut or got instead a short taper cut for the sides and back of his head. Here are some more pictures of those cuts instead of the hardcore undercut haircut pictures of Macklemore in my previous post.

[Image: 175b879d7f8dae6c0274c1746da1b615.jpg]

[Image: 6e6aa494ae21b77997ad06720770b8b4.jpg]

[Image: 6be411e9771ef47aa987f2daf4d8071b.jpg]

[Image: 9308e42b70795b1abafaa3552822d1ce.jpg]

[Image: 36394bf18015383aaab09ff96cae2c15.jpg]

[Image: 7cd4a994dfbab04420a1364b2b83f8b5.jpg]

[Image: 4409b8d2cc3976077ff366b85db0f8d0.jpg]

[Image: d5e19858b75e6714e4823f2d103f313b.jpg]
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