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Loving The Men's Hair book, should I buy The Curly Hair book?
07-06-2015, 08:02 AM
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Loving The Men's Hair book, should I buy The Curly Hair book?
Hi I already have The Men's Hair book by Rogelio Samson and it's an awesome book and I'm learning a lot. I've seen that he has another book that lots of people love especially the curly guys. The book is titled The Curly Hair book and I am thinking of buying it, but having already The Men's Hair book I am not sure whether I should go ahead or not.

From what I have read The Curly Hair book is touted as a miracle book for guys with curly hair. I don't have curly hair and I actually have the opposite of that. I also read that the books talks about his experiences and is more also talks about the psychological aspect of manning up and being yourself which I could do with some help in that aspect. I've follow his two blogs and I really like the way that he writes but if The Curly Hair book is just for curly guys then it would not be a wise decision to buy for me as I have the opposite type of hair.

Any thoughts from the curly guys here or anyone else who has read the two books or one of them?
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07-07-2015, 07:28 AM
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RE: Loving The Men's Hair book, should I buy The Curly Hair book?
I'm also interested in a reply to this question. I bought the men's hair book a couple of weeks ago and I've almost finished. Excellent book and it has helped me a lot and the hair care part is where I was just bad. By paying more attention to my hair care with the book's advice my hair has gotten better on its own. Short of a miracle as I've gotten compliments at work and I work at a very trend influenced place (advertising agency, everyone is dressed to impress etc).

I though that the men's hair book was published by this forum but it turns out that the book is from an author who isn't related to the forum. So he also has another book for curly hair but after almost finishing the first book I'm considering his book on curly hair too. I have straight hair though so I'm wondering the same (if it works for straight hair, if I should read it after the men's hair book etc). Subscribed to this thread in case anyone replies with an answer.
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07-07-2015, 01:09 PM
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RE: Loving The Men's Hair book, should I buy The Curly Hair book?
The curly hair book is just as good as the men's hair book. I have the two books and bought some extra copies that we leave on the table at our barbershop for our customers to read while waiting or getting their haircuts.

The curly hair book is written with a more direct approach to lads with curls but Rogelio (author) says in the book that the advice is also of use for men with straight hair. He uses a different hair type guide in the curly hair book. It's a curly hair type guide and it has five types of curls. Type 1 curls as the guide calls them are curls that are almost straight, so the advice in the book is that anyone with straight hair should follow the advice given for Type 1 curls.

I have read somewhere from Rogelio that he said that one book is enough knowledge and that there's no need to buy the second one. The curly hair book looks more like one of his sites (ManlyCurls) as he talks a lot about his experience in life having curly hair and uses a lot of motivation techniques to help guys with curly hair embrace their curls. As weird as it may sound a lot of lads with curls do seriously hate their curly hair. I see that every single day at our barbershop. That book is breaking that hate and convincing a lot of curly lads to actually do something about their curls which I find a very cool idea.

I would say that the men's hair book is more formal and has less jokes and funny comments compared to the curly hair book. In the men's hair book he finishes each chapter with a barbershop case study. Instead in the curly hair book he finishes each chapter telling you about a life experience of his related to having curly hair and to the content of the chapter and some of his stories are freaking hilarious. He does make a lot of jokes about having curly hair so you may not catch them all if you have straight hair. Which is true as some of the issues that curly lads have just don't happen to straight hair.

Most of our curly customers know his name by now that's how big his website and books have got. Shame he doesn't post any more on this forum, when he used to post he would give out some great advice. You can read it by searching for his username tho I can't remember what it was. Just do a deep forum search to find it out or ask one of the mods as they will probably remember.

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