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Long hairstyles for men - Five ponytail ideas 0 0
Long hairstyles for men - Five ponytail ideas
12-08-2014, 07:53 AM
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Long hairstyles for men - Five ponytail ideas
Since this forum is so open to new mens hairstyles ideas, I wanted to post five long hair style ideas for men that are based around the ponytail hairstyle. These styles were meant initially for women but they work great for men who are wanting to experiment with other hairstyles for their long hair. There is a big boom in the man bun and similar hairstyles, this is thanks to this forum too as the man bun is very popular here.

Simple ponytail styles are a great way to quickly change your look. For these five simple ponytail styles you will need bobby pins, hair elastics, a brush and a comb, and hairspray (you can read more about hair elastics and bobby pins here and about hair spray here). You may also prefer to have a hand held mirror for viewing your style from the back. These styles work best if you begin with clean, dry, and tangle free hair. All of these styles work for medium to long hair so they are great for mens long hair. Most guys with long-ish hair keep it just over what is regarded as long hair so this fits the bill.

The first style is the original simple ponytail. Brush all hair straight back from the crown and gather just above the nape of your neck, about two inches. Wrap the hair with a hair elastic or scrunchie. That is the basic ponytail. For a more polished look you can grab a quarter inch section from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it neatly and securely around the hair elastic. Secure this hair from the underside of the ponytail with a bobby pin. You may want to finish with a light spray of hair spray to the crown, to prevent fly away strands, and the hair wrapped around the elastic.

The second simple ponytail style is a variation of the first but with a different part. To begin you will need to create a side part (read more about a side part here). Begin your part directly above the inside of one of your eyebrows. Only pull your part back one or two inches. Secure the hair in the parted sections by tucking it behind your ears. Then brush the rest of the hair straight back into a higher ponytail about five inches from the nape of your neck. Secure this hair with a hair elastic. The hair you have tucked behind your ears needs to be secured around the back of your head with bobby pins (lear more about bobby pins here). Start with the first bobby pin behind your ear, then use one or two more depending on the length of your hair. You can also wrap a section of hair around the hair elastic, as in style one. Finish with a light spray of hair spray.

The third style involves a loose side ponytail. Part your hair from the inside of one eyebrow. Then pull the hair loosely back and to the side towards the part. Secure the hair with a hair elastic. Use a hair wrap or secure a hair section around the elastic. You may wish to use a curling iron to curl the ends of the hair or create loose waves (just use summed creativity). Finish with a light spray of hair spray.

Style four is two original simple ponytails. You may choose to part your hair on the side or down the middle. Once parted gather one half of the hair and secure in the back with a elastic. Repeat on the other side. You can cover the elastics with more hair elastics or hair sections. The ponytails can be left straight or curled. This style looks on long curly hair men and for those of you with straight hair, you can use a quarter inch barrel curling iron and curl the hair into ringlets. Finish with a light spray of hair spray.

The fifth simple ponytail style is also two original ponytails. But the variation for this style is the ponytails are positioned high on the head. You need to begin with a middle part to create two sections of hair. Then secure each ponytail high on the head. This hairstyle was actually used by David Beckham like a decade ago - lots of pictures of this hairstyle in the forum if you look for Beckham threads.

Also check this other thread for more long hairstyle ideas that go with tying your hair. You have lots of options other than wearing your hair loose or in a ponytail, you know? Smile
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