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Long haircut advice with short sides for beard style (pics)
08-30-2015, 01:28 AM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2015 01:28 AM by flyingsock.)
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Long haircut advice with short sides for beard style (pics)
Hey guys, I need a haircut and I was wondering if there's something close to what I have right now. I don't want my hair short because I have a receding hairline, and that's why I need long 'bangs' to hide it.

I need a hairstyle that is long at the top and short at the sides and the back because my hair on the sides (close to the beard) looks bad when grown, it has become part of the beard I guess.

It would be cool if you knew someone that has a similar haircut and post a picture Big Grin I need advice!

so this is my hair last time I had a haircut:


[Image: C2JTrqm.jpg]

After (I hate it this short):

[Image: DchdEan.jpg]

And now after a while, 20 days ago:

[Image: KkTZjzi.jpg]

Right now:

[Image: E782tug.jpg]

Thanks a lot!!!
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09-03-2015, 07:43 AM
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RE: Long haircut advice with short sides for beard style (pics)
You have a healthy hairline and on top of that you also look like a young man, so I doubt that you have a receding hairline. You hairline has probably matured recently which is why you noticed the moving back of the hairline's position. There's lots of examples in the forum of guys experiencing the same and thinking that they're balding, when they are not. That's as far as the forum goes, and I also get young male customers at our barbershop freaking out because their hairline has finally matured into an adult hairline.

I thought that I should let you know of the above since you have a healthy hairline. It is true that it is not a juvenile hairline with the round hairline at the temples but most men do not keep their juvenile hairline after the age of 22 to 25 years of age.

Anyway since you want to conceal the temples then the best haircut and hairstyle for your is the Caesar haircut. The Caesar haircut was very popular in the nineties and it was a haircut that was commonly blended with several beard styles. The Caesar haircut just flows nicely through the sideburns into whatever beard style you choose, so this type of haircut is a safe bet for you and I'm sure you will like it since you have thick wavy hair, which is also perfect for the Caesar hairstyle. If you were to come in to our barbershop with the same questions, I would also be suggesting a Caesar haircut off the hook.

Here in the forum there is a huge guide on the Caesar haircut which is a priceless guide that is full of advice and pictures for you to reference. See the guide in the link. You will learn that there are two types of Caesar haircuts, the classic version and the modern version. In your case you would want the modern version which has the hair on the sides and back tapered down with a hair clipper.

A Caesar haircut is basically a forward-styled haircut that leaves a fringe on your forehead. The fringe in the Caesar haircut is to never exceed two inches of length. Personally and from cutting this haircut hundreds of times at our barbershop, I think that the perfect hair fringe length for the Caesar haircut is one inch of length. That's for the modern version and the classic version too.

Like I mentioned before you have thick wavy hair, so the Caesar haircut will hold on nicely and look just as good. Use a good hair wax to style your Caesar hairstyle and only use your fingers to style the hair forward as well as set the fringe on the forehead. You can tousle the fringe to give your Caesar-cut hairstyle a more informal look, but that's up to you. Just make sure that you use a good hair wax and that you get the right Caesar haircut. A good barber or hairdresser will be able to cut a pretty good Caesar haircut.

A beard style that was popular with the Caesar haircut in the nineties was the Rap Industry Standard beard style. It was really popular with hip hop artists and RnB artists. I remember in the nineties how we got lots of requests on a daily basis for the Caesar haircut with the Rap Industry Standard beard. We have an ethnic barbershop so the majority of our customers are black males.

This is how the Rap Industry Standard beard style looks like:

[Image: xJDxTj1.jpg]

[Image: 9pf3Dd8.jpg]

Another cool facial hair style for the Caesar haircut is the extended goatee and the Van Dyke beard. This forum has a lot of information and advice on the extended goatee and the Van Dyke beard. Browse the facial hair section of the forum as you will learn a lot there about the Van Dyke beard and the goatee. You can also consider the facial hair style of Tony Stark which is a Balbo beard style and which can also go very well with a Caesar haircut. Any beard style that doesn't have facial hair on the cheeks and which follows the trail of the jawline will be good to go.

One tip that I will give you is to always shape the bottom of the goatee in any beard style for the Caesar haircut in a circular motion that follows your jawline. Do not square up the bottom of your goatee. See this picture that I am posting below for reference:

[Image: f985ae15dc1062dcd4938cc8e632f52c.jpg]

One more thing, go through this list of hair styling waxes for men for a list of some of the best hairstyling waxes around. Choose any of those hair waxes to style your Caesar haircut and choose the hair wax based on how much holding strength and how much shine you want your hair to have. You don't need a lot of holding strength for the Caesar haircut, so a low-hold hair wax and anything stronger will work greatly for the Caesar haircut.

Your account was upgraded so you can also post a picture or a couple of pictures if you go ahead and get a Caesar haircut. I think that you will be very pleased with this haircut as your case is the perfect one to benefit the most from a Caesar haircut.
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