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Long hair vs. Short hair for men, Pros and Cons?
08-28-2015, 10:15 AM (This post was last modified: 08-28-2015 10:22 AM by LongHairDude.)
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Long hair vs. Short hair for men, Pros and Cons?
Hello everybody. As my username suggests, I'm a long-haired man. However, the thought of cutting my mane has crossed my mind pretty often lately. I have a bunch of questions, especially for those of you who went from long hair to short hair at a more mature age. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

***Additional information***

A little background information: I've had long hair since I was 16. Back then I didn't use to do much with my hair, apart from straightening it as a part of my daily emo-ish style routine. As you can conclude, my experience with short hair is almost nonexistent.

Why I grew my hair long: well, I thought I can be 16 and look silly doing it, or I can be 30 and have a more awkward time. Another reason would be my weird little red bumps. I have 4 of these on my scalp and although the dermatologist said they are not harmful, it was a confidence breaker when people asked about them.

My experience with log hair: I only have to wash my hair once a week. Trims happen about twice a year. The only products I use are shampoo and conditioner. Other than that, I brush it in the morning and before bed. If I don't like the way it looks, I simply put it in a bun/ ponytail. BUT not everyone likes it and you may be called names.

My thoughts about short hair(I don't want to be biased and I admit that I may be wrong): Although washing takes less time, you have to do it more often. You have to cut it monthly or more frequently. You have to use more products and eventually a blow dryer. BUT you look like most men and don't stand out that much.

***Back on topic***

Here are my questions:
1. Did people see you as more professional after you cut your hair? More trustworthy/ approachable?
2. Is it true that short hair really requires less maintenance? Everyone says that, but I personally I have mixed thoughts(for the above mentioned-reasons).

Sorry for being so long. I'd like to hear you opinions and experiences. Thanks.
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09-02-2015, 08:55 PM
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RE: Long hair vs. Short hair for men, Pros and Cons?
Well my experience over the last 16 years is with short hair. I had long near-shoulder length hair with the sides and back shaved when I was 16-17. I didn't do much to take care of it - just shampoo and conditioner. Wore a ponytail or a hat all the time. never touched a blow dryer. Then i went to a short hairstyle - pretty much like a high and tight. Here and there i longed for long hair again. I tried last year and in the awkward stage I gave up sadly. now I'm trying again.

to answer your questions, yes. I think in my particular environment most coworkers agree when I ask that it appears more professional to have short hair. There is one guy around with longer hair and most of the girls mentioned that it just doesn't look as good as short hair. Perhaps it's all in the circles that you run though. I just keep telling them they will be jealous of my man mane, although they can't wait to make fun of my "mun" (man bun).

Short hair really is easy. only the smallest drop of shampoo and conditioner. Even when I used body wash you couldn't really notice the difference. it towel dried with a few strokes and a dime sized amount of paul mitchell reworks for a messy spiky look. Out the door real quick. It doesn't stand out, and there isn't much I can do with it. But when I've got the top of the jeep it looks the same when I get there as when I started. I got it cut every 3 weeks or so at 15 bucks a pop plus tip. Longer than that and the sides puff out and it looked funny. 15 minutes and 20 bucks in the barber chair every few weeks, a pinch of my wifes shampoo and conditioner and a tiny bit of product and I was all set. It was pretty easy, although it's been so long since I've had long hair I can't compare for you.

Now i'm a few months away from the awkward stage again. Hopefully round 2 I can keep the faith.
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