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Long Wavy Front Hairstyle Advice with Medium Length Hair
07-01-2015, 01:33 PM
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Long Wavy Front Hairstyle Advice with Medium Length Hair
Hi there, I am in need of help regarding a particular hairstyle.

The hairstyle in question is this:

[Image: nvGpKAO.jpg]

I was wondering what is required to achieve this hairstyle in terms of the haircut needed, the length of hair and the styling methods/products required.

As it is currently, my hair is short on the sides (roughly a 2) while it is probably a medium length on the front of the head (it reaches the top of my eyes). It then goes shorter toward the back of the head, as it is usually styled in a quiff style.

Having checked the hair types guide, my hair is somewhere between straight and wavy.

Please help me out with the questions above and any help is greatly appreciated.
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07-06-2015, 09:31 AM
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RE: Long Wavy Front Hairstyle Advice with Medium Length Hair
That wavy hairstyle is easy to get so you should not have any problems once you have longer hair. If you have wavy hair then your hair will just grow into that hairstyle itself if you take good care of it and you keep the sides short in a taper haircut.

One thing that I read is that you have a taper cut on the top of the head right? Did you have a crew cut or Ivy League haircut as you're growing it out? Or is there any other reason for having a taper cut on the top?

The hair from that guy may look medium length but it's actually long. It looks shorter because of the way that wavy hair curls. If you pulled that guys hair you would probably get the hair up to his nose or close to his mouth. That's about eight inches of hair length for the top of the head.

He also has a lot of hair volume. Since you mention that you also have some straight hair then you may find it a bit difficult to achieve his hair volume. To get more hair volume for men's hair you should use a hair dryer. See these recommended hair dryers for men as they have different prices and you can get a good one without draining your wallet.

As for what hairstyling product to use for that wavy hairstyle the answer is a styling cream. Those free and loose curls are achieved with a hairstyling cream. You might want to go to the sticky thread on male hair products and check out the styling cream that the guys here recommend and which I think it's the best hairstyling cream for men.

If the styling cream in the sticky male hair products thread is too expensive you can get the hairstyling cream recommended in this product list for Leonardo DiCaprio's hairstyles. If you see the list, it's the styling cream recommended for the curtains hairstyle of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don't get any kind of haircut for the top of your head. Just aim to reach eight inches of hair, you will get there eventually. In the meantime you should be getting a short taper haircut done with a hair clipper only. If you tell that to your barber ("I want a short taper cut with hair clippers) he will understand it and give you something similar to the guy on the picture.

It an easy hairstyle for you to achieve if you have some kind of wavy hair. But do not be fooled by show short his hair may look as you will need a lot of hair length (eight inches) before you can have that volume and wavy curls.
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07-07-2015, 12:51 PM
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RE: Long Wavy Front Hairstyle Advice with Medium Length Hair
Thanks for the reply Sunset!

My hair on top of my head gets gradually shorter from front to back. This is because I usually style my hair in a quiff style. Would I need to make a change here to get the hairstyle pictured?

Also, how does one go about getting the hair to sit forwards above the eyes?

Thanks for your helpful response
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