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Long Curly Hair Men: Guide with Pictures, Hairstyles, Products, Tips and Advice
03-27-2015, 02:35 PM
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Long Curly Hair Men: Guide with Pictures, Hairstyles, Products, Tips and Advice

Your guide to long curly hair for guys

Long curly hair in men is rare, so rare that we're going to dedicate this hairstyle guide to inspiring curly-haired men to grow or keep their long curly manes!

In this guide we will cover all on long curls for dudes, from hairstyles to hair products to pictures. While we have many other threads for curly men and on curly hairstyles for men as well as a whole Curly Hair forum section, this particular forum guide will specialize on long curly hair for dudes and will be of use to those of you wanting to grow your mane long or simply wanting to know more about your curls (and talk about it) while already being a long-haired dude.

How long is long curly hair?

When it comes to the category of long hair, the minimum hair length for long hair in men is 6 inches. Once hair grows beyond 6 inches, it starts to become more intensive to look after and groom. Once you have long hair, it's important to emphasize hair care over hairstyles as otherwise you will soon end up with a rat's nest on top of your head. This is specially so for curly hair!

At 6 inches of hair length, curly hair will still not hang down, and you will need at least 8 inches of hair length for your curls to hang down (although your curls won't fully hang down till the 10-inch length mark). So, if you're looking to have lustrous curly locks that hang down like those of Troy Polamalu, David Bisbal and Rogelio Samson from The Curly Hair Book, you will need to grow your hair a couple of inches longer than the minimum length that is universally considered as long.

How long does it take to grow long curly hair?

If you're starting from a buzz cut length (i.e. an almost shaved length), it will take you close 2 years of hair growth to begin to have your hair hang down. Technically, after a year, you will have long hair since an adult male typically grows 6 inches of hair length in a year, but, as said above, you will need some extra 4 inches of length to really get to enjoy your dangling locks like the rest of straight-haired guys.

It will take you 3 years of hair growth to have your curly at shoulder length. While in 3 years you will have grown an epic 18 inches of hair length, your curly hair eats up much of that length visible due to the coiled shape of your curls. In fact, Rogelio Samson in both his books (The Curly Hair Book and The Men's Hair Book) coined the term "curl factor" to describe how curly hair will always look shorter than it actually is.

It is not all lost, however. Curly hair has plenty of natural volume which means that you will truly have a lion's mane once your curls read your desired long-length goal. So stay patient and keep on trucking (I mean, growing!).

Pictures of men with long curly hair

The best way for you to get an idea of how your curls would look when long is by seeing pictures of long curly hairstyles. Curly hair comes in different shapes depending on the guy: from tiny angled coils to big spirals. Thus, by seeing pictures relevant to your curly hair shape you can get an even better idea of how your curvy mane would look like when long.

Likewise and if you're already a long curly hair dude, seeing pictures of long curly hairstyles can give you more hair styling ideas as well and keep you motivated with your long curls and remove any negative thoughts that you may have of your hair when it misbehaves (e.g. when a huge tangle forms and it takes you an hour to undo!).

Here's the first set of pictures for our long curly hair guide. We will use this guide to post other useful information and advice on curly hair products, haircuts, tips and more so continue browsing down after this post and set of pictures for more information and/or keep an eye on this guide as it gets updated. You're also free to post any further advice or questions as well as more pictures.

Bear in mind that the pictures below range from the curly hair types of coiled curly hair and kinky curly hair.

[Image: dd330d9545039c741127136fe2768340.jpg]

[Image: 57ebcc00b0b523fc2e267bee9e83d824.jpg]

[Image: 66f350460bee646a7700ca065e2e80e0.jpg]

[Image: c42c696c69f126edb7f77c71e9014dae.jpg]

[Image: 862053c3617ce516fccf8bb9db13d546.jpg]

[Image: 0964ae9d41a65649a85d6862dcd08f9f.jpg]

[Image: 9f4399552c6fa359072bfa117b3ad11c.jpg]

[Image: 84416b4714275ca80fe0ceb65a1b93a2.jpg]

[Image: 2a20b9d5d75c14991f92fa3e29e4cfcc.jpg]

[Image: 4a269a8a3d6473dabadb93640c808c4e.jpg]

[Image: 699effc5c5c0514d49781809fd448c5e.jpg]

[Image: 92df0222d36de8b6a0feed2c30043834.jpg]

[Image: 548b1c83064dd007531aac1a34f03932.jpg]

[Image: 43ebdda9f8cdd2e9918da19946e5b7f7.jpg]

[Image: 55d3ced98f18ac13fcddc76e97e1ab9c.jpg]

[Image: ce330ec5b9be23a44c84f463a41c2fe8.jpg]

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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03-27-2015, 03:58 PM
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Good hair care routine for long curls and getting your mane to hang down.

Hair care for long curls

If growing your curls long, you will more than likely hear at some point that your long mane will become a liability rather than an asset. And while this is something that can certainly happen, it just-as-certainly doesn't need to happen. In fact, for it to happen, you just need to pay some attention to your daily hair care and grooming habits.

We have discussed men's hair care for all hair types at length in the forum. I will list below some of the more-important hair care habits for curly guys, and, if you'd like to know more on any of the habits below or corroborate your current hair care, then feel free to post your inquiries in this guide! Smile The above are some of the habits that you want to start practicing as soon as you decide to grow your curly hair long. By the time that you start reaching your hair length goal, you will have mastered the above hair care habits and will be able to blend them intuitively into your daily life as it if were something innate to your lifestyle.

Why doesn't my very curly long hair hang down?

In the case of kinky curly hair, it can get so curly that it can take up to 20 inches and considerably more to fully hang down. In some cases, it may never fully hang down as you'd see with straight hair, for example. The reason for this is that the massive natural volume of kinky curly hair doesn't allow for space for the locks to lay down, so instead they pile on top of each other.

The above scenario is common with black men since the kinky curly hair type is typically found in men of sub-Saharan ancestry, such as African-American men.

Pictures of long curly hair men

I will post the next set of long curly hair pictures. If you have any questions or input on any of the pictures posted throughout this guide, then by all means feel free comment on it! Smile

The hair length below goes from the bare minimum for long hair to chest length and beyond. I'm also showing you a good number of pictures in this set of men with kinky curly hair, so curly that their hair just doesn't fully hang down as explained in the previous section. if this is your case, look at the positive side instead of the negative side: you have huge natural hair volume that no other hair type can achieve even when using enhancements, so take advantage of that volume of your hair and tailor your hairstyle to your own individuality!

[Image: 4bbaa6779f5c883079ead3bf9831971a.jpg]

[Image: 6286bc4d5227628939df77894a8cfd09.jpg]

[Image: 64e910ce3ac904c1f23c08ff4a4e8c73.jpg]

[Image: df601ecc6088f4e866e3cd96c26a7386.jpg]

[Image: 820b606bf619ef4d65ffa144fa7d03c3.jpg]

[Image: e1f2c04c5ac853c7ee2180df550433be.jpg]

[Image: 1405c818279188d4d04c7ce5fff04e35.jpg]

[Image: 41b8cecf19d2ff870e6e89eb03cf1173.jpg]

[Image: 1c890dc7b1d763fd66370df7fa395a6a.jpg]

[Image: 7ca3d28c53df5c6885a1311d3449a1de.jpg]

[Image: 4e450e5010a28ea0aa002ddda4fba226.jpg]

[Image: bf3a3fb5a4caad8bddf06c2f225c54f6.jpg]

[Image: 55335d0c346f3f89dac4376dffecc6f3.jpg]

[Image: c72d1e06726ccb42ad6d6f60d0110119.jpg]

[Image: 87c65d925289b53aaebf408eea9c5abb.jpg]

[Image: 38cd973c7177e4dba2435085354002de.jpg]

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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03-28-2015, 11:40 AM
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RE: Long Curly Hair Men: Guide with Pictures, Hairstyles, Products, Tips and Advice
WOw!! I'm so happy I found this forum because this guide is exactly what I will need when I start growing my curly hair long. I want to start by summer after school is over. My hair grows really fast so I will have a few months to get a lot of hair growth done. For now I am keeping my curls short but I so look forward to having long curly hair!

I have a question... I have read in this forum how styling cremes are great for wavy hair and curly hair. I want to get one and I was wondering if a hairstyling creme is also good for long curly hair? Or should we just use a leave in conditioner for our long curls? I'm reading the curly hair book and it recommends both which is great as I am aware that each one works a bit differently so you get different and more results. Just wanting to confirm if the use of hairstyling cremes is ok for long curly hair.
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