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Josh Mario John Haircut, Hairstyles and Hair Guide with Pictures 5 1
Josh Mario John Haircut, Hairstyles and Hair Guide with Pictures
10-23-2016, 12:35 PM
Post: #1
Josh Mario John Haircut, Hairstyles and Hair Guide with Pictures
Let's specifically discuss Josh Mario John's haircut, hairstyles and hair in this thread. Josh Mario John is a male model who has been known for his man bun hairstyle as well as his different Undercut hairstyles which also complement his tattoos and beard for an overall-mainstream hipster look.

As part of a new promotion of bearded male models with tattoos and long hair, Josh Mario John has managed to make himself a name in the mid-2010's lumbersexual fashion trends and styles. As such, it's thus that we present to you our pictures guide on Josh Mario John's hairstyles and haircuts. Without a doubt, his long hair styled with a buzzed Undercut (for the most part) will be of interest to a good number of our forum users and visitors, so we're happy to create this guide and add it to the many other hairstyle guides of other trendy male celebrities that we've been creating over the years.

Let's us then continue.

Josh Mario John hairstyle gallery - All kinds of Undercut haircuts and manbuns!

As mentioned earlier, here at, we're always keen to bring you the best hairstyle guides and galleries on the latest celebrity males that appear on the spotlight. As we know, the hipster hairstyle and look has become a worldwide sensation since 2014 and we've covered it in detail here at the forum. Among the hairstyles for the hipster look, we've got the man bun hairstyle and the Undercut haircut, which have been sported by plenty of male celebrities and which we too have covered in this forum section dedicated to celebrities' hairstyles.

In this guide, you will find the internet's biggest collection of Josh Mario John's hairstyle and haircut pictures, which you can all find below. However, before proceeding, let's first list the hairstyles of Josh Mario John as he usually wears and for which you can find a huge amount of pictures in this guide:
  • Slicked back Undercut
  • Undershave haircut with slicked hair
  • Long hair Undercut hairstyle
  • Man bun hairstyle and top knot hairstyle
  • Side part hairstyle and side swept hairstyle
  • Short-hair styles
Please continue browsing down whenever one of the set of pictures ends as there will be more set of pictures further below in the next posts. Likewise, we'll also be talking about how to get Josh Mario John's hairstyles and more, so it's worth your time to go through this whole guide as a whole if you're interested in the least about this dude's peculiar (and trendy) hairstyles. Lastly, please be patient as all the pictures load up since there are a lot of them!


Slicked back Undercut hairstyle of Josh Mario John

Josh Mario John has sported the slicked back Undercut hairstyle when his hair has been at a medium-to-long length. For your reference, the hair length for this particular Undercut hairstyle of Josh Mario John is 6 inches of length.

[Image: e683ed614a78fd925b7d809568762b2e.jpg]

[Image: 81bfdcb1e9952aa202bb7b532547e64b.jpg]

[Image: 78b6e94f021efd485610776450a98874.jpg]

[Image: fb2964978cab035f14872e3743d70b0b.jpg]

[Image: 8fc7e16c5af137dc73ca0e03b0234180.jpg]

[Image: 21ef67986862e638df60f5e5f10e7490.jpg]

[Image: b05107c6347d3de4ed21674993fcb558.jpg]

[Image: 3snKjJK.jpg]

[Image: 27cae626107dba0f63d6df1347615ae9.jpg]

[Image: 3698cbf2cb8ea6e8a2a0f745dc600546.jpg]

[Image: dfdc91297e3d12975bea0903df5ab3ec.jpg]

[Image: f17c8b6895f6e9c949fac81646b11c68.jpg]

[Image: 125fdc1884df15a3cc2b0ff2c5e4eacd.jpg]

[Image: 2d8e431e4f876befdb7d66cbf01205f3.jpg]

Josh Mario John's Undershave haircut with slicked hair

In 2015, we were the first to report about the new underground trend (at the time) of males shaving their Undercut haircuts. The barbers in our forum and I decided to coin this haircut as the Undershave haircut, and, soon enough, male models like Josh Mario John were quick to shave their Undercut hairstyles into Undershaved hairstyles.

If you dig any of the looks in the pictures below, then see our Undershave hairstyle guide for more on how to get this slightly-extreme haircut!

[Image: 8b56ecd3f75b6b5fabb54c3dd8ae0a19.jpg]

[Image: 5e6653eab493e56bb0c01e2735999d16.jpg]

[Image: lS8JDPQ.jpg]

[Image: 9241b67a2e29ff67fd7ef535c4fed8f4.jpg]

[Image: bb576c489ff08930e314f843aabfb0c9.jpg]

[Image: b5e08cd75c146d7b342f2d55464d9ad5.jpg]

[Image: 27cae626107dba0f63d6df1347615ae9.jpg]


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10-23-2016, 12:57 PM
Post: #2
Pics of Josh Mario John wearing his long mane in manbuns, topknots and messy styles!

Long hair Undercut hairstyles of Josh Mario John

Josh Mario John also gets to sport his long hair in loose hairstyles and messy hairstyles. Another hipster male model who is fond of such hairstyles (and of the bearded manbun) is no other than Ben Dahlhaus.

[Image: 38df7a48b3f84e85fda30f2c253a1176.jpg]

[Image: b4387b6677d7a3016f2e10adae692194.jpg]

[Image: 4bce00f0969f31f3d0b2a25244fbd896.jpg]

[Image: 6e2e1077c7dbba609531e373400b2c0e.jpg]

[Image: a19ba10fe51b97c63a16d6e1bea73435.jpg]

[Image: 32ab368a5ccb32217f366f7ef41d426f.jpg]

[Image: 34c7c8320c002583a6ec0c87de50533a.jpg]

[Image: 4f410f805bfc0436a59f8a037aa472d7.jpg]

[Image: 282eac1f523896eba59e2618db3a1f21.jpg]

[Image: d84eb9c39fb66f9b1a28985a7c9c3389.jpg]

[Image: 9b79ab415fdd1798ece07b895a8e2435.jpg]

[Image: ab9c6540dd70be818d9bc7e141f68b72.jpg]

[Image: 518ebc9483e4b66ac77350e4149198b6.jpg]

[Image: 38e03464167269e08e12ff20562f4382.jpg]

[Image: b799967e76ed47ba2d2ef814b8c0df01.jpg]

[Image: e8b8f5e0d544f6592c78dd502c822ed6.jpg]

[Image: 98e22cd80debfbf760c098b3cc691e5e.jpg]

[Image: 8604f6239ae87b37fa2dbd70e4f138e6.jpg]

[Image: 89f594f9536882551937cf045d942b9d.jpg]

[Image: cdf5bd92285026429cac5deb8ccc2e4a.jpg]

[Image: 13f030111741a78dc2d7fc55c5d1e907.jpg]

[Image: 0370c304971a85d06f3d207a2799e5ff.jpg]

[Image: 2e4fa929aa4db1d16ea9b9d20f8cc009.jpg]

[Image: d3d505cbe82dbfd3a1b3e9c6e7006314.jpg]

[Image: d66e5e3c6c01bb9cca1bd714123ed0c1.jpg]

[Image: 3fede14ed1b0e01eaca96422a1e40147.jpg]

[Image: 8c5b5dc31eca7497cbe47ef828608be1.jpg]

[Image: 14e09248cb30a52e27345b97ea6f7437.jpg]

[Image: x5cmJbk.jpg]

[Image: ca564986ccdf6d9a96c8e73a1ce987b2.jpg]

[Image: 1531f5fdca7381a58fdb5eac00e860d2.jpg]

[Image: 8c5b5dc31eca7497cbe47ef828608be1.jpg]

[Image: d932b4556549f57f24df45ce93222203.jpg]

[Image: 0f107c2a901908d15c1f59b17feaee7f.jpg]

[Image: 6dbddc5ed6bf5a39561aa343c32a0ae5.jpg]

[Image: e1a7e180a0a57d4d9ed8cc7e42a72e5e.jpg]

[Image: 0eccb6412683d1e803ed645f38ea6879.jpg]

[Image: 9c4333328739263c9b988ca21f192c37.jpg]

[Image: e737f3fb988c2ddc64d7196810b0f6bb.jpg]

[Image: 15bf468273f10724f3fb39800aa1f7fa.jpg]

[Image: ff5306e176f5eb95b9bed2ff004b0879.jpg]

[Image: 80f7d7b1ffa1d4c74e89d08ac9287288.jpg]

[Image: 18866417af4e8e2bb9a1d8060be08dc3.jpg]

[Image: 2fc13fe6522daef463afc20ceea9685e.jpg]

[Image: 4c64340213288f08ecc4d157bba38320.jpg]

[Image: eff3a624a9316bdd6f0098bff33dd73d.jpg]

[Image: 210e0be489836f080843c16820ae7793.jpg]

[Image: 8b3d8440eddd17147823a2821d9e7093.jpg]

[Image: 28739d6ff7890fc97628f940a3b5ffe3.jpg]

[Image: 38e03464167269e08e12ff20562f4382.jpg]

[Image: 5003349f13aa093810936788941c2d82.jpg]

[Image: aaa51e664056b0af47ac77ade2c06660.jpg]

[Image: 4e72a3515b6846cf47df27195a4f8761.jpg]

[Image: 71c54a0a02e1e5b550861ea9443ef977.jpg]

Josh Mario John's hipster man bun and topknot hairstyles

To put it bluntly, a new-age fashion-conscious male would rather be buried six feet below than not wear a manbun hairstyle with a beard. As you will see now in the following set of pictures, Josh Mario John takes advantage of his lustrous mane to regularly sport top knots and man buns as two of his signature hairstyles.

[Image: 0efb5ec2a73fddd1b68e3f20a70b570b.jpg]

[Image: 0875b44d4d0bb040fd92b96868b5f8c0.jpg]

[Image: 48722038e58499277cf66e47bbbb25c9.jpg]

[Image: c394a39e300badf6c1fb565fbd2948ed.jpg]

[Image: 93292b93bcda955c423b9e8216fad107.jpg]

[Image: e0fc422781f62d61e4bcf2c9e76e570c.jpg]

[Image: b2e6779e16c86fec6058391917e7c7d7.jpg]

[Image: 42e266a94bcea9fbe819178f47d5e869.jpg]

[Image: 5iKY5Jh.jpg]

[Image: f6dc61bdab101dd6de6654177895cb95.jpg]

[Image: f85a9de302e8711b8fa4ee0d29024e58.jpg]

[Image: c1aae37351305e747be204bbcd47c08f.jpg]

[Image: 3dbcffab6c633c62f6d33efc5eb51cc8.jpg]

[Image: tjwEowU.jpg]

[Image: 8a56b3a0acdba932082c4d469ce6762c.jpg]


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10-23-2016, 01:12 PM
Post: #3
Photographs of Josh Mario John with side swept hairstyles and also with short hair!

Side-parted hair and side swept hairstyles of Josh Mario John

Side-parted and side-swept hairstyles are making a strong comeback in 2016 after the slicked back undercut hairstyle has run out of steam by 2015. Messy side-part styles or flattened side-swept hairstyles are all the rage now among hipster male models like Josh Mario John.

We will be taking about the products for Josh Mario John's hairstyles later in this guide, but, for now, remember that it's all about the right pomades!

[Image: f0a4ff7eb14a057fb4155d6db4b3ad03.jpg]

[Image: 61e3933b596308da14b426c5768a45c5.jpg]

[Image: 9654a45c0b11f10965bda3eba0f03ab2.jpg]

[Image: c67bbf219291719defa2622aade77227.jpg]

[Image: c9c01fe7a5bd4e17b4ecc4ce22d844ec.jpg]

[Image: 273a1e81565a7af18ad6121d7daeb5cd.jpg]

[Image: 40d17cd52cfa19ec400c647cf8c11d86.jpg]

[Image: e67ed92c60bee5cd9974e3a83473de26.jpg]

[Image: dbf208561d9859affe6cd1bcadf4c78d.jpg]

[Image: 63459019a104881560155739d0d9c71d.jpg]

[Image: b91af860b6a6589715521b437cf3bda5.jpg]

[Image: 0620faa6200bc6f2687ec90e142d15d6.jpg]

[Image: 6658cafa2c7b06362567dde7de0c6853.jpg]

[Image: zyvw0eS.jpg]

[Image: c689077155d41e01db910be25b9c50f3.jpg]

[Image: 41e2d95dbf59061278ce45a7aa5a71d8.jpg]

[Image: 8eefac1aaa8e92384f3c9c5fd7bc8d71.jpg]

[Image: df0b6ea0067cea8226d7d652c56ba7e7.jpg]

[Image: 0fa7715d51a2e0ccc2acdf50bc06fc0d.jpg]

[Image: 544af82ee8242d56aefa4bd7cf8cfc06.jpg]

[Image: de9a5e95a5a0ccc7feab7dcac7c8cce7.jpg]

[Image: bcd0850598cad5b0d0d4f65265b6587a.jpg]

[Image: eH58K8u.jpg]

[Image: f382bf1b51a6fe2c1a8cca32922f0200.jpg]

[Image: ed93fdbfa9b9f36e5c8ad8092938ee56.jpg]

[Image: 080e2b00f552761b66afcac9d4e4ac4f.jpg]

[Image: bd80722a47a3b8638acc9cc10e43594e.jpg]

[Image: 11a1f8517cf641ef4f6d481cb2354cb2.jpg]

[Image: 37753d88ed72482684461f0963008e42.jpg]

[Image: b91af860b6a6589715521b437cf3bda5.jpg]

[Image: b200bcc0c498f1353d9d89508bbf3a9c.jpg]

[Image: d35068b08eaed962926b9e80380c5ee1.jpg]

[Image: 5ebdf8946466dcc57285438f11340862.jpg]

[Image: f969c0c3e972bc629791c3d2587fb47f.jpg]

[Image: b053083b62abfb82484a4ef7258fb08b.jpg]

[Image: 95342747ca2d20535ebc8cc83daac0ed.jpg]

[Image: e8a6f6e4c5cea9c8eb9872fd638aa8f7.jpg]

[Image: b0e7abcba5e9e4cf4f9ab3b23e37bd77.jpg]

[Image: 24578730a8d5e191fb9086b8200b6543.jpg]

Josh Mario John with short hair

If you've been following Josh Mario John's rise to hipster stardom, you will probably have noticed that his hair has been (pretty much all of the time) at a long length or super-long length. However, Josh Mario John has too had his hair at a short length and has displayed a myriad of short haircuts that have looked quite good and which will give you some ideas as to what haircuts you can get if you ever want to chop off your long hipster locks!

[Image: e76eb0ffd8af5f50c1ecf85fb68e2882.jpg]

[Image: 1e21c68128643f016cfcd37ec7826458.jpg]

[Image: 007592203810e9994bba305b62347461.jpg]

[Image: 1c3551a0ff05a3b4d50be7d19414b661.jpg]

[Image: 13b6d7d2db9d2141112f09acf02ae645.jpg]

[Image: 41c24ae4be1ebc96690255de8a5fde2f.jpg]


I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

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10-23-2016, 02:11 PM
Post: #4
All about men's hair products to achieve Josh Mario John's hairstyles and haircut.

How to get Josh Mario John's haircut and hairstyles

Josh Mario John keeps his Viking Undercut haircut very simple: the hair on the sides and back of the head is all buzzed as per a textbook Undercut haircut, while the hair on the top is grown long, anywhere from six inches to twelve inches in hair length (i.e. what we call the long-length category of men's hair).

Josh Mario John styles his hair primarily with pomade and with a hairstyling cream; those are the two main hair products used. A strong-hold pomade is used to keep his hair slicked back any time that he's wearing a slicked back Undercut (a favorite hairstyle of his), while the hairstyling cream is used when he's wearing a man bun hairstyle or when he's wearing his long hair loosely. For your reference, we're listing below each hairstyle of Josh Mario John with the hairstyling product used to achieve the look:
  • Slicked back Undercut: use a strong-hold pomade like the one in the link. You want your hair to stay put and secured. The linked pomade will give you plenty of sheen and sleek to emulate Josh's slicked-back hair.
  • Undershave haircut with slicked hair: as with the slicked-back Undercut, use a pomade for the slicked-back Undershave hairstyle. Hair wax can also be used for this Undershave hairstyle, but make sure that you are using hair fiber and not hair clay as your main hair-styling wax!
  • Long hair Undercut hairstyle: use a hairstyling cream that promotes a frizz-free environment on your hair and that gives your hair a naturally-healthy look. See our recommended list of men's hair products for a great hairstyling cream that will do the job excellently.
  • Man bun hairstyle and top knot hairstyle: use the same hairstyling cream that we also recommended for the long hair Undercut hairstyle. Make sure to also go through our list of men's hair accessories to get enough elastic hair bands and headbands to last you a century. You will be needing these two types of hair accessories and they're very easy to accidentally lose (which is why we recommend that you buy a lot of them when you first buy them!).
  • Side part hairstyle and side swept hairstyle: for the side-swept hairstyle, use the same pomade that we recommend for the slicked-back Undercut. For the (messy) side part hairstyle, we recommend that you use a good hair clay product to keep your messy side-part hairstyle looking natural-yet-sharp! Alternatively, if you want to sport your side-parted hair in a casual manner with no volume, then you can also use the hairstyling cream recommended earlier.
  • Short-hair styles: use either a high-shine hair wax or a high-shine hair gel to style your short hair as per this guide's photographs of Josh Mario John's short hairstyles. Have a look at our forum's hair gel guide for all on men's styling gels that will give you different hair-styling textures, including the high-shine texture for Josh Mario John's short hair.
Lastly, if you want to achieve the big-hair volume that Josh Mario John frequently sports in his pictures, then get a good hair dryer for men's hair (see the link) as this type of hair-styling tool is of great help to achieve just the right amount of hair volume regardless of your type of hair (e.g. straight hair or fine hair). Hair dryers (also known as "blow dryers") are the nifty little tricks used by today's male models to achieve those big manes.

Here's a male-grooming tip for you: use a hair dryer on your beard to make it bulkier and thicker-looking. Not only do (hipster) male models use hair dryers on their long hair but they also use hair dryers to augment the bulk and volume of their beards so as to obtain a thick manly beard that would otherwise not be as bulky if it weren't for the awesome volumizing properties of hair dryers. Guess you had never heard of this trick, huh? Well, now you know it, so there's no excuse for you now to not sport a big mane with a beard!

So that's all for now on Josh Mario John's haircut and hairstyle guide. Any questions are welcomed!

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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