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Job Discrimination 0 0
Job Discrimination
02-20-2017, 03:00 PM
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Job Discrimination
Hi all, I'm doing a social research project in English at my college over job discrimination for men with long hair. I'd like to add in some personal experiences to make my project more effective but I *don't think* I've not gotten a job strictly because of my hair. Unfortunately, employers are often very strict and I would argue sometimes sexist when it comes to gender appearances, and hair is often a silly deal breaker. Does anybody have any personal stories, feelings, experiences, etc. related to the matter that you wouldn't mind sharing?
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02-22-2017, 08:16 AM
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RE: Job Discrimination
I've never not gotten an opportunity with a job because of my hair directly, in fact I've regularly been complimented by bosses, interviewers etc. for my hair.

However I've always been teased by male colleagues in work places about my hair length, style etc.

I come from an engineering background so as you can imagine the norm is buzz cut or bald and then there's me with medium/long hair and a wide variety of different styles, I don't fit in per se.

I've always found it beautifully ironic though that guys with a big bald head would be so quick to critique someone else's hair and style when they themself have no style, always gave me a chuckle.
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