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Jim Morrison Hairstyle with Messy Curls - Mens Long Curly Hair 5 1
Jim Morrison Hairstyle with Messy Curls - Mens Long Curly Hair
01-03-2017, 10:58 AM
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Photo Jim Morrison Hairstyle with Messy Curls - Mens Long Curly Hair
Big curly hairstyles have been trending in 2016 and now in 2017. As part of the long hair trend that has been kicking since 2013, lots of guys have been growing their hair long independent of hair type. So a good amount of these guys are curly guys who have found in this trend a way to express themselves with their curls. At our hair salon we're seeing this trend and other men's hair trends for 2017 so it's worth posting some comments about it here.

Big curly hairstyles can come in many forms: afro, jewfro, modern slick-back, blowout, Jim-Morrison-style or messy, to name a few. The main thing that all big curly hairstyles share is that the curls are allowed to express themselves naturally by puffing up and out. Hair products can be used to enhance the volume of the hairstyle but curly hair already has a lot of volume naturally.

Here's a great example of a big curly hairstyle which we call the Jim-Morrison hairstyle. It's very long and big at the top of the scalp while the hair slowly tapers in length the further down the sides and back that you go. The difference between the top and the sides and back isn't a lot, about 3 o 4 inches at maximum.

[Image: 9dc3473e655c0e72c31bd6264299d425.jpg]

This haircut shape as you can see with this Jim Morrison hairstyle suits curly men's hair very well. As a hairstylist I always tell my clients that the trick to a good curly haircut is to keep the hair on the sides and back of the head trimmed in a taper haircut. You can have the hair on the top as long as you want so long as you have the hair on the back and on the sides trimmed sharply. You can still have plenty of length on the sides/back of the head, it's just that you want the taper haircut to be done smoothly and without any edgy steps which would kill the aesthetics of long curly men's hair.

This is what you will need for the Jim-Morrison curly hairstyle:
  • Hair length needed: you will need anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of hair length on the top of the head. The hair on the sides and back of the head should be 3 inches shorter than the hair on the top.
  • Hair type needed: wavy hair, coiled hair or kinky curly hair.
  • Hair products needed: you will first need a good hair dryer to help your hair stand up with shapely volume. The hair product to use so as to style your Jim-Morrison hairstyle is hair mousse.
  • Time needed: it will take you 4 to 7 minutes to get the Jim Morrison hairstyle.
How to get the Jim-Morrison hairstyle for curly men's hair:

First get your hair damp by wetting it. Now get some hair mousse in your palms and fingers, and then spread the hair mousse over all of your curly hair by moving your hands from the front of your head towards the back of your head. Do not use a comb to do this, just your fingers.

Once your hair is coated with hair mousse, put more hairstyling mousse on your fingers and continue to style your hair back and up while you point a hair dryer to your hair. You want to have the hair dryer in front of your face blowing warm air from the front of your forehead's hairline all the way back to the crown area of your head. Continue doing this until your hair dries and you're happy with the volume and definition that you've achieved on your curls.

References to go through for additional information:
  1. Long curly hairstyles guide:
  2. Curly hairstyle tips:
  3. Hair types guide for knowing if what type of curly hair you have:
  4. Hair products guide with recommended hair dryers and hair mousse:
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