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Jedward flat hair pictures and brush up hairstyle
08-03-2014, 10:42 AM
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Jedward flat hair pictures and brush up hairstyle
I would like to post some pictures of Jedward with flat hair. They are two comedian brothers who have tall hair with a brush up hairstyle. Jedward as both guys are famous for their brush up hair so its rare to see flat hair with them.
Actually they both have very aesthetic hair. The Jedward hairstyle is made to be funny as part of the comedy show they appear in. If their hair was shorter but stillmin the brush up hairstyle it would actually look quite good. I think. Anyway here are the pictures of the flat hair of the Jedward brothers.

[Image: 21765b1b7a63a6cacbe3d2ac4bbd7454.jpg]

[Image: ed8784808b45dd0b48e82991b59c69ff.jpg]

[Image: c1610334030b8bf64801e354a30c5707.jpg]

[Image: a8cb91420aa2be237e49bfa50989368b.jpg]

[Image: eb99dbc48dc7b0401a768966ab24a54d.jpg]

[Image: 8aae904ea600c3eb8ed1b15ee5756f32.jpg]

[Image: 71b38c551f4447b7c55e801671d3dd5f.jpg]

[Image: 1a17f0217c793dbc54c23acc82c89aed.jpg]

[Image: cfdd4b759bc19181b8531db63bcf66ce.jpg]

[Image: 54df4ced536be9958dc1dfef4aa2b7df.jpg]

[Image: 45079b64fba6b8a02750e0c0d98646c6.jpg]

[Image: a87aa0347d3029087272ebdc053088d3.jpg]

[Image: 4b57060fa791f9a6a8d6ccfd8854a294.jpg]

[Image: 36a80d8b4a0d9db8f8647782d606b951.jpg]

[Image: 195c1f95482d54814b8918910744e2a4.jpg]

[Image: d28276374bb27ace952d44d72d210289.jpg]

[Image: 41cc2933f318b0bdf03acd1d6a201e74.jpg]

[Image: 95604cd3918d648566cbd3afb395110d.jpg]

[Image: 51b0a9b36f65feabfa345a8ebf7a9a88.jpg]

[Image: 927c546c141d99871f69ffc2e5ed000f.jpg]

[Image: c381ff159643e8133435cf16f2171457.jpg]

[Image: aa65a50b1785b04b54d155d6a846d925.jpg]

[Image: acd74df4a010287b758d0d5799ee3061.jpg]

Ok so here are some more pictures of Jedward with tall hair and brush up hairstyles. Lots good when the hair was not styled up on purpose for comedy. Easy to do these hairstyles with a blowdryer, hair spray and some wax or hair fibre.

[Image: d566eec6603d8e56ca76b81d5ecc41f8.jpg]

[Image: 2279de8955080974b7a92e193f45b1ed.jpg]

[Image: e65e63c2ce4bfc4b7aa506249c4fc20e.jpg]

[Image: 2cf021f4cfd929322821f311b77086bf.jpg]

[Image: 8da5ac1fdd12aa21a4ad6e0c7e60c390.jpg]

[Image: 5663a4ac5213975a135a85d4fbf89ff9.jpg]

[Image: 6333eaaa0c0affca389e40fb0297c8aa.jpg]

[Image: ecd3810c8d3aadd8bebe23a54a64164e.jpg]

[Image: 0151379905fb5faddc1d66dfa8df9494.jpg]

[Image: 313770c90df4595d2052165d98c544fe.jpg]

[Image: 64c07f4c3bcb6b67b5120af0223f197a.jpg]

[Image: 53d66f2e77102c1ffbdea4cc4ecbed2f.jpg]

[Image: 34c5e9f689136461d81579fef312fe3e.jpg]
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