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Jared Leto mohawk haircut - Hairstyle advice with pictures 0 0
Jared Leto mohawk haircut - Hairstyle advice with pictures
03-02-2014, 10:50 AM
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Jared Leto mohawk haircut - Hairstyle advice with pictures
One of the most extreme haircuts of Jared Leto has been the mohawk. He had this hairstyle when touring with his band "30 Seconds to Mars" for their Into the Wild Tour and the haircut really gave him a "edge" - incidentally one of his songs he sang with the mohawk is called "Closer to the edge" actually lol
In 2013 Leto grew his hair long & now in 2014 he has been appearing in different award ceremonies with his long hair loose or in a man bun style. We have covered all his different hairstyles already in our forum except for his mohawk so here it goes.

Pictures of Jared Leto's mohawk

[Image: closer_to_the_edge_640x480.jpg]

[Image: 5ww4z8.jpg]

[Image: 30sec.jpg]

[Image: 30-seconds-to-mars-30stm-closer-to-the-e...-58915.jpg]

[Image: 1282128911554_f.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: 621876771001.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: 82189561_640.jpg]

[Image: 2a65c67588_76838070_o2.jpg]

[Image: 1275606298285-012.jpg]

[Image: jared-leto-pink-hawk.jpg]

[Image: Yoh58CP.jpg]

[Image: 74442_156199834422535_100000975589029_26...1%255D.jpg]

[Image: main.jpg]

[Image: 20100223_angelaandjordan_560x375.jpg]

How to do a mohawk haircut
The mohawk is an easy haircut, it is also easy to style. First of all you need at least 5 centimeters or 2 inches of hair on the top of your hair - even longer is better.
Once you have the length, use a high quality hair clipper without a guiding comb attached and clip all of your hair EXCEPT for a crest that runs from the middle of your forehead across the middle of your head, then down the middle of the back of your head and ends at the middle of your neck hair line. The crest should be 1 inch wide across the whole length.

You can also only have the crest on the top of the head without the crest running down the back of your head altho a classic mohawk requires the crest on the back of the head too.

How to style the mohawk
Use hair gel or hair wax to style the crest up with your fingers as at the same time you point a hair dryer to the crest to make sure it is erected - so, up. The hair dryer helps a lot to get the hair standing up so try to use one if possible.
The last styling touch to the mohawk is hair spray. Once the crest has been styled and shaped, point the spray to the crest and spray it for a good few seconds, starting from the forehead and following the length of the crest.

Products for the mohawk (click each link to know more about the product)
- This hair wax: it has a strong hold and will give a more flexible look to the crest while adding a little sleek too.

- This hair gel: if you prefer a dryer looking crest, then style it with the hair gel in the link.

- This hair clipper: if you don't own a hair clipper yet, then the hair clipper in the link is the best investment that you can make. The hair clipper comes with everything you need for any haircuts you want to get done in the future, not just the mohawk! this is one of the few hair clippers that we recommend in the forum as you really get in quality for what you pay Smile

- This hair dryer: if you don't have a hair dryer, then get the one in the link. Like the hair clipper above, this hair dryer is excellent for styling all kinds of hairstyles and for giving more volume to your hair like in the case of the crest for your mohawk. It also is an excellent investment to last you years!

- This hair spray: this spray will fix the crest so it stays like you shaped it. It will also not make your hair too dry or too hard, just the perfect balance between extra hold and aesthetics.

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