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Is there such thing as an undercut with tapered sides and back?
07-09-2015, 02:20 PM
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Is there such thing as an undercut with tapered sides and back?
Hello all! I'm not really that interested in the undercut style, but I was just wondering if styles like this exist? What I mean is, can the sides that are supposed to be buzzed at a uniform length be tapered to blend in with the hair on top better? In an office or work setting, I don't think many of my coworkers or my boss would think that the complete contrast between the two lengths is very professional looking. If there is such thing, would it be possible to see some pictures? I've tried looking, but I cant tell the difference between regular and tapered, as I am what some would call...a hair noob. Tongue Thank you!
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07-16-2015, 08:15 AM
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RE: Is there such thing as an undercut with tapered sides and back?
Well if you want to get a tapered undercut haircut then the best thing is to get an executive contour haircut. It's what we also call a regulation haircut and there are lots of pictures of it in this military hairstyles thread.

An undercut on the sides and back of the head is a haircut with one hair clipper length. That's all. I have seen so many websites getting it wrong that it kind of worries me who is letting all the rats thru as a taper haircut is not an undercut haircut. Many of our barbershop customers come in asking for an undercut with a picture from a website when the haircut is a taper haircut, only that the website completely missed it out and got it wrong. This isn't something new or only for the undercut. Any time I browse around outside of this forum into other websites is like living a nightmare with all the useless advice and wrong hairstyle names. The crew cut haircut is another one that drives me crazy.

You can get a taper haircut on the high part of the sides and the back. You can get the first two to three inches tapered with shears and then get the rest of the hair on the sides and back of the head done in an undercut. That's pretty much an executive contour haircut.

Make sure that you're getting a good barber to cut your hair. What you would want is to have the high part of the sides and back tapered down to the exact hair clipper length for the undercut. Otherwise you will end up with a blocky haircut that will not look very good unless you have straight hair.

To know about your hair type see this hair type guide from the forum with the four hair types. Only straight hair can get away with choppy haircuts or blocky haircuts on the sides of the head. I'm talking of aesthetics tho so you can always get those types of haircuts if you don't give a damn about hairstyle aesthetics.

Choosing the right barber is an art in itself in my opinion as a barber. But it's well worth the time and effort if you want to look dapper and sharp with a neat haircut that looks the part at the office.

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