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Is an undercut/fade style suitable for everyone?
09-17-2015, 11:21 PM (This post was last modified: 09-17-2015 11:29 PM by AntonD.)
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Is an undercut/fade style suitable for everyone?
So I've noticed that this style has become increasingly popular in the last few years and several of my friends sport it, suggesting I should consider it. However, I've always been nervous about actually endeavoring to get it done. I usually get it shorter on the sides and back (about a 4 or half an inch) than the top and bangs (maybe an inch a half or so) anyway, and blended smoothly together, but it still looks like a regular, standard kind of haircut and not this distinct modern style.

Last time I mentioned considering an actual fade or undercut style to a hairdresser or barber they kind of gave me a nervous look as if to say they were unsure it would work that well, and I just gave in and was like "ah, whatever, just give me the usual", and I stuck to that to play it safe. Also note that I haven't gone to fancy or expensive hair stylists but just a simple barber or hairdresser in a small rural town, where people don't often seem to try these styles. Now I moved to a metro area and wonder if some stylists know what they're doing more?

The problem is, I have my natural hair part (along with a cowlick) at a somewhat different location than many people; instead of being more on the side of my head it's like almost 1/3 of the way into the top of my head. Kind of like this if you imagine the lines to the hairline. (__|_) Would that look weird if I tried a fade where the closely trimmed/buzzed part would go that far toward the middle of my head, and then suddenly it got a lot longer at the part? And I feel like if I left more longer hair on the side past the natural part, it would look odd or wouldn't work, because the natural part in my hair would still be very obvious and I would have like a chunk of two thirds of my tophair going one way and a third going the opposite direction, and suddenly just have closely trimmed sides below each. That would almost look like one of those 30s/40s style cuts which is not what I'm going for. And due to the stiff and rigid grain of my hair in that area, I would need an extreme amount of very heavy duty gel to force that bit of hair to go in the other direction (meaning getting the remaining part to go with the majority or remaining 2/3 of my hair). And if I got it trimmed at the same distance on the other side of my head as the distance that my part comes in, it would just leave a middle 1/3 and basically look like a mohawk or faux-hawk, which I also don't want lol. Do these undercut styles only work at natural parts or can there be exceptions?

I'm guessing the solution to this is to get a lower, less drastic, or more gradual fade, instead of trying to force it. I have noticed a few people with crisp, sharp lineups and fades where they actually don't have natural parts, but I feel like for mine it just wouldn't work. Any other suggestions for my particular situation before I go and potentially mess up my hair? I have thick, quite straight hair but the part and cowlick are obvious. I also have a bit of a widow's peak, if that means anything.
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09-29-2015, 07:56 AM
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RE: Is an undercut/fade style suitable for everyone?
Post a picture. It's too hard to visualize your hair with the wall of text.
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