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Is David Beckham balding or thinning hair? Hair loss picture
05-29-2015, 01:08 PM
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Is David Beckham balding or thinning hair? Hair loss picture
There's this picture of David Beckham's hair that looks like he is balding. I'm posting it below as his hair looks thinner and his hairline different.

Is it me or is David Beckham balding? I got this picture from another forum discussion here but on my phone and I'm now on my laptop so I don't remember which discussion it was. There were other pictures of David Beckham that looked like he was going through some heavy hair loss, with the hairline and all.

I'm just curious as I've seen over the years how lots of celebs do the impossible to hide their balding. John Travolta, Nicolas Cag, Steve Harvey and a lot more celebrity dudes that I'm learning from the threads in this forum who are losing their hair and using all kinds of potions to not go bald.

Here's the suspected hair loss of David Beckham. Anyone? Smile

[Image: n39J6VL.jpg]
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05-30-2015, 09:04 AM
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David Beckham is balding but he still has a decent head of hair for most hairstyles.
The hair loss of David Beckham is a topic that we have discussed in the past (see the link). David Beckham is indeed losing his hair slowly (but surely). It's only natural as he is 40 years old as of 2015 and his father is bald. Having a bald father does increase your chances of you going bald too (same goes for uncles on both sides of the family).

There are actually better hair loss pictures of David Beckham. I'm posting them below, and, yes, the joke was that David Beckham had seen that we posted one of his Instagram pictures where his hairline is all receded and that we were discussing how he was going bald. He then mysteriously removed the picture that we were discussing about about a day after we had started the discussion.

[Image: tumblr_inline_n651weMFjY1qfnjuz.png]

[Image: tumblr_my4ualEi691qbxo9jo1_500.jpg]

In all fairness, David Beckham has always had a good head of hair and has worn all kinds of male hairstyles and haircuts as we've documented in the forum. He did make his hair one of his key attributes, and he still does since he still has enough hair to style it in most hairstyles. However, his forelock has started to thin out visibly and his hairline has begun to recede.

Whether David Beckham is using any kind of hair loss product or not is something that we will never know. The vast majority of balding male celebrities have kept their mouth shut when it came to letting the public know of their hair loss. It's widely known in the film industry that hair loss can kill an actor's career, so many male actors (as well as musicians and TV celebrities) will go out of their way to conserve their hair or at least make it look like they're not balding.

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