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I'm a teen and I hate having waving, dry, and balding/thin hair. 0 0
I'm a teen and I hate having waving, dry, and balding/thin hair.
05-13-2017, 09:19 PM
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I'm a teen and I hate having waving, dry, and balding/thin hair.
To put it simply, I have absolutely horrible genetics when it comes to hair. To start off, I have some male pattern baldness. I've lost a LITTLE (but noticeable) amount of hair around my temples, I am using minoxidil on it. My hair is also thin all over my head (not from balding, just from genetics, by thin I mean its just not thick, there's not a lot of "density" if you can understand me, but It's not as thin as some of the other unfortunate teen guys I see). My hair is wavy and sort of dry. My natural hair color is between blond blond and dirty blond, don't know another way to describe it or if it's important that I tell all of you. I want to have THICK and SILKY hair. I have tried so many products to get my hair straight, the only one I've had success with is a Keratin Treatment I bought at the store, but that wasn't satisfactory, yes it did make my hair straight for that day and the next day and the few days after that, but it didn't make my hair silky nor thick. I have recently heard of "Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening". If you're not already familiar with this, it's where different chemicals use heat (I think) to permanently make your hair straight (until it grows out of course). If you were not already familiar with this watch a youtube video called "Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening" by a youtuber called "Rachel & Jun" (this forum wouldn't let me post a link)

Anyways, I have found some at-home versions of this that I am thinking of buying. This summer I am going to grow the hair on the top of my head out to maybe 4ish inches and keep the sides and back short as usual (like 2 and a half-ish, I might let the hair on the top of my head grow out longer but I'm not sure yet). Might this permanent hair straightening be feasible for fixing my problem, and how can I make my hair silky. I also today heard of something called a "Brazilian Blowout"; I had never heard of this before. Perhaps this might be another solution to my problem.

I know that was a long post so I am going to do a quick recap.

The Problems with my hair:
Signs of Male pattern baldness at temples, being treated with minoxidil
"thin" hair all over scalp
wavy and dry (but not corse)

What I wan't to change about my hair
I want my hair to be very silky and straight
I want my hair to be much thicker than it is now

Please someone point me in the right direction. I hate my hair the way it is.
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07-08-2018, 03:50 AM (This post was last modified: 07-08-2018 03:54 AM by mynameisrich.)
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RE: I'm a teen and I hate having waving, dry, and balding/thin hair.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I signed up after reading your post, I can relate to you on pretty much all of these points, but I'm 28 and feel like I can help you out mate. I've tried to message you on here privately but it isn't letting me :/ Probably because I'm posting from a brand new account... Lemme know if you get this message by responding, and if you do I'll give you everything I know.

I started noticing hairloss at around 20, and started documenting it for my own reference at 21... I'm now 28 and have only lost a tiny bit of ground since. I also have curly hair, kinda lower density but average sort of thickness, and i've hated it all my life.

hope you're doing ok since your initial post buddy, I know how much hair can funk you over if you let it get to you
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