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How to treat and prevent razor bumps? 0 0
How to treat and prevent razor bumps?
07-06-2015, 07:55 AM
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How to treat and prevent razor bumps?
Hey I want to ask in this forum section how to treat razor bumps? Also, how to prevent razor bumps? The reason for this is that I've started using a straight razor.

I've heard a lot of good things about straight razor shaving and wet shaving and I bought a good straight razor. More like good from the reviews and posts that I read. It slices through my hair perfectly and much better than the safety razors that I have used. Also straight razor shaving is surprisingly easy which I thought it would not be.

The only problem with straight razor shaving is the razor bumps. My theory is that the straight razor is so sharp that, sure, it slices the hair beautifully but it is also perhaps making tiny cuts on my skin as I am still a noob. I've read in the forum that straight razor shaving should not give you razor bumps when you get good at it so I want to continue shaving with a straight razor. But before that I seriously need to know how to treat or prevent razor bumps.

Any help would be greatly welcomed!
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07-06-2015, 08:47 AM
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RE: How to treat and prevent razor bumps?
Razor bumps can go by many other names: shaving bumps, razor pimples and shaving pimples among them. In worst cases, these razor bumps can get infected and cluster together to look like a very bad case of acne. People with curly and thicker hair seem to be more prone to these bumps than others. Razor bumps can be especially common with black men and African American men.

What causes razor bumps?

These bumps are frequently caused by the presence of a freshly-shaven hair that has been cut to a certain angle, only to curl back due to its sharpness. When this happens, the hair penetrates the skin and the body starts treating it as a foreign body – an infection which causes red bumps to even pus-generating swell. Although razor bumps are normal, there are ways to prevent razor bumps from happening.

How to prevent and get rid of razor bumps:

Here are some tips to help get rid of and prevent razor bumps.

1. Don’t shave too frequently:

Allow your skin to rest for a few days after a close shave. You can opt to use an electric razor or trimmer during these rest periods. See the electric shavers forum section for lots of electric razors and shavers to choose from. From my experience this is a good idea as electric shavers do not cause razor bumps nor do they aggravate them.

2. Soften the skin before shaving:

Many razor bumps are caused by a blunt angular cut. In order to prevent this, try to make it a habit to ensure that the affected area is softened with warm water or soap before proceeding with the shave.

3. Use proper shaving techniques:

Never shave when you are running late to work. Rushing through a shave will increase your chances of developing bumps. Instead, use proper shaving techniques which include:
  • Applying shaving cream and letting it stay for a couple of minutes before shaving.
  • Not shaving against the hair growth.
  • Using a good, sharp razor with features like moisture strips.
  • Changing blades at least once a week to avoid close shave caused by dull blades.
You can read this wet shaving guide with lots of advice on how to shave with a razor. It doesn't matter if you're using a straight razor or a safety razor, that wet shaving guide will help you understand the finer details of using a shaving razor.

4. Take care of razor bumps:

If you happen to have razor bumps, resist the urge to pick it or squeeze it. Instead, try to use antibiotic creams and allow it to heal itself for a few days. This is also applicable if you get cuts, scrapes or nicks from shaving. Tea tree oil, iodine or other antibacterial or alcohol-based aftershave may also help prevent those razor bumps from getting further infected.

If you are getting more razor bumps than normal, you can consider other means of hair removal such as waxing or laser treatment. It would also help to see a dermatologist for proper treatment of razor bumps.
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12-15-2015, 11:38 PM (This post was last modified: 12-15-2015 11:46 PM by Wetshavemaestro.)
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RE: How to treat and prevent razor bumps?
1. Wash face with a gentle cleanser or a vegetable based or pH balanced soap.
2. Apply Pre-Shave Oil. Use about a dime’s worth and apply over entire beard.Use a little more on areas where whiskers are thicker. Apply ahot towel for 5 minutes (Heating, then re- heating once).
3. Apply Shaving Cream (No gook coming from a can).
a) Brush. Brush is best, as it not only works up a good lather, but it gently exfoliates the skin to significantly reduce the chance of razor bumps from ingrown facial hair, and properly positions hair to be cut cleanly.
4. Shave with the grain growth pattern. Super critical point! Make sure you find out exactly what your grain growth pattern is. After a couple of days of beard growth ,go to area where you bump and run the back of fingers gently in various directions. Notice which direction presents more resistance. Make a note, and make sure that you shave in the direction of least resistance.
a) For closershave, re-wetface, apply more cream and shave across the grain (ear to chin).
b) When shaving, it's best to stretch the skin in opposite direction of shave stroke so that blade can more cleanly cut thehair. DO NOT apply pressure to razor. Let the razor blade do it's work.Lay it on beard at about a 30° angle and gently move razor in the direction of the cut.
5. Apply a cold towel to shaven area once or twice
(depending on comfort)to shock the skin, close you pores and soothe the skin . Pat or fan dry face and neck area. 6. Apply a NON-ALCOHOL based after shave balm, cream or lotion to soothe freshly shaven skin are-moisturize ize and repair it. Alcohol not only damages skin texture, but also overly driesskin, which leads to aged skin and ingrown hairs!
For great information, visit for great natural & organic creams, oil & balms that solved my problem.
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