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How to style Mohawk haircut from Warhawk video game?
08-22-2015, 06:07 PM
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How to style Mohawk haircut from Warhawk video game?
Hello, some time ago I decided that I really wanted to get this Mohawk haircut from the Warhawk video game (see pictures below) but I'm not sure that it will work on my hair! Generally I can style my hair the way I want after I shower and it'll dry like I styled it, but this Mohawk hairstyle requires slicking it back a lot without any product on your hair.

The problems are that I'm too afraid to have much volume on top and I'm also afraid I won't be able to style it back and it won't cover my ''bald spot'' (I'm 17 by the way, so there's really no BALD SPOT but there's that little "uhm", you know, on top of the head). I'd appreciate help!

Thanks in advance!

[Image: VE45cGG.jpg]

[Image: HlvmYLO.jpg]
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08-30-2015, 12:38 AM
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RE: Warhawk
Let us see your hair. These mohawks look really good with a beard.
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08-30-2015, 06:36 AM
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RE: How to style Mohawk haircut from Warhawk video game?
A Mohawk haircut like the one from Warhawk is easy to style. The Mohawk haircut is the type of haircut that you can give to yourself with a hair clipper, although for your first time you are better off visiting a barber or a hairdresser to get the perfect Mohawk hairstyle and haircut. The hair is also tapered backwards which means that the hair at the front is somewhat longer than the hair at the back. This is the new style for a trendy Mohawk and has been popular over the last three years in the United States.

The top of that Warhawk-inspired Mohawk is about three inches to four inches. Yes, the hair is slicked back but not as in the classic slicked back style but instead your slick the hair back with your fingers and a good hair wax.

Don't worry about your hair volume with that Mohawk haircut. All that you have to do is to go through this list of hair wax products for men and get any of the listed hair waxes that have a strong hold. By using a strong-hold hair wax you will be securing the hair in a backward style and taming the volume. The key to controlling the hair volume in a Mohawk hairstyle is to use a strong-hold hairstyling product, in this case any of the hair waxes in the list above. I highly recommend that you get any of those hair waxes from the list, even if you would like to have a high-shine texture for your Mohawk. That list of hair waxes also contains a good range of high-shine hair waxes.

For your purpose, a hair wax is the best hair product for a Mohawk hairstyle. Now if you were talking about getting your Mohawk standing up and in spikes, I would recommend another hairstyling product but I can easily see the type of look that you're going for with that Mohawk haircut from Warhawk. Stay away from hair dryers since they are commonly used to style a Mohawk. Hair dryers are great hairstyling tools for men and for hairstyles like the Mohawk but hair dryers do also amplify your hair volume, which is the opposite of what you need. It's still a good idea to own a hair dryer as they easily increase your range of potential men's hairstyles.

One thing that I still don't get is how you have a bald spot on your scalp. Can you post a picture to show us what you're talking about? Or at least describe the bald spot and mention where it is on your scalp. Bald spots usually form on the vertex or on the hairline, this is part of going bald. With your age though I highly doubt that you're balding already so I am not sure what you're talking about with the bald spot and your Mohawk haircut.

One more thing, what is your hair type? Your hair type will influence how much volume your hair can attain. Straight hair has the least amount of natural volume while kinky hair has the most amount of natural volume. See this hair type guide in the link which is the official hair type guide used in the forum and online.

Your account has also been updated so that you can post pictures by embedding them from free image hosting sites like you did with the Warhawk picture. You can also upload them to your post.
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09-01-2015, 11:47 AM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2015 11:49 AM by drs2016.)
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RE: How to style Mohawk haircut from Warhawk video game?
First of all thanks for the attention that has been given! The information is really useful! Here are pictures from my hair from all angles (I guess). It wasn't really ''styled'' with wax or gel neither is was combed, just a bit of hands but not much, I can put it more togheter. Thanks again! And by the way, I think the actual haircut is called ''warhawk'', at least that's how wikipedia and other websites refer it, but it's a mohawk variation, yes! Smile
[Image: Efnb02U.jpg]
[Image: 0La2v7r.jpg]
[Image: gQIZGIw.jpg]
[Image: 6KBz3Ez.jpg]
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09-03-2015, 01:38 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2015 01:40 PM by drs2016.)
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RE: How to style Mohawk haircut from Warhawk video game?
P.S. If you think that this haircut will not work on my hair/face shape, please feel free to indicate other haircuts that could suit and fit my hair. I'm searching for military cuts but with an ''edge''! Here's another example of what I'm looking for:

[Image: IolsMmS.jpg]
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