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How to shave your head - Great advice for bald men 0 0
How to shave your head - Great advice for bald men
09-15-2014, 10:25 AM
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How to shave your head - Great advice for bald men
Here is some great advice on how to shave your head. The advice is one that is very useful for men who shave their head due to hair loss or due to a preferred haircut. If you look at the forum's hair length guide, there is no shaved length since there is no length so to speak and hence no hairstyle. The closest is the near shaved length which is what the buzz cut types are in terms of short haircuts.

The advice is in the first person so that those of you seeking help on how to shave your head hair can relate better to the method of head shaving.


I began to shave my head about six years ago when it became apparent that my natural hair was not going to cover more than a few disconnected patches on top of my head. The decision to start shaving was made after considering the alternatives. I considered letting each of the remaining strands to grow several feet long and twirl them into a comb over. The next option was to purchase a wig, and then there was the do nothing option.

None of these options appealed to me. I am too active to hold a comb over in place not to mention my how my wife and I always make jokes about the men who have adopted this look.

The wig was encumbered with the same problems as the comb over. I could just see myself swimming in some lake going south while my wig went north. The do nothing option was out of the question. My baldness is not the typical male pattern baldness. I literally have splotches of hair growing out of my scalp, in front, back along the sides but none of the splotches are connected. I needed a fourth solution which was to shave my head. This is how I came into the world and it would be the way I will leave this world.

I said a good-bye to my barber who really did give me a discount due to my lack of hair. Then I tried my first head shave. I have a very light beard and use an electric razor so I thought I would give that a try on my head.

It did not do a bad job, however it did leave very noticeable spots where my hair splotches are. Now my head looked like it needed to be washed. Resisting the temptation to try my wife's razor I bought a razor and blades, along with the cheapest shave cream on the shelf. My next head shave left me bleeding like I had just been scalped on the western prairie for poaching buffalo. The search began for the perfect razor, shave cream, and technique.

I have found two razors which work very well. When shaving your head it is not the number of blades the shaver has but the ergonomics of the handle and its swivel head which counts. I have found that those razors with the multiple number of blades actually do a poorer job than the ones with two or three blades. My favorite is a disposable razor by Schick which is a three-blade razor. Next is the Gillette Mach 3 three blade cartridge model, but this one is being fazed out and is very hard to find blades for.

A good shaving gel is the next thing you will need. While I was in China, a few years back I purchased a can of Nivea non aerosol Shaving Gel and fell in love with it. It had just the right consistency and was semi-transparent. I tell you this only in hopes this Nivea will start marketing this great product here in the states. Now I use Bald Guyz by BG Products LLC. This was available at almost all of the big box stores but many of them have closed out the product but Walgreens's still stocks it and it is available online.

Bald Guyz is a gel and very slippery, unlike other shaving gels it does not foam. This is important since you are covering your entire head and a foaming cream will only clog up your razor. I use the Bald Guyz gel for shaving my face as well as my head and again it does a very good job.

Where you shave is a personal choice. I choose to shave in the shower since shaving my head is messier than just shaving my face and I can keep the skin wetter. In a pinch I have used the sink with good results. There are a couple methods men and women prefer. One is to shave with the grain or in a downward motion and the other is the opposite to shave upwards. The downward method will not get as close a shave as the upwards method. I use the upward method.

The first step is to thoroughly wash your head with a good moisturizing soap. I use Ivory or unscented Dove since I am often outside and do not want to attract mosquitos. Once my head is thoroughly wet, I soap it down and rinse, then soap and rinse again, Next I immediately apply The Bald Guyz sparingly. You do not need to use a large amount, I use an amount about the size of a half dollar. Rub the Bald Guyz into your scalp and face well making certain all areas are covered. This product is clear so you will not be able to see what you have covered and what is not covered.

Pick up your razor about half way down the shaft, and place it between your forefinger and middle finger with the blade facing away from you. Now place your thumb so it totally covers the back side of the razor head. This is how you will hold your razor. See the photo. The thumb will put pressure on the blades and allow it to rise up over those many bumpy places around your ears and the top of your head.

Start to shave in the middle of the back of your head drawing the razor up to shave off however much hair you have. Your next stroke will be directly to the right and so forth until you have completed your right side. Next you will go over the same the same area but this time you will shave sideways starting from the top and bringing the razor around to the front. When you are finished shaving the right side repeat the same procedure for the left side.

After you complete both sides, you can check your job by rubbing your hand over your head. It should feel smooth but if you come upon an unshaven ridge touch it up, the same with any other spot you might have missed. To complete your shave wash off all of the Bald Guyz and use a moisturizer on your scalp Your head will stay nice and shiny until your next shave.
You are now on your way to bald independence with a great new hair do you never have to comb during the day.
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10-22-2014, 08:14 AM
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RE: How to shave your head - Great advice for bald men
I shaved my hair slightly differently. First, I used a hair trimmer and set it to the lowest setting so I could more easily cut my hair.

Afterwards, I'd put shaving foam all over my head and shave it off with a razor with very long strokes. I don't recommend doing this if you're still a "noob" at shaving your own head. First couple of times I shaved my head (minus the long strokes to be quick) I'd get a couple of cut and nicks. Shampooing my head afterwards was the worst. It would burn so much.

Anyway.. make sure that you keep your razorblade wet with warm water after every stroke. This will make it all easier. If you need help with the back, ask a friend or whoever can help you out. First two times I would let my brother do the back but afterwards I was able to do it myself with ease.

The only downside to shaving my hair was that some parts were thicker than the other.
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