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How to shave with a razor (straight blade and safety razor) 0 0
How to shave with a razor (straight blade and safety razor)
08-12-2014, 03:23 PM
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How to shave with a razor (straight blade and safety razor)
This article is about how to shave with a razor, either shaving with a straight blade or shaving with safety razor. Thought that a brief guide on shaving withe razors would be helpful to the forum.

Shaving for a professional and clean manly look
Shaving for men is a daily chore without much reward. You shave and you get to keep the same face that your mother gave you; what's so great about that? When given the option most men would rather not shave every day; have you ever seen a guy on the weekend? Or on his summer vacation? For the guy on vacation they will probably have somewhere between a very dark five o'clock shadow to something of a full goatee or beard depending on his genetic predisposition.

There are some men who genuinely prefer a close shave and clean n look. There are even some men who don't really grow much facial hair at all. However, even if they like the result, most men disagree with shaving. Yet we all do it because we need to look presentable for the world at large and that's really what it's all about; I guess. So it's important to know how to shave if you have to shave.

How to shave really depends upon your skin type and what your individual facial hair growth situation is all about. However there are a few hard and fast rules which can help alleviate the pain and may make the shaving experience that much less of a daily chore. If shaving becomes second nature, like brushing your teeth, then the overall event becomes far less of an obstacle.

Shaving cream
Before you're going to get a successful shave done you need to be sure you have shaving cream. This can be Barbasol, Gillette, Wilkinson or any of the other name brand of shaving creams that are out there. One of the things I have found in my use of shaving are that for my skin type, Barbasol foam based shaving cream doesn't work as well as gel based shaving cream. This could be because of the contours of my face, the way my hair grows, or it could just be because that's what I prefer but you need to decide on your own. Trial and error is the best way to figure it out so get small sample sizes of the different types of shaving cream before you settle on one.

Wash Your Face
One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was trying to shave my face dry. You need to have a wet-based texture to your face to shave; that's almost exclusive. Unless you're using the electric razor or unless you're some kind of a mutant who has naturally aqueous skin, washing your face before you shave is the way to do it. I will usually shave straight out of the shower but I also always wash my face again before I start shaving. This opens up the hair follicles on the face and gets the hair loose so that you're not wrestling with it with your old blade razor.

Use a Good Razor
Another big mistake I have made in the past is using disposable cheap razors to shave my contoured very difficult face. If you are shaving your face regularly with a blade razor it is worth it to invest in some good razors. They may cost a little bit more but if you're only using every second or third day they'll probably last you a good amount of time; a lot longer then they suggest on the packaging. Plus, the better the quality of the blade, the better the shave you're going to get on your face.

For my bottom dollar it's the Gillette Mach 3 but again you need to do your own research and figure out what's going to work best for you before you make any firm commitments. So try a bunch of razors when you first start shaving and that may help you come to a more informed decision on the matter. Also if you run into problems later on (cutting your face, blades wear out too quickly, etc) don't be afraid to change up your blade.

Don't Overdo It
Once you start shaving your face is never going to be the same again; so don't stress out about it. If you're in a real hurry and you get too aggressive with the blade razor you're going to cut your face in the search for rushed shaving perfection. A cut on your face will end up taking a lot more time to resolve than if you just take your time in the first place. Also there probably will be corners of your face that you're not going to get the closest shave on always.

For me it is the area below my jawbone on either side and also just beneath my chin that I have a hard time getting on the first go around. This is why I shave when I have some extra time so that I can shave, dry my face off, have some breakfast, and then come back and get in the last spots with a fresh set of eyes.

Shaving is just one of those things that really sucks about being a guy. It doesn't have to be a game changer though so long as you are able to follow these simple rules. And remember, however much you hate shaving your face as a guy, it's still probably a whole lot more tolerable than childbirth.
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