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How to shave head hair? expert advice needed 0 0
How to shave head hair? expert advice needed
03-12-2014, 10:21 AM
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How to shave head hair? expert advice needed
Can some of the experts here please tell me how to shave your head? it is for a friend of mine and not me altho I would like to know how to so that maybe in the future i also want to go for a skinhead hairstyle who knows Big Grin
The problem is the following... my friend has thick hair and its medium. Like four inches. He wants to shave his head and we kinda tried the other day but we had difficulties moving the damn razor through the first quarter inch lol I have the hair clipper that you guys recommended in the past and it works beautifully. So I am thinking then maybe we should be clipping his hair first and then shaving it with a razor.

Or trim it first and then use the hair clipper. Last step then would be the razor in that order? and will any shaving razor and cream for facial hair do or should we be more selective? it is getting more humid by the day here and training is really getting uncomfortable so my friend wants to keep his head shaved for months. The dude has the prefect hair that ladies love and he does not care one iota lol
He is a good friend so I am happy for now shaving his head until he can do it himself if thats actually possible (no idea). How long to wait to shave the head again if wanting to keep the shaved head look? a rough number of days is enough.

Thank you guys Wink
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03-12-2014, 11:33 AM
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RE: How to shave head hair? expert advice needed
Alex, if you hair has any length of hair higher than a buzz cut length as for example a length clipper of a #2 or #3, then do not attempt to shave the hair without first clipping it as not only will it be impossible but you will also be left with an awkward haircut and even run the risk of seriously slashing your scalp (no matter how good the safety razor is).

You mention your friend's hair is of a medium length so, considering he has thick hair, you are better off cutting the hair as short as possible with scissors (shears) first and then using the hair clipper. The good news is that, when cutting the hair with the scissors, you don't need to be careful in terms of giving an even cut, since the hair is going to disappear anyway once you finish cutting it. So just grab locks of hair an try to cut the hair as short as possible with the scissors. A good set of scissors is this set of 3 which comes with professional barber scissors including layering scissors which are pretty cool to use on your hair to give yourself shaggy and messy cuts.

Once the medium length hair has been cut/trimmed with the scissors, it is then that you use the hair clipper (please note that you don't use a razor still). Assuming you have a high quality powerful clipper like the Andis clipper we recommend in the forum, clipping through the newly trimmed hair will be piece of cake. If you didn't manage to cut the hair really short, then first attaching a #2 guiding comb (the Andis clipper in the link comes with all guiding combs and everything necessary) and clip through all the hair on the scalp. Then, remove the guiding comb and clip through the hair without any guiding comb attached. This will leave his hair as very short stubble or, as we call it, "near shaved".

Once the hair is at a near shaved length, it is time to grab the razor and shaving cream. In this forum, we believe in quality as, without a doubt, you will get much better results with high-quality male grooming products (clippers, styling products, razors etc) than with cheap or generic products. Even more so, for shaving scalp hair (as opposed to facial hair), the cheap safety razors tend to be very unreliable and you will need a lot of them to shave the head.

So, considering that any safety razor you use to shave scalp hair is also of much use for facial hair (or other body hair), having or investing in a high-quality safety razor is almost a must and the same goes for the shaving cream. Even if you already have a razor and cream, do still consider purchasing a high quality razor and cream as I will be outlining below since they are great grooming investments.

Ok, so once you have your safety razor and shaving cream ready, coat all of the scalp with the shaving cream. To start shaving the head, start from the crown (back of the top of the head) and shave forward towards the hairline of the forehead. The crown should thus be your starting point when shaving, so, to shave the back of the head (once you're done with the top of the head), start also at the crown.

Do not use a regular after shave on the scalp! It is bound to burn much more than when shaving the face so instead use a moisturizing after shave with essential oils like this after shave.

In terms of shaving frequency, about every 4 days should be good to keep the shaved head look. Any longer and the stubble will get too long and instead it'll look like an induction cut.

For the safety razor, I recommend you choose a high quality metal razor like this safety razor here. It is an old-school safety razor that is popular for a reason, it is strong and very easy to maneuver with. It uses double edged platinum blades which you simply clip in (similar to how you clip in a cartridge for the more modern razors). For extra platinum double edge blades, go with this pack of 50 blades which is affordable and the platinum blades shave super smoothly even through thick hair. What one of these blades does and lasts is the equivalent of 3 to 5 modern cartridge razors (and I'm talking of the big brands for which the cartridges are really expensive). You will get the most bang for your buck with the safety razor and set of 50 blades in the links, and so much more over the long term.

For the shaving cream, I recommend a premium cream that goes well with sensitive skin as the scalp skin is not as used to shaving as the face's skin. A great shaving cream for sensitive skin is this one and it produces plenty of lather with a small amount so it's very much worth its price considering its quality and how long it lasts.

Overall, the cool thing about a shaved head is that you can shave your head by yourself (or in this case, himself) quite conveniently. However, when your head by yourself, you don't need to make the crown of the head your starting point for every shaving motion, you should just shave in the direction that best suits you although at this point a good paneled mirror like this 3 paneled mirror is really convenient as you can see all angles of your head and the mirrors can even be magnified for further detailing of the shave (and of course, the mirror is also very helpful for shaving your face!).

Lastly, the tools required to shave your head (safety razor, shaving cream, blades etc) won't go to waste when you decide that you've had enough of shaving your head. These same tools are great for shaving your face so really, the tools I have mentioned are the best investment possible when wanting to go for the shaved head look! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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03-13-2014, 04:51 PM
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RE: How to shave head hair? expert advice needed
Yes do exactly what TheMensHairForum has written above! getting to shave your own head is not difficult & easily done. Maybe the first shave ever is a bit tricky but if you follow the exact steps explained above your first shaving experience will go really smooth. Shaving the head of someone else is even easier & done fast - just make sure that you do not rush the process to avoid any cuts Smile

About the tools, I agree 100% with the recommendations. Shaving the hair on the top of your head needs sharper razors than the usual for facial hair. This way you avoid having to use many throwaway razors or cartridges which will cost you a lot of money after a number of head shaving sessions. The safety razor with the platinum blades that TheMensHairForum is a winner because those blades slice - as in shave - hair like no other! its proof that modern grooming tools are not always better and that for basic male grooming the old high quality shaving sets work beautifully!
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