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How to shape up a beard?
03-29-2015, 09:44 PM
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How to shape up a beard?
I have been trying to grow a little beard nothing huge. How do you shape up a beard as I don't have prior experience in ever growing one?
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04-25-2015, 03:06 PM
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RE: How to shape up a beard?
I like to shape up my beard from time to time and for me there are 4 tools that you can use, more like 3 actually. A razor, which can be a safety razor and a straight razor, a beard trimmer and a t-outliner. I recommend having a safety razor and a straight razor as they both complement each other very well when you're shaping facial hair.

The beard trimmer is the first product to be used as it gives you the length that you want to work on for your beard goal. Make sure that you get a good beard trimmer as there are many bad trimmers that will not trim your beard evenly. You want a beard trimmer that is super precise on the trimming of the hair so that all the hair on your beard is at exactly the same length. Cheap beard trimmers will leave your beard all lopsided.

The t-outliner is used to mark the actual boundaries and overall shape of the beard. A t-outliner is a type of hair clipper that is smaller than a regular barbershop clipper and which is used for detailing and shaping up hairlines. It's really popular with black folks. You can use a good t-outliner on your beard too so you use it to mark and shape the upper line of your beard and the lower line of your beard.

For example, do you want the upper line of your beard to be what you naturally have, which is across your cheeks? Or do you want the upper beard line to be set lower like an inch above your jawline only? The same goes for the lower line of the beard, do you want to follow the natural line of your beard that is usually about half way down the neck? Or do you want to get it done higher and closer to the jawbone?

I don't actually use the t-outliner to shave the hair that is outside the marked beard lines (upper and lower lines). I just use the t-outliner to mark the lines of what is to be my desired shaped up beard. It's then that I grab a safety razor and shave away all the facial hair outside the upper and lower marked beard lines that I drew with the t-outliner. Once you shave that facial hair, you will end up with a close representation of your beard goal.

The last part is simply re-touching and this is where you use a straight razor. The straight razor is for shaving off any corners and for any tiny detailing of the beard shape. If you need to re-shape the overall shape of the beard (for example the beard lines), then grab instead the t-outliner and detail your beard again. Go back to the straight razor for any more millimetric definition and detailing of your beard.

The whole process is a whole lot of fun. First try shaping up a beard that you don't mind having to shave off if you go wrong. Just learn the groove of shaping your beard with the t-ouliner. It's a very easy tool to manage which isn't expensive and it is very precise so whatever your eye wants, it will do it. The straight razor is also very safe especially if you're just working on very tiny areas of the face instead of shaving all your face with the straight razor.

I have given myself some cool beard designs with the method that I've described above and the designs didn't take very long. Maybe 15 minutes although they weren't those complex psychedelic tribal designs that I have seen in some barbershop pictures of this forum! But for some cool designs or just a cleaner and sharper beard that makes your jawline look sharper and more masculine, you'll be able to do that very easily with the 4 tools I went through and you will actually enjoy using the tools.
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