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How to make henna and use henna to color male hair?
07-04-2015, 01:00 PM
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How to make henna and use henna to color male hair?
I'd like to change my hair color and I started another thread about the pros and cons of henna. But how can I make henna and use henna to color my hair as a guy?

So far I know that the change in hair color isn't too radical as in it would be just a change in hair tone. My hair is brown although I used to have blonde hair when I was a kid. From what I have read in the forum I should expect I lighter brown tone with some red undertones as henna behaves like a men's hair dye. I'm also deciding to grow my hair long with 90% chances of going ahead, so since my hair isn't vey long right now I would rather try the henna now than when my hair is long.

I guess that using henna is the same for men as it is for women, but I though that asking about how to make and use henna for guys in a men's forum would be more appropriate before jumping in. So can anyone please tell me how to apply, make or use henna? I know where to get it since I saw some recommended henna products in the forum already, it's how to go about using it and applying the goo on my hair that has my mind wondering.

Thanks again for helping me out and sorry for starting so many threads!! Big Grin
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07-04-2015, 03:09 PM
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RE: How to make henna and use henna to color male hair?
Henna can be a bit of a challenge to apply because it mixes into a paste rather than a thick liquid as in a regular hair colour dye for men. Fortunately I have come up with a way to apply henna that will make it easy!

First for anyone who doesn't know what henna is, I've posted the definition of henna and how it is related to men's hair in this thread

First you need to have the right tools. These are usually easy to find, do not cost a lot of money and some are common household objects that you probably already have. This is what you will need to make henna. In reality all that you need is the henna product and water to make henna, but if you want to make henna so that you get a good paste to apply to your hair without making a mess, then get use the items to make your henna hair dye.

After you have selected a henna that you like, buy enough henna to cover all your hair. Because I have long hair, it takes about 2 boxes of henna (about 8oz) to cover all my hair. Get more than what you need. You can always store the leftover henna for later use. Plus it isn't expensive anyway especially if you're getting it from places recommended by the forum staff,

Distilled Water or Other Henna Add-ins:
Distilled water is best because it is the most pure. Go gather any add-ins (such as coffee, olive oil, lemon juice, etc.) to add to the henna for conditioning and/or colour enhancement.

Glass or Porcelain Pot:
Always use a glass or porcelain covered pot to heat up your water or other add-ins to the henna. The reason for this is that the metals in regular pots and pans can react badly against the henna and it may cause irregular or freaky hair colours. Please make sure you do not use metal utensils.

A Wooden Spoon or Plastic Spoon:
For the same reason I just described above.

An Unused Hair Colour Applicator Bottle:
This is your first secret weapon in applying the henna goop in your hair. You can find these at any beauty supply stores for about two pounds or tw dollars. Amazon also sells them so get a couple when you buy your henna from Amazon.

If you can find a bigger bottle (about 10oz to 12oz) it will work better but small ones do the job also. Is just that you may have to refill it more often.

Plastic Gloves:
Most henna kits provide you with gloves, although they are usually really crappy and cannot be reused. Pharmacies and beauty supply places carry plastic gloves if you need to buy some. If you don't use gloves beware that you will have orange hands for weeks.

A Big Bucket:
Your second secret weapon. You may not need this is you have a deep sink that you can fill with water. Why a bucket? Read on.

A Plastic Cap or Some Cling Wrap:
You will need to cover your hair after applying henna with a plastic cap. This is to keep your henna paste warm and also to keep from the henna from spilling on to your face or your furniture. Some henna kits provide you with a plastic cap so you may not need to buy this.

Old Towels:
Just in case you have any leftover henna in your hair, use an old clean towel to do the job. Otherwise you new pretty towels may end up with brownish red stains. Also you may need the towels to clean up if you make a mess.

A Big Mirror and a Space Outdoors:
I recommend that you do your work outdoors if possible. Henna can be quite messy and it stains everything it touches. Get a good mirror and set it somewhere in your garden. If you do not have a privacy fence imagine all the fun talk your neighbours will have about you putting green goo on your head!

If you cannot put the henna outdoors, then do it in your bathtub but make sure that you can clean it later.

Hair Clips (optional):
If you want to divide your hair into sections before applying the henna. Make sure that the clips are make out of plastic and not metal.

A Heating Cap (optional):
These are sold at beauty supply places or at Amazon. Basically it is a funny looking cap that you put over your plastic-cap-covered-hair to heat up the henna. This works very well and will help you reduce the timing of the application. The downside it is that they are a bit expensive and if you have long hair (like mine) your hennaed head may not fit in it! But for men's hair it will work perfectly.

Other sources of heat, like hot towels or the sun work just as well, so you don't have to invest the additional money.

Now that all the necessary materials are gathered, you are almost ready to begin. But first go ahead put on some old clothes, separate your hair in sections (if you want to), wrap a towel around your neck and be ready to have fun with henna!

I saw that you posted a question on also on the advantages and disadvantages of using henna on this thread which I will reply to you soon so do also check it out:

Finally I will now post in my second post below in this thread (see below) the steps to apply and use henna to colour men's hair!
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07-05-2015, 09:07 AM
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RE: How to make henna and use henna to color male hair?
So above I already gave you the steps to prepare and make henna. Now I will give you the instructions to use henna to colour men's hair. Actually the instructions are the same for women and for men but lucky for you guys you don't have to use as much as we do. So you will probably do better with half of the amount of henna to make that I mentioned above if your hair is shorter than eye-length.

For how and where to buy henna for men's hair you can see this forum discussion:

These are the steps on how to use henna to colour your hair.

Step 1:
On a non-metallic pot, bring water to a boil. I usually measure about 4 cups of water just so that I have sufficient liquid to mix the henna. If you are using other liquid ingredients, make sure to cut down on the water. If you are adding spices or other ingredients, add them to the boiling mixture.

[Image: fNkyUbX.jpg]

Step 2:
On a separate glass or porcelain bowl, add the henna powder and then slowly add the boiling water. Mix with a wooden spoon until it reaches the right consistency which should be something similar to cake batter or soft yogurt. This soft paste consistency is very important. If the mixture is to hard it will be difficult to apply.

On the other hand if it is too runny, you will have henna running down your face and onto everything else around you. After you mix the henna let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to set. Then check it again to make sure that it has not become too dry and if it has, add more liquid.

Step 3:
Take your hair colur applicator bottle (your secret weapon #1) and cut the tip of the bottle about halfway down (use scissors or a good knife to do this) The reason why you need to cut the top of the bottle is that it will make it easier for the paste to come out of the bottle.

[Image: ojsuck3.jpg]

Pour the henna into the hair colour applicator bottle using a funnel or by spooning the mixture into the bottle. Fill it up to the top and put on your gloves. Go to your backyard mirror and start applying the henna to your hair. Work in small sections of hair at a time and work your way from front to back by adding big globs of the stuff to the hair. Do not skim the stuff. Plop it on using big goops until you have a huge hair of mud.

It is important that you cover all your hair so this is why I always recommend that you make more mixture than what you need. After all your hair is covered with henna, put on the plastic cap or wrap and either use your hair heating cap (or sit under the sun, use a hairdryer, hot towels, etc.) to keep the henna warm. The warmth is important because it helps release the colour.

I like to sit outside and read a book or do my nails. Keep the henna on your hair for the amount of time you previously determined on your strand test. Then you are ready to rinse.

Step 4:
You are ready to rinse out the henna mess from your hair, but no, do not run into the shower to stand under the water for 25 minutes or more to wait for the henna to be rinsed from your hair!! No, now it is time to use your "Secret Weapon #2", the bucket! Get your bucket and go outside (if the weather is nice) and fill it with water (or if you have a deep sink fill it with water). Then stick your head full of henna mud into the bucket (NOTE: the bigger the bucket the better!) of water and swish it around. Dump the muddy water and repeat. Nothing beats this method or rinsing the stuff, honest!

[Image: 6OhQGOO.jpg]

If you have a bit of henna on your hair, then you can jump in the shower to rinse the rest of it out. If you still have some henna on your hair, just wait until your hair dries and comb the dry henna out. You see, it is not that difficult to rinse out the just takes a big bucket and you are done!!

This is how the henna paste looks on your hair as it dyes your hair colour. This is someone I've known of and as you can see her henna paste just looks like a cap on her hair.

[Image: cDw9r9b.jpg]

We surely do both admit that the henna paste on your head doesn't look very sexy, but once you wash it off it will give you a very natural extra hair tone that is worth the effort of using henna to dye your own hair! Smile

For another useful forum discussion on henna for men's hair see this thread:
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