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How to make dreadlocks for men? 0 0
How to make dreadlocks for men?
11-18-2014, 01:49 PM
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How to make dreadlocks for men?
Hello! I hope this question is new in the forum. This question is about how to make dreadlocks. It is hard to find good advice in the internet in my language so I think it is better for me to ask in the forum Smile

The dreadlocks is ok for curly hair. I hear this from other people. I also hear that dread locks have to be clean but they look dirty. How? My younger brother asks me about dreadlocks. I tell him it is not the best option because he is still in school. I also sometimes think of getting dreadlocks, so now I ask the forum for answers if possible Smile

Greetings from Spain!
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11-18-2014, 02:42 PM
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RE: How to make dreadlocks for men?
I posted a lot of advice on dreadlocks in the natural hair section but don't worry I can share some advice in this thread too. Like you saw after starting this thread there was a thread on how to start locking dreadlocks and I posted some dreadlocks advice. I find that this hairstyle in very misunderstood but plain people and like you said, many people think of it as being dirty when the opposite is the truth. Well it also depends on how hygienic one is as there are some really nasty people out there wearing dreadlocks as well as any other mens hairstyle lol

Dreadlocks have been around as a hairstyle for much longer than most people realize. With evidence linking dreadlocks all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, dreadlocks are one of the more historical hairstyles that are still popular today. But how exactly does one go about turning their locks of fine hair into dreads? And how can you ensure that your dreads lock as quickly as possible?

Backcombing the hair to start locking:

If you really want your dreadlocks to fill in quickly backcombing is the best method you can do; and it should be done first before trying any of the other tips or techniques below. Start by dividing your hair into sections or segments, using elastic bands to keep each section separate if necessary. See the link for the type of elastic bands you should be using, as you must use metal-free bands in order to avoid damaging your hair and future dreadlocks. Scrunchies will work very well for the job of dividing your hair into sections.

Grab a section of your hair and start working it with your comb, remembering to start at the tips of your hair and comb it down towards your scalp. This is the opposite way one normally combs their hair, and is known as backcombing.

Twist and Roll method:

After backcombing a section of your hair, you will then start twisting it and rolling it around between your fingers and palms. After a few minutes of this, you should have your first dreadlock. This process may need to be repeated several times for each dreadlock, and if your locks are still loose you can even use beads or elastic bands to hold them until they are tight enough on their own.

Washing your locks:

In order to make sure your dreads lock as fast and as tight as possible, you'll need to keep them clean. Make sure to wash them at least every couple weeks, especially when they are new. Always remember to use non-scented shampoo, as the oils used for scents will actually work to loosen your dreadlocks.

Drying your dreadlocks:

Always make sure to get your dreadlocks completely dry after every wash. Leaving your dreads wet or damp can actually cause mold to grow inside which will not only prevent them from tightening but it will cause an unpleasant odor, as well. This is one of the factors that goes towards giving dreadlocks a dirty appearance and vibe, but it is caused by not putting enough effort in your grooming, whether it is with dreadlocks or with any other mens hairstyle. The dreads themselves are not dirty and should not smell bad.

Hair dryers work best to dry out your dreadlocks after a wash, or you can just wring them out and dry them with a cotton t-shirt for best effect (and if not, just use a regular towel).

See a loctician:

To start creating the dreadlocks, it is best that you visit a loctician, who is an expert in making dreadlocks. You can find them in ethnic hair salons, black hair salons (for black women) and any new-age hair salons. You can also ask your regular hairdresser or barber whether he or she knows how to get them going or if he knows someone.

Lastly, you can also check out a tattoo parlour as they usually have someone who knows how to get them going or who can give you specific advice for your hair.

Wear a dorag or bandana to speed up the locking:

After you have a full head of full dreadlocks, a good technique is to wear a dorag or a bandana for several days or even weeks. This helps your locks knot up underneath the doorag or bandana, and can help your dreads lock much quicker than they will when left on their own.
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