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How to grow long hair for men? advice from long hair men 0 0
How to grow long hair for men? advice from long hair men
09-23-2014, 02:13 PM
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How to grow long hair for men? advice from long hair men
My question is more of a general question, how to grow long hair for men? hopefully some of the experts can chime in with some hair growing advice or tips that you have used in the past as a dude to grow hair long. I am not talking of extremely long with just shoulder length as a length that i think is enough to have acquired some hair growing knowledge.
I have been doing some reading on growing hair long, since like growing hair long for a man and a woman is about the same. I also have the mens hair book at hand and the chapter on long hair plus all the tricks in the book make it look quite easy to grow very long hair. Or perhaps that is how i see it.

I know there are some long hair men in the forum so it would be great to hear some practical advice. It won't matter if you have short hair now but just any general tips. From my experience it is true that you need to be a helluva patient man with growing hair long. Talking of years and not just some fly by night hairstyle trend like the man bun. Long hair men speak! Smile
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09-23-2014, 05:28 PM
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RE: How to grow long hair for men? advice from long hair men
Long hair forum member checking in. Currently my hair is long too and is actually too long lol

Related to your thread, the question I am most frequently asked about my hair is how I keep it healthy and shiny. I say anyone can grow long hair but it is another thing altogether to grow a head full of long, healthy, shiny hair. Healthy hair is time consuming, costly and requires a bit of obsessing but if you truly want to grow long, healthy, shiny hair then use these tips.

All about ponytail holders. Ponytail holders are not the same thing as rubber bands. Rubber bands cling to the hair and tear it during removal. Ponytail holders that have metal on them do the same thing a rubber band does. Only use ponytail holders that are considered "ouchless" as these have no metal or harsh materials. Actually check this ponytail hairstyles guide that I posted some time ago in the forum.

Consider hair sticks. Ponytail holders and scrunchies are tempting to use because they are quick, however there is a better alternative - hair sticks. They look like chopsticks but are designed for the hair. Chopsticks do work just as well if you don't want to shell out money for hair sticks. Hair sticks or chopsticks keep your hair in an updo nice and tight without ripping through the hair or constricting it the way ponytail holders do. Avoid bobby pins if at all possible.

Does your hair need moisture or protein? Typically people think dry hair needs moisture and that's not always the case; sometimes hair needs a boost in protein. If you have chemically treated hair that has become brittle and snaps easily then you could probably benefit from protein treatments. Using a combination of protein treatments along side a good deep conditioning routine should keep your hair moisturized and properly nourished.

Vitamin enriched. While some long hair men and women swear by prenatal vitamins others prefer biotin. Studies have shown that taking the daily recommended dosage of biotin does help the hair to grow but unless you have a biotin deficiency it's not going to make a noticeable difference. Prenatal vitamins have folic acid in them which is why so many long hairs believe they help with hair growth. In all reality you can take folic acid supplements alone or a B complex daily multivitamin to achieve the same results. In the end though, your hair will grow as fast as your hair will grow. There is no cheating mother nature in this.

Throw away your shampoo and conditioner. That's right, throw them away. If you want long, healthy, shiny hair then shampoo and conditioner won't do you any good. Shampoo and conditioner contain SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate which is code in the cosmetology industry for skin irritant.

Unless you roll around in muck, the only party of your hair that gets dirty enough to warrant a scrubbing with chemicals is what's on your scalp. The best way to handle that situation is a simple vinegar rinse. If you must shampoo then switch to an all natural organic, SLS free shampoo bar and then only wash your scalp.

The best way to condition your hair is with a Shea butter cream or organic coconut milk and coconut oil treatment. Coconut milk and oil are both cheaper than Shae butter. You should only need to condition your hair every few days once it acclimates itself to the loss of regular conditioners.

Don't put chemicals in your hair. If you really want healthy hair then you are going to need to get used to living without chemicals. That means hairspray, gel, mousse, perms and hair dye. These things are extremely bad for the health of your hair. If you must dye your hair then try switching to something like henna, buxus or cassia. Learn to love your natural hair as it was intended.

Stop using the hair fryer, I mean hair dryer. A blow dryer is the worst, meanest thing you can do to your hair. Every time you turn on the blow dryer you are taking for granted that you have hair. Heat is never a good thing for hair especially when it is in such a highly concentrated amount. Why not just set it on fire?

Curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers are also bad, bad, bad. There are other ways to curl your hair or straighten in without taking heat to it. The only purpose these heated tools serve is to save time. Make a decision, which is more important, instantly styled hair or healthy hair? It's up to you.

Braiding isn't for little girls. Braiding is meant to keep your hair from getting damaged by outside forces such as snags from watch bands or tangles caused by a windy day. On days you don't plan to go anywhere braid your hair. When you are doing chores, braid your hair. When you sleep, braid your hair. You'll be surprised at how fast your hair grows when you keep it braided all the time.

Avoid brushing your hair. Brushing your hair not only strips out the natural oils but it also rips and tears through the strands. Never use a hair brush unless it is absolutely necessary. It is best to use a wide tooth comb to detangle your tresses and then leave it alone. The more you handle your hair the more you will damage it.
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09-26-2014, 11:11 PM
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RE: How to grow long hair for men? advice from long hair men
I just went through that with 1 of my clients & its awesome now!...Make sure you have a regular stylist whom knows the plan to avoid to much being taken off for a routine tidy up!
Go as long as possible between tidy up cuts. It sucks when growing it over the ears, resist temptation to trim that sticking out hair as its a stage that must be passed.

I will keep the back/nape, a section about 3" from nape to occipital bone 1-2" in length graduated up, while growing out the top/sides & crown so @ least it looks like some sort of style. If you let it all grow, it can look like a bob or prince Vallant hair.....not a good look 4 men nor in style!
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