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How to grow a thicker beard with Rogaine or Regaine? 0 0
How to grow a thicker beard with Rogaine or Regaine?
02-28-2015, 02:54 PM
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Shocked How to grow a thicker beard with Rogaine or Regaine?
I'm just wondering after reading how Rogaine grows hair on the head, can you use Rogaine to grow a thicker beard?? my beard growing skills are pathetic lol so i'm interested in in adding some beard bulk to my face. Not so much length but just a thicker beard and more density cause my face with the couple lonely beard hairs... it just isn't worth even attempting to grow stubble or a designer beard. I'm still young and i read in the forum that beard hairs keep maturing until your late twenties so i'm holding onto that for my particular beard growth miracle haha

Rogaine looks like a harmless product anyway, so is it possible to grow a thicker beard with Rogaine? and if possible... then how to use Rogaine for a thicker beard? when i say Rogaine i also mean any other minoxidil hair growth product like Regaine, i just heard the most about Rogaine.
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03-01-2015, 06:51 AM
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RE: How to grow a thicker beard with Rogaine or Regaine?
Mate in all honesty using Rogaine to grow a thicker beard is more on the experimental side than anything else. It's true that Rogaine improves nutrient delivery to the follicles and 'wakes' up the dormant follicles or the baby hairs that have yet to mature. Actually using Rogaine on your beard and facial hair should be safe and will probably get you what you're after: a thicker beard.

One thing tho do make sure to not get the Rogaine on your eyes or mouth. You have to be careful about this. Also the Rogaine will have a tendency to drip down so first grow a beard, whatever you can grow. The use the Rogaine foam, not the liquid, to apply to your facial hair. It can get messy but make sure none of it drips down your beard area. Keep it away from your mouth and eyes and also don't let anyone touch your face for a couple of hours, especially kids and women. For example, if you have a gf then don't have her kiss your cheek.

What you're going to do is experimental mate, so tread at your own risk. Rogaine isn't specified to be used on your face to grow a thicker beard, but they advertise it for scalp hair because that what's proven to work on and it actually does a very good job at that when compared to all the snake oil products in the hairloss industry.

I would still consult a doctor. It's a OTC product so that kind of tells you how safe it is but it's always good to check with a doctor before proceeding. I'm also not a doctor, I'm a barber, so what I've said is my opinion as a non health care professional.
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03-26-2015, 07:15 AM
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RE: How to grow a thicker beard with Rogaine or Regaine?
Rogaine (minoxidil) is a vasodilator and will allow more nutrients to reach your hair follicles -- giving them a better chance to develop into terminal hairs. Minoxidil has been FDA approved only for the use on the scalp, but it is know, minoxidil works anywhere on the body where it's applied -- which means, it will make your beard indeed thicker. Stay cautious though, like any drug, minoxidil can cause side effects (in this case, lower blood pressure for example).

There are other ways to thicken your beard as well: staying healthy, eating testosterone boosting foods (like brasil nuts, broccoli, eggs, etc.), getting enough rest, growing older...
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