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How to groom and trim facial hair styles 0 0
How to groom and trim facial hair styles
08-24-2014, 08:42 AM
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How to groom and trim facial hair styles
The best and easiest way to keep your facial hair trimmed is be lucky enough to be married or have a girlfriend who is able to groom hair. Otherwise you are stuck trying to sculpt your facial hair on your own. One slip up and you'll have to wait at least 2- 4 weeks for your facial hair to grow out and try again. So it is imperative you follow some basic tips in order to obtain the correct look.

One way to acquire the knowledge to trim your facial hair is to have a professional groom it first, watch and learn what they do and repeat the process on your own when necessary. You'll have to trim your facial hair at least every other day, depending on the look you're going for.

If you're going for that "Grizzly Adams" look, just let it grow out like a birds nest, and trim the frail ends when needed. Most other facial hair styles require much more attention to detail. The main things to consider when trimming your facial hair are:
  • Use proper lighting
  • Use a clean clear mirror.
  • Have the proper mental state (try not to be too tired or under medication, trimming while intoxicated is as foolish as driving under the influence). Clear vision is imperative.
  • Make sure your trimmer is completely charged up, use sharp small scissors, and a small toothed comb.
  • Take your time and pull your skin taunt in order to achieve a closer and detailed look. I've found when I extend my mouth to a wide open position and trim a bit, that I get the desired sculptured look.
  • Trim your facial hair first, then wet shave.
  • Use cool water when rinsing reduces red bumps
Styling facial hair includes your sideburns, mustache, and beard. Begin your facial grooming by letting your hair grow out for about 2-4 weeks or until you have something to work with. Comb your facial hair to straighten them as much as possible and begin trimming.

Depending on which look or beard style you're going for, start by defining your neckline, sideburns or moustache. At this stage I prefer to use an electric trimmer. Use the attachments combs or size/length guide and start at a longer setting and work your way to the size you're looking for.

Once you've sculpted the look you want you can wet shave the rest of your face if needed.
Once you have the outlines done, you can choose to trim the length of your hair. Again comb your hair straight and cut to desired length. You now have the task of maintaining it with periodic trimming. Depending on the style and length you want, you may need to trim your facial hair every day to once a week.

The easiest way to trim your hair is with a pair of small scissors. It will take longer but there is less of a chance of messing up your cut. I've found most electric trimmer length guards don't work very well, resulting in me in using the trimmer without the guard. There are some quality electric trimmers out there though, if you're not confident enough with a scissor.
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