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How to get wet hair style like David Bisbal curly hairstyle?
06-24-2015, 10:26 AM
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How to get wet hair style like David Bisbal curly hairstyle?
I have wavy hair so I'm interested to know how to get this hairstyle of David Bisbal with wet curly hair. It's the curly hairstyle in the picture below.

My hair is long and not as curly as David Bisbal's hair. From the hair type guide in the forum and in the book I'm reading, it seems like David Bisbal has coiled curly hair. Mine is wavy curly hair as wavy is also a type of curl pattern. So I will not be able to achieve the same curl shape as David Bisbal in this picture unless I perm my hair, but I am interested in the wet curly look.

I'd like to consider adding the wet hair look to my range of long wavy hairstyles. I think it looks awesome. I've seen some thread where David Bisbal was mentioned so he seems to be a good reference for long curly hair. The curly hair talk in this forum is just phenomenal as most of the stuff that I read years ago when I tried to grow my wavy hair long from a buzzcut was advice for guys with straight hair. Not to mention the amount of bad advice I found in websites so this forum is like a goldmine for those of us with troublesome hair!! Smile

So how could I get this wet hair style look of David Bisbal? Thank you guys!

[Image: rL2AsHY.jpg]
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06-28-2015, 10:17 AM
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RE: How to get wet hair style like David Bisbal curly hairstyle?
I have tried the hairstyle trick from the mens hair book of using hair mousse with hair spray and it works beautifully for me. I don't have that super curly hair type of David Bisbal but i get the same wet hair effect. Another hair product that i had good results for wet hair was with a light hair gel and hair spray.

According to what i have read here and the mens hair book it's the hair spray that helps to lock in the wetness of the hair without having it drip water or look greasy.
So look into a good mousse and a good light hair gel. Best resource to get both these products is the hair products sticky thread in the forum as it has all the hair products that you need for the wet hair effect. That includes hair spray too. This is the thread:
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06-28-2015, 11:33 AM
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RE: How to get wet hair style like David Bisbal curly hairstyle?
I also use that hair product trick for wet curly hair. Use styling mousse first and then hair spray. One important thing at least from what I found is to have your hair almost dripping water. This is a bit difficult since curly hair just keeps dripping water on and on after a shower.

Use a micro-fiber towel if possible to lightly dry your hair. If you don't have a micro-fiber towel around then use a cotton t-shirt. Both tips work great and they're some of the tricks that I learned reading a book about curly hair that was also written by the same guy who wrote The Men's Hair book and has that manly curls website. If you don't have the book get it because to me is what has inspired me to grow my curls and keep away from the buzz cuts and dead rats as he calls them lol but in all seriousness, there's so much to learn about curly hair for us guys it's crazy.

So try the styling mousse with the hair spray. Your hair must be close to wet and more like very damp. So what the styling mousse does is it locks the moisture in and makes the curly shape of your hair stronger and better shaped and then the hair spray locks it all in. You may even want to use a little bit of coconut butter to seal in some moisture after the styling mouse and before the hair spray, but it is not needed.

There's another thing I've heard the author of the book say for wet curly hair and that' using a styling cream with the hair spray instead of the styling mousse. I've used styling creams in the past although not for long and I've never tried the styling cream + hair spray trick. Maybe someone has in the forum?

From my experience styling creams are more for those shake and go hairstyles instead of styling your hair in X or Y hairstyle. Anyway it's good to have a styling mousse/hairspray/styling cream combo at home as each of those three hair products are awesome for curly hair.
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