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How to get thick hair for men - Professional hairdresser tips
09-16-2015, 11:09 AM
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Lightbulb How to get thick hair for men - Professional hairdresser tips
It is more about the quality of hair styling than the quantity of hair that you have that makes your hairstyle and your overall hair stand out. With tested compounds like minoxidil and some styling tips, you can have a great mane of locks to show off.

Here are my 5 tips on how to get thicker men's hair by a professional hairdresser and hairstylist (yours truly). These are tips that I give out all the time to our hair salon's clients and that we also use on those male clients with hair thinning problems who want to rock a thicker mane of short to medium-length locks -- these tips will even work for long hair even if you're thinning! This is my first post in the forum too so I'd like to provide some value to this excellent men's hair resource as this forum is since I've been lurking around for quite a while and have found myself quite impressed with the knowledge of the barbers and hairdressers in this forum.

1) Using hair mousse for thicker hair:
For that extra bounce and quality, hair mousse can come to your aid with its lightweight and ease-of-styling features. With a quantity that's the size of our palm, you can nurture your hair into your desired style with your palms. A hairdryer can then finish up the task for you by finishing your hairstyle. A hair mousse with a hair dryer will make your hair look twice as thick. I always use this trick on my hair salon's clients.

2) You can gel up for a better hair look:
Amongst the many ways of hair grooming, professional hair stylists make use of gel to mould as well as remove unwanted hair locks to give a good finishing by rubbing a dollop of gel into the damp hair of clients after it has been dried with a towel. For an even distribution, gently rub your hair through the area of your head's hair that you desire to shape.

After styling in the manner of your choice, you can use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair and make your hair look bigger. The trick is using a hair dryer as that's what makes your hair look bogger and thicker. So with hair mousse you get a big hair style but with hair gel you can shape your tresses in any complex hairstyle of your choice.

If you air-dry your gelled hair, you can get that a smoother and wetter look than if you blow dry your gelled hair. You need to be wary of low quality gels as they can make your locks dry out. I've seen plenty of great hair gel recommendations in this forum so just search around for those that the barbers here have recommended. I can't post links but there's a big hair gel guide in the "Reviews" section of the forum.

3) The hairstyling wonders of hair wax:
Hair wax can be useful when you plan for medium-length or short-length styles. If you desire more texture for your hair, you can use hair wax immediately after using a hair loss product like Rogaine. The great thing of hair wax is that it can give you a really cool messy and tussled look.

You can also enhance the natural shine as well as preserve your hair with a good wax. By rubbing a small quantity through your hair, you can shape and then style your hair the way you choose. You don’t need a large quantity of a hairstyling wax otherwise you can make your hair greasy. You should find and use the best hair wax for your hair to get the effect that you want and there are also plenty of recommendations in this forum with different properties -- Moderators please feel free to link to the threads of the forum acting as hair product resources.

The texture and look achieved with hair wax is half way between a hair mousse product and a hair gel product. You get a natural texture with most hair waxes while you're also able to shape your hair in shapely men's hairstyles!

4) Hairspray as the ultimate men's hair thickening product:
Though it is reputed to be used by the oldies, if you can get that thought off your mind, then hairspray will be of great use to you as hairspray for men's hair can create the effect of making your hair look thicker.

Shake the canister of the hairspray and give your hair whether wet or damp an even spray and then use a comb to style it. If your choice of a hairspray is scentless, it will then help you prevent that crunchy and dry feeling, although most hairsprays nowadays of a good quality do not leave your hair crunchy. By the way always use hairsprays for men on damp hair or wet hair but never on dry hair!

5) Give your hair that attention it needs:
You don’t have to be harsh on your hair. Try and see which product is most suitable for you. You can also count on the advice given by your professional hairstylist or by the hairstylists, barbers and hairdressers of this forum. However, bear in mind that moderation should be your ally when using even the best products. On a final note, your health as well as a good styling routine will be paramount in keeping your thinning hair thicker and stronger.
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